25 Best Airsoft Pistols (2021): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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Are you on a quest to find the best airsoft pistols?

Then you’re in the right place. Because I have done the hard work for you and have reviewed dozens of products to bring you the best airsoft pistols.

In addition, I will introduce the following related topics.

  • Product Details (Including advantages and disadvantages) 
  • Airsoft Pistols Buyer’s Guide
  • Reasons to Get an Airsoft Pistol
  • Differences between Gas and CO2
  • Limitations of Airsoft Pistols
  • Hop Up – The Distance Enhancer
  • Tips on Lubricating Your Gun

I will also answer some common questions.

  • How to dramatically improve your pistol skills?
  • Is it possible to use a pistol as a primary?
  • What is the best weight for airsoft pistols?
  • What is the velocity of these competitive types of airsoft guns?
  • What is the range and FPS? Are CO2 airsoft pistols really the best?
  • What accessories make airsoft pistols better?

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Top 3 Picks

In a hurry? Here are the winners.

Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Black#ad
Professional's Choice
Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black#ad
Best Value
double eagle spring m22 silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)#ad
Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Black#ad
Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black#ad
double eagle spring m22 silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)#ad
Our Rating
Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Black#ad
Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Black#ad
Our Rating
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Professional's Choice
Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black#ad
Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black#ad
Our Rating
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Best Value
double eagle spring m22 silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)#ad
double eagle spring m22 silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)#ad
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Best Airsoft Pistols

There are many things that go into securing an airsoft victory. You and your teammates need to have a great strategy. Finding defensive and attack positions on the field is essential to defeating your enemy. Skill and strategy are important to winning, but it is not everything. You need to have good equipment. Often the difference between evenly matched teams is the quality of their airsoft equipment. Do you have the right equipment to secure victory?

Here are a few of our top picks for Airsoft weapons which will help you win.

1. Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol

GameFace ASP311B Stinger P311B Spring-Powered Single-Shot Military-Style Airsoft Pistol, Black#ad
  • STINGER P311 REPEATER AIRSOFT PISTOL - With lever safety
  • SPRING-POWERED - With 12-round drop-out magazine
  • "BE IN THE GAME" with GameFace

The Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol looks like a historic US Military pistol and is a highly effective Airsoft weapon.

The smaller size of the pistol makes it easy to conceal, leading your opponents to think you are unarmed. It is a lightweight weapon with a powerful punch. It fires at a fast 325 fps.

There are many features that make this gun stand out among its competitors. These benefits and specifications are what users enjoy when firing the weapon.

There are a few key features that make this Airsoft Pistol special, especially at its low price point.

The pistol weighs under 1 pound but is still very durable. Owners consistently report the gun has superior accuracy. The magazine holds1 12 rounds, so you are ready for a sustained battle.

The gun is simple and quick to cock. It fits most holsters. The 325 fps gives it a good punch, plus superior distance for a lightweight pistol.

This is one of the best Airsoft Pistols for beginners, due to its ease of use, quick loading magazine, and simple shooting. The good accuracy lets you quickly gain an advantage on your enemy.

The pistol has a notch-style safety to prevent accidents. The aluminum barrel provides accuracy and makes the gun very durable. The pistol is low price and is great for new users, or to have an extra gun during your battles.

  • The Stinger P311 looks like a real military pistol.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Fits most holsters.
  • Very accurate weapon.
  • Multiple BB shooting lets you overcome opponents.
  • The aluminum barrel provides durability and accuracy.
  • Great training weapon due to realistic design.
  • You need to be careful when loading. The touch button on the side can cause you to dump your BB’s.

2. BBTac Airsoft Pistol BT-M22 Spring Loaded Gun Airsoft Handgun – Best Value

double eagle spring m22 silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)#ad
  • Spring Action Powered, Sturdy ABS Plastic
  • 1:1 Scale Airsoft Pistol, Spring Powered M22 Airsoft Gun
  • High performance assembled plastic model gun, Extremely great quality...

We mentioned the Crossman Stinger P311 was inexpensive, but the BBTac BT M-22 is even lower priced and looks similar in design. It is a great choice for people on a really tight budget. If you have thought about keeping a few extra pistols around so you can have a battle at any moment, this may be a perfect choice.

It is styled similar to a Beretta M9, meaning it is small enough to slide into an oversized pocket or to use with most holsters. The gun is made almost entirely from plastic but holds up well to normal use. The gun is not going to win any battles for having the best features, but it does provide impressive shooting power at 300 fps.

  • Includes fake silencer.
  • Good durability and reasonable accuracy.
  • Good kick with 300 fps shooting power.
  • Ultra-Low price.
  • All plastic construction, meaning not as durable as some Airsoft guns.

3. Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer .6mm Airsoft – Editor’s Choice & Best Seller

Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Black#ad
  • Compact size, 6 millimeter BB airsoft gun
  • High strength polymer construction
  • Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 400 fps
  • Powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge (CO2 NOT included)
  • Features an integrated accessory rail and fixed sights

Our first two choices were both spring powered guns, the Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer is a CO2 powered pistol which means no cocking between shots. You will be able to fire off shots rapidly, without the cocking delay. The pistol has a 15-round magazine, but you may find yourself running out of BB’s faster with this weapon due to not slowing down to cock. It makes a great backup weapon during your battles. Umarex does not offer spare magazine, so you are forced to reload on-the-fly. The magazine is supposedly Crossman C11 compatible, so you may be able to purchase Crossman magazines for it.

The Umarex pistol features blowback protection helping you save on C02 gas. You can usually get around 200 shots per CO2 canister. A few users report the trigger action is a little stiff and long on the pull. The weapon packs a powerful 400 fps, giving it great striking power and better range than spring-powered weapons.

The Umarex Enforcer allows you to shoot in semi-automatic mode, unlike spring-powered guns. The gun has dual sights on the slide, highlighted in white, to make it easy to acquire your target. It does not have a pop-up sight like some Airsoft pistols. It will take a little practice to get used to the Uramex sighting system. The pistol can shoot both .12- and .20-gram bb’s, with most users reporting better accuracy with the .20.

The Umarex 2276008 Combat Zone Enforcer is a great bargain with its $30 price range. The features measure up closely to Airsoft pistols costing $50 and more. The all-plastic design is the only negative compared to more expensive guns.

  • The gun is built sturdily and stands up to drops and battles even though it is an all plastic design.
  • Owners report the gun does not break when dropped during fights.
  • The 400 fps packs a wallop for a gun priced this low. It is highly accurate if you are a good shot.
  • Uses CO2 efficiently allowing around 200 shots per cartridge.
  • Getting replacement clips and magazines are not easy since Uramex does not sell them. Crossman parts are reported to work by some users.
  • Trigger pull is stiff and long.
  • Plastic construction feels a bit cheap, a full metal gun always feels better.

4. Firepower .45 Metal Slide Airsoft Pistol

Firepower .45 Metal Slide Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol with Hop-Up, 325 FPS#ad
  • Powerful spring: 325 FPS with 6mm ammo
  • Ready to play: Shoots 6mm ammo in a single shot. Includes 100 starter...
  • Replica: made with heavy duty polymer and metal for a realistic feel....
  • Easy to load: Magazine holds 12 rounds
  • Hop-up: creates a back-spin effect on ammo to provide longer shooting...

The first thing you will notice about this spring-powered Airsoft pistol is the weight. Fire Power used an all-metal slide on this .45 Airsoft pistol. It has a realistic design like a .45 caliber semi-automatic. The combination of high-grade plastic and metal slide make the gun strong and reliable.

This is a great side-arm pistol to use along with your favorite Airsoft rifle. It provides great accuracy and distance. The 328 fps is very respectable for a spring-powered gun.

The gun is capable of accurate shooting to a distance of 30 feet and greater. One user reported using the gun to chase away squirrels from 30 feet away and consistently hitting his moving targets.

The gun is very affordable with a price of around $25. Its features and accuracy line-up closely with Airsoft weapons costing 2 to 3 times that price.

The metal slide makes the Fire Power .45 feel superior. It gives a nice weight in your hand, not quite the weight of a real pistol, but a more accurate feel than all plastic weapons. The pistol fits most holsters. You will love the easy slide action and accurate shooting.

If you need a good side-arm for in-close fighting in your Airsoft battles, this is a great choice. You can fire off multiple shots just as fast as you can cock the weapon.

  • The gun looks realistic and has a good feeling being slightly heavier than all plastic guns.
  • Easy loading and shooting.
  • Slide safety eliminates the accidental firing of the weapon.
  • Good accuracy paired with solid distance.
  • Magazine tends to dump a few BB’s when reloading.

5. Colt 100th Anniversary 1911 CO2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol

Colt 100th Anniversary 1911 CO2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol with Adjustable Hop-Up and Blowback, 340-360 FPS,...#ad
  • POWERFUL CO2: 340-360 FPS with .20g ammo
  • READY TO PLAY: Semi-automatic shoots 6mm ammo. Magazine holds 17...
  • REPLICA: made with full metal for a realistic feel with authentic size...
  • ADJUSTABLE HOP-UP: creates a back-spin effect on ammo to provide...
  • BLOWBACK ACTION: provides a realistic, satisfying kick. Great for...

The Colt 1911 is one of the most treasured weapons in history. The Soft Air Colt 1911 C02 Airsoft Pistol is walking in its footsteps. It starts with the Airsoft gun being an all metal gun providing superior durability and improved feel. It is designed to last forever, and probably will. Just like the original Colt 1911, this is a basic barebones gun, which translates to high reliability.

The weapon fires .20-gram BBs at a quick 344 fps. The pistol features CO2 blowback protection which lets you save on CO2. Most users report getting between 4 to 5 magazines out of each cartridge. The magazines hold 15 BB’s. This is not a toy. Eye protection is recommended for all Airsoft pistols but is essential with this weapon.

The official Colt trademark can be spotted on the full metal slide, which should be expected since this is a real Colt. The gun weighs in at a little over 2 pounds, simulating the feel of the original Colt 1911. The gun features dual safeties. The standard slide safety is there, but Colt added a grip safety which requires the shooter to apply pressure to the rear of the grip before firing is possible. There is a good reason for precaution. This Airsoft gun is capable of punching a BB through both sides of a tin can.

A few users complain about the gun using more CO2 than comparable guns. The loading system is a little more challenging than some weapons with the BB’s being a little stubborn going into the magazine’s opening. Some users report needing to replace magazines.

  • Fundamentally perfect, but not feature rich.
  • Easy to use and affordable.
  • Colt quality showcased with Colt Trademark on the weapon.
  • Easy to use for beginners, but powerful enough for pros.
  • Dual safeties give enhanced security.
  • Very durable with all metal construction.
  • Some complaints have been mentioned concerning magazine loading and CO2 use.

6. Elite Force 1911 Tac Airsoft – Professional’s Choice

Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black#ad
  • Features an ultra-realistic all-metal construction
  • Slide action blowback is highly realistic and fun to shoot
  • Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 345 fps
  • Powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge (CO2 NOT included)
  • Great for use in airsoft play, target shooting, and as a training tool

The all-metal construction of the Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tac Gen3 has become one of the top choices in the market. The smooth-moving slide makes it easy to use. Uramex added an ambidextrous safety, so the gun works well for both left and right-handed shooters. 1911 has good sights and can be fitted with a laser sight if desired. The market is filled with black 1911 knockoffs, but Umarex made theirs different by using a cool looking gold and black motif.

The CO2 powered gun has an excellent range allowing you to take out opponents at great distances. The hammer is skeleton cut both to save a little weight and to provide a unique appearance. The beavertail safety makes sure your gun does not accidentally fire, but is quick during intense battle. The diamond grip handle gives you a secure grip. The weight makes you feel like you are handling a real Colt 1911, and when you get the blowback, the feeling is complete.

The gun has a 14 round magazine which drops free easily allowing you to slap in another preloaded magazine, or to quickly reload. The CO2 cartridge is secured using an Allen wrench, so it will not be ejected inadvertently.

The Elite Force 1911 is a single action pistol, requiring you to pull the slide back to load your next shot. The gun is very durable due to its all metal design. It is a higher price Airsoft pistol, but with a realistic feel, power, distance, and durability, it is a great investment.

  • It can hold 3 mags of CO2
  • Realistic weight and appearance.
  • Accurate and Powerful
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good FPS at 340 fps.
  • The gun scratches easily during use.
  • Magazines are not cheap.

7. Soft Air Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol

Soft Air Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol with Hop-Up, Silver, 170-175 FPS (90221)#ad
  • POWERFUL SPRING: 170-175 FPS with 6mm ammo
  • READY TO PLAY: Shoots 6mm ammo in a single shot. Includes 100 starter...
  • REPLICA: replicas made with high strength ABS polymer for a realistic...
  • EASY TO LOAD: Magazine holds 28 rounds
  • HOP-UP: creates a back-spin effect on ammo to provide longer shooting...

The .44 Magnum is a powerful handgun, but how does this Desert Eagle creation compare? The large size feels great in your hand and provides an impressive appearance. The Airsoft version is spring-powered and made from durable plastic. It weighs approximately 1 pound with a full clip, making it a little heavier than most spring action pistols.

The Desert Eagle .44 uses the BAXS Accuracy System to improve shooting accuracy. You can consistently hit a quarter at around 30 feet. The power of the gun is a little underwhelming at just 175 fps, but the accuracy makes up for it in battle. Another feature you will enjoy during an intense fight is the 25 BB magazine. You get almost 10 additional shots over most pistols before needing to reload. It makes an imposing looking sidearm to carry into battle.

  • 25 Round Magazine
  • Slide locks back to let you know the magazine is empty.
  • Durable
  • Highly accurate
  • Too big to fit in a pocket.
  • 170 fps is not as powerful as many spring action guns.

8. H&K USP Pistol

Elite Force HK Heckler & Koch USP 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Standard Action, Black, medium (2262030)#ad
  • The competitor's choice for fast, accurate CO2 action during airsoft...
  • Powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge (CO2 NOT included)
  • Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 330 fps
  • 16 round mag capacity
  • Integrated accessory rail

If you want a gun that looks and feels authentic, check out this H&K USP pistol. It is officially licensed so come complete with the H&K logo on the gun. The size and feel in the hand are just like the real thing.

The H&K is CO2 powered and uses a single 12-gram capsule which is loaded into the drop-out magazine. The 6mm caliber gun can use .20, .23, and 25 gram BBs. The magazine holds 16 rounds, letting you get off a quick flurry of shots during a game.

It comes with an integrated tactical rail so you can attach accessories and improve the gun’s performance. Attach site, lights, scopes, and other add-ons. A hop-up system is also built into the weapon.

The tactical rail lets you attach laser sights, lights, and other accessories to make sure you can battle during the day or night. H&K included a hop-up system on the gun, too. The gun fires BBs at a rapid 380 fps and can hit targets at up to 120 feet.

  • Spin action on BBs provides greater distance and accuracy
  • Safe and Semi-Automatic Firing
  • Double-Action
  • CO2 and BBs both housed in drop-out magazine for quick reloads.
  • Functioning hammer provides a realistic feel to go along with a realistic look.
  • Ambidextrous mag release
  • Reloading is not as simple as some guns.
  • Some reports of CO2 leaks.
  • The magazine may stick at times.

9. Umarex Walther 2262020 15 Rounds P99 Blowback Air Soft Pistol

Walther P99 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Walther P99 Airsoft Gun#ad
  • Metal slide blows back creating a realistic kick
  • Built-in hop-up system
  • Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 320 fps
  • Includes 15-round drop out mag
  • Powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge housed in the grip (CO2 NOT...

The Walther P99 may not be quite the same as James Bond’s Walther PPK, but with its small footprint and great action, you may feel like a secret agent in battle. The gun is easy to use, with a simple metal slide to cock the gun. The gun is powered by a 12-gram CO2 capsule which is hidden away in the pistol’s handle. You only need to cock the gun a single time, then it is ready to empty the entire 15 round magazine. The semi-automatic action helps you fire quickly when you get cornered by the enemy team. The gun is built to be durable and feels strong in your hand.

The blowback action of the gun gives you a realistic feel during the action. What will impress you is the super fast 380 fps you get when using lighter .12 gram BBs. You may want to pick up a couple of extra magazines, so you do not get caught reloading during battle. You can swap magazines fast with the drop-out style. The accuracy is not as good as some pistols, but the fast firing and great feel may overcome that shortcoming for in-close battle.

  • The gun is low-priced for the included features.
  • Weight feels good in the hand but light enough for quick action.
  • The CO2 cartridge is in the handle, but not in the magazine. This allows quick changing of magazines without worrying about the CO2 capsule.
  • Great sound and look.
  • CO2 cartridge is difficult to change during battle.
  • Slide lock may lock back faster than you expect, but it does improve as the gun breaks in.

10. Desert Eagle Full Auto Airsoft Pistol

Desert Eagle Full Auto Airsoft Pistol#ad
  • Officially licensed Desert Eagle replica handgun
  • Full 1:1 scale gun crafted from metal for a realistic feel
  • Semi-Automatic and Full-Automatic firing configuration
  • Shoots at 394 FPS with .12g BB's

If you want to scare the other team when you draw your sidearm, the Desert Eagle .50 AE is your gun. The appearance might be what scares them, but when they get nailed by the 394 fps .12 gram BB, they will know it is not just a menacing look. The gun features a large all-metal slide, giving this powerful weapon a great kick paired with a blowback action that will have you wondering if it is the real thing. The thing that will really scare the enemy is when you unleash a volley of automatic fire in their direction. You can quickly switch between semi-automatic and fully automatic fire.

The gun can be loaded with 20 rounds, but when firing on full-automatic, they disappear fast. It does work great to fire off a few quick bursts to put the enemy on their heels, while your teammates swing into position. The gun shoots heavier BBs at an impressive 300 to 340 fps. The gun is priced higher than many of our other options but is worth the extra money when you are being attacked.

  • Desert Eagle name and quality
  • Full-automatic firing fun.
  • Full metal construction for great durability and realistic feel.
  • Higher priced.
  • 20 BB magazine seems small when firing on automatic.

11. Umarex Beretta M92 A1 .177 Steel BB Airgun

No products found.

This model has been through a number of different alterations in order to change and improve it to satisfy the needs of different consumers who use it. For some time now, and in terms of airsoft guns, it is among the most replicated of all firearms. The best part about this is that its manufacturer has made it affordable but still rich in features to improve it for most people who use it.

As soon as you hold this gun, you will feel how well-made this model is. It is the firearm’s accurate reproduction and it feels very sturdy as well. The finish on the gun makes it feel very realistic. The first time that you use it you may think it is the firearm. It shouldn’t be a problem since it’s full auto. You can fire it easily until its magazine is empty. Then just add a fresh load of the mag and you are ready to go again.

Overall, it has incredible power when compared to similar models in the same category. It is full auto so you know it will deliver the ammo very quickly. You can switch it into sign action mode whenever you want to slow things down.

  • Improved accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Various shooting modes available
  • CO2 cartridge needs to be refilled

12. Black Ops BOA Semi Automatic Airsoft Pistol – C02 Powered Airsoft BB Pistol

Black Ops BOA Semi Automatic Airsoft Pistol - C02 Powered Airsoft BB Pistol - Shoot 6mm BBs#ad
  • MAXIMUM ACCURACY EVEN AT LONG RANGE shoot 400 FPS with premium .12g...
  • CUSTOMIZATION READY, add your choice of optics and accessories to the...
  • BUILT TOUGH AND READY FOR ACTION Black Ops BOA airsoft pistols are...
  • SIMPLE DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY, these pistols are lightweight...
  • COMES WITH 6 MONTH WARRANTY against manufacturer defects

Let’s start with this pistol’s looks. This is definitely one that you would want to get for someone else who was considering using one. It feels and looks just like the real thing. Most people like this kind of feeling when they are holding it in their hand. These days you don’t have to settle for a just a spring action gun any longer when you are able to feel the power that is offered by a CO2 powered gun now.

One of the things that you will enjoy the most about this model is the long range that it is able to deliver. With this gun, you can be the best at all of the competitions, since it is able to deliver ammo quickly. With .12-gram ammo, it can do 400FPS. The ammo that you can use with this model is great since you can find it readily available both online and in retail stores.

Its fast action is something that really makes this model of airsoft pistol better than its competition. It has been designed as a flawless semi-automatic which means shooting is done easily and is faster. It will start to shoot as soon as you pull the trigger. You don’t have to worry about problems with jamming since you can continue enjoying your game.

You never have to be caught being empty-handed since it has a huge 20 round clip that always gives you the advantage over the competition.

  • Huge ammo clip
  • Semi-automatic
  • Powerful model
  • Not the greatest durability

13. Soft Air PT99 Taurus Co2 Full Auto Metal Blowback Pistol

Taurus PT99 CO2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol with Hop-Up and Blowback, 280-300 FPS#ad
  • POWERFUL CO2: 280-300 FPS with .20g ammo
  • READY TO PLAY: Semi-automatic shoots 6mm ammo. Magazine holds 27...
  • REPLICA: made with full metal for a realistic feel with authentic size...
  • HOP-UP: BAX Hop-Up system to ensure maximum effective range and a...
  • BLOWBACK ACTION: provides a realistic, satisfying kick. Great for...

If the Desert EAgle’s full-auto feature is something you like but you aren’t fond of its price tag, then there is another option that is available to you from SoftAir. The Taurus PT99 is an excellent secondary for all of the airsoft snipers that are around. You can defend yourself better due to its full auto feature when somebody sneaks in close as you are picking their teammates off.

Inside the box there are is an extra cartridge end cap, which is an essential part for keeping the CO2 inside the magazine. It ranges from 290 to 330 FPS, which means you will be completely fine running your PT99 indoors. There are other reviews that might tell you that it doesn’t work or that it jams. However, as long as you do maintenance on it before the first test fire, then you can expect the PT99 to be able to carry you through some very sticky CQB scenarios.

  • Breaks down just like a real Beretta M9 or Taurus PT99
  • 27 round magazine
  • Indoor-safe FPS
  • Full metal construction
  • When fired in full-auto there is gas inefficiency

14. WG Airsoft M 1911 Full Metal Gas CO2 Hand Gun Pistol

500 FPS NEW WG AIRSOFT FULL METAL M 1911 GAS CO2 HAND GUN PISTOL w/ 6mm BB BBs,Heavy Weight Realistic 1:1...#ad
  • CO2 Powered, Metal Slide & ABS Frame, Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Adjustable Rear Sight, Patented CO2 Cartridge Magazine, Functional...
  • Rail System, Realistic Heavy Weight, Non-Blowback
  • 16 RD Magazine, 1:1 Scale, FPS: 450-500
  • Size: 12 x 7 x 2 (in), Working Hammer

When it comes to serious Airsoft pistols, CO2 pistols are doing very well. And the CO2 Airsoft pistol has the best credentials with its WG Non-Blowback Sport 1911 CO2 Airsoft Gun. This model has a 500 FPS firepower level. Its durable configuration makes this gun feel very solid and provides it with realistic weight as well. The CO2 WG Sport 1911 s shoots in semi-automatic mode and features a working hammer which makes it one of the more realistic Airsoft guns around. It comes with a detachable magazine holding 16 rounds and is housed in 12-gram CO2 cartridges.

The model features an adjustable hop-up system and the trajectory may be adjusted to several different BBs weights. Therefore, if you are looking for a great CO2 gun, you should consider the CO2 WG Non-Blowback Sport 1911 Airsoft Gun. It is made out of a range of different metal parts that include a laser etched side. It comes with an adjustable rear sight. Its railed framing is not built using metal but has a very sturdy feeling ABS.

It has such a high velocity that upon impact the BBs break, and so breaks skin and glass. So it is safe to not put metal pellets or BBs in the gun. Each part is completely accomplished except for the grips on the handle.

  • This product is offered at a very affordable price
  • Its full metal construction opens it up for high durability
  • Its rear sight is adjustable for ideal vision when shooting
  • The magazine has a 16 round capacity which means it can be used for longer stretches
  • The gun has a 500 FPS Firepower level
  • When it is out of BBs the slide lock doesn’t work correctly
  • Complaints about improper functioning of the blowback slide when firing

15. GameFace ACG357 Crosman GF600 357 Revolver CO2 Powered Semi Auto 8-Shot Airsoft Revolver

GameFace ACG357 CO2-Powered GF600 Semi-Auto 8-Shot 357 Airsoft Revolver, Grey/Brown#ad
  • Ergonomic, finger molded, textured grip
  • Realistic swing out cylinder and 8 round clip
  • Fixed blade front sight
  • 6mm Airsoft/upto 420 FPS
  • CO2 Powered Semi-Automatic Revolver

With any airsoft revolver, your biggest problem is that normally they shoot at 400+ FPS, even when you are using .20g BBs. You will definitely have some difficulty with trying to get it cleared to use for indoor play and this where CO2 pistols start to really show how valuable they are.

However, if you are outdoor and in close quarter situations, or if you just want to see if your enemies are feeling lucky, then a good option for you is the Crossman GF600. One of the main advantages that it offers over other models of airsoft resolves is that eight shots are loaded into the speedloaders. So it is double action revolver also, so you don’t need to pull back on its hammer every time you want to shoot it.

  • Slotted rail and barre provide it with an aggressive look
  • 3-speed loaders
  • Quality polymer textured grip
  • Full metal construction
  • No hop-up unit
  • Outpaced by semi-auto pistols
  • Too hot or a majority of indoor fields

More Products (Our Rating: 4 Stars)

16. KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol
KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol#ad
  • 1:1 Scale Airsoft Blow Back Pistol
  • Green Gas NS2 System
  • Composite Polymer Frame
  • Full Metal Alloy Slide
  • 340-350 FPS w/.20g BBs
17. colt 1911 co2 Metal blowback Airsoft Pistol, kit Airsoft Gun(Airsoft Gun)
colt 1911 co2 Metal blowback Airsoft Pistol, kit Airsoft Gun(Airsoft Gun)#ad
  • caliber: 6mm
  • velocity: 344.00 ft/sec
  • CO2 cartridges, 2000 BBs, 2 Magazines
18. Black Ops 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Full Metal Semi Automatic with Hop Up GBB Pistol
Black Ops 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Full Metal Semi Automatic with Hop Up GBB Pistol#ad
  • MAXIMUM ACCURACY EVEN AT LONG RANGE shoot your ammo up to 360 FPS with...
  • EXPERIENCE THE AUTHENTIC LOOK AND FEEL of the classic .45 with this...
  • PRECISION ENSURED with authentic dual safety, functioning slide and 18...
  • CONSISTENTLY HIT YOUR TARGETS with adjustable hop up, 1 year warranty...
19. HFC Mini MP5 AEG Automatic SMG Electric Airsoft Pistol - HB-102
HFC Mini MP5 AEG Automatic SMG Electric Airsoft Pistol - HB-102 -#ad
  • Auto Electric Gun (AEG)
  • Velocity: 125 fps w/ .12g BB's
  • ABS Construction, weighs 2.1 LBS
  • Fully Automatic, Uses 4 AA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • This product is restricted from shipment into the state of New York
20. Game Face AEG Airsoft Pistol
GAME FACE GFAP13 AEG Electric Full/Semi-Auto Airsoft Pistol With Battery Charger, Speed Loader And Ammo, Black#ad
  • Game Face Air pistol
  • Game Face aeg pistol, metal heavy weight 6mm bb GFAP13
  • Game Face aeg pistol, metal heavy weight 6mm bb GFAP13
  • 6mm Airsoft/upto 250 FPS
  • Electric, battery powered gearbox mechanism
21. KWA M93R-2 Gas Blowback 6mm 32rd Full Metal Airsoft Pistol
KWA M93R-2 Gas Blowback 6mm 32rd Full Metal Airsoft Pistol#ad
  • Gas System: New Structure (NS2)
  • Velocity: 330+ fps with 0. 20 gram BB's
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Propellant: Green Gas / Propane Adapter
  • Realistic field stripping
22. kjw model-603m9ptp gas/co2 blowback full metal(Airsoft Gun)
kjw model-603m9ptp gas/co2 blowback full metal(Airsoft Gun)#ad
  • Package with Green Gas Magazine/Capacity: 23 rds/Velocity:310- 330 fps
  • If customer wants to buy Co2 magazine, please search "Co2...
  • If customer feels interest in extra gas magazine, please search...
  • It is an airsoft product. This product is restricted from shipment...
  • Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S., excluding certain...
23. ASG CZ 75 D Compact Spring Airsoft Pistol
ASG CZ 75 D Compact Spring Airsoft Pistol#ad
  • Licensed by Ceska Zbrojovka
  • Serrated polymer slide
  • 3 Dot combat sight
  • Textured trigger guard
  • Spring action
24. Smith & Wesson M&P Spring Pistol
Smith & Wesson M&P Spring Pistol#ad
  • Bax shooting System
  • Hpa pistol high power accurate
  • Lower tactical rail
  • Shoots 300 FPS with 12g ammo
25. heckler & koch 45 durable gbb airsoft pistol black(Airsoft Gun)

Buying Guide


1. Spring Pistols – Manually Cocking

These are the pistols that are the most budget-friendly. They operate by pulling the slide back manually to cock your gun before firing a shot. This pistol type is mainly for a cheap thrill as it won’t cost any additional cash to operate. Due to the single-shot nature, this gun is slow for airsoft games as it will take strength in your hands to pull on the slide. It may also be harder for the younger airsoft players to try and use this gun type. In addition, the spring pistols do not shoot as hard when compared to the other pistols.

2. NBB – Non-Blowback Gas Powered

The step up to a spring pistol, dependent on the actual model, these guns operate off CO2 or green gas, but you will probably find that the majority of these guns run on CO2. The Non-Blowback pistols will not produce a recoil or kick and many lack realism, yet they are reliable and easy to use. All that is required from the user is to pull on the trigger in order to fire the gun. This gun will not lock-back nor will it stop the ability to pull on the trigger once there are no BBs, which is why the non-blowback pistol is lacking in realism.

The NBB pistols are highly efficient when it comes to gas and just one CO2 capsule that works for various models can easily last for more than 100 shots. The NBB pistols are able to shoot with the same force if not harder when compared to the pistols that are more expensive. In many instances, the NBB pistols may even shoot harder as they are lacking in moving parts and blowback which means all the gas will be used for driving the BBs out of your gun, instead of additionally creating a recoil. Non-blowbacks in many cases feature a heavy and long trigger pull. These pistols are not for the younger players that have lower hand strength.

3. PBB – Partial Blowback Gas Powered

The Partial Blowbacks also called the Short Blowbacks or Half Blowbacks, is an emerging pistol type that is in the middle of the Full Blowbacks and Non-Blowbacks when it comes to realism and price. PBBs feature moving slides and recoil which makes them a bit more realistic. However, these guns are constructed as sealed units. This means you should never attempt to take the pistol apart for any type of maintenance unless you oil the seals inside the magazine.

PBBs have longer yet lighter trigger pulls, which makes this our starting point that is recommended for beginners of any age. In most cases, these guns are powered by CO2. The marker type will depend on whether the CO2 or gas is stored inside the grip part of this pistol and it uses stick magazines. With the other type, the CO2 or gas is stored inside a full-sized magazine. The first type usually has magazines that are less expensive but you will need to access the grip in order to add gas or CO2 during fights whereas the 2nd type allows you to carry your spare magazines which are already fully charged.

4. Gas Blowbacks – Full Blowback Gas Powered

This is the top-tier when it comes to pistols. They are powered by green gas or CO2 which is stored inside the magazine. The CO2 pistols perform the best throughout the year, particularly if you reside in areas that experience cold weather. The green gas performs best in warmer climates. One of the benefits of green gas has to do with your magazines which perform as small gas tanks, which allows you to top-off when you are between rounds, which means you are never left wondering if your pistol still has gas inside it.

If you use CO2, you will need to find out more about your gun in order to know when the cartridge needs replacing. In most cases, the CO2 capsules will last for around 2 magazines for the majority of guns. The drawback to using green gas is that it will perform poorly in colder regions. This type of pistol features functions, full-blowback and cycles like a real gun will. You are also able to field strip this type of gun for maintenance and cleaning like you would a real pistol.

Airsoft Automatic or Revolver

The common question when it comes to the “real steel” world is whether to choose automatic or revolver, and this same question applies to the airsoft sidearm.

The differences within the world of airsoft have to do with the revolvers that won’t offer many advantages over the automatic handguns. The revolver does look very cool, and the magnum sized 6 gun is extremely stylish.

With the models that are designed after the real pistols such as the Smith, Colts, and Dan Wessons, these styles are definitely undeniable.

The revolvers have a 6 to 8 round capacity, and that is about it. The airsoft automatic guns have a 15 to 30 round capacity. It is also just about impossible for the airsoft revolver models to match or keep-up with airsoft automatic handguns.

The airsoft automatics come in semi-automatic or fully-automatic models, and they offer one round for each trigger pull. These are made by various manufacturers which means the selections for the automatics is much wider.

There is also a lot more options for holsters, and many of the automatics feature accessory rails and the ability to recharge these gas systems is also easier.

The choice in the automatic airsoft pistols is regarded as far more pragmatic, but it is also easy to understand why many choose these pistols for their cool factor.

Do You Really Need an Accessory Rail?

The accessory rails on automatic guns happen to be an important selling point. The accessory rail which also goes by the name of the Picatinny rail involves a section of the rail which is situated on the pistol’s frame. This is universal throughout the “real steel” and airsoft world.

It allows individual players the ability to mount different accessories onto their airsoft guns. These accessories can include lasers and flashlights, and even foregrips if you are using one of the machine sidearms.

If you are interested in these accessories, you will also need the right holster in order to accommodate your accessories.

Magazine Capacity

This is a very important consideration. Your pistol will only be a good product provided that you are able to fire it. This is when the magazine capacity becomes important. This means the bigger capacities are better.

It will also mean that you are able to stay in a battle for longer if you have 25 rounds compared to just 6. The magazine capacities that are higher are also a lot more forgiving when it comes to poor accuracy, and when you need to engage with multiple targets. Investing in capacities that are higher can make a significant difference when it comes to your gameplay.

Polymer or Metal Body

Since the airsoft guns are in most cases carried inside a holster, they can take more abuse when compared to long guns. This can include dragging across the ground when you are crawling on prone, along with bumping and hitting to a doorway during a CQB along with much more.

Metal is usually the better option in order to resist this type of abuse and this material is also a lot more durable when compared to the polymers. Yet a few of the hard polymers are also quite tough and able to withstand abuse. Most of the airsoft handguns come with polymer grips and metal slides.

Employing polymer should include the highest-quality materials as well as to make sure they are derived from reliable and reputable manufacturers.

Holster Compatibility

When you buy your airsoft gun, you have to make sure you can carry it around correctly. There is an extensive range of holsters available in various styles that match up to different uses.

When you choose your handgun, it is a good idea that you know that the model that you have chosen is the type that you are able to find the right holster for. When you buy your first airsoft gun, which is modeled after a 1 to 1 scale associated with the real steel handguns, then your choices open up dramatically.

You will also want to make sure, that they offer the right holsters that match your handgun when it comes to how you would like to carry the gun around. This can include shoulder rigs, drop-leg thigh rigs, strong-side carry, and so on.

The largest problem can arise when you would like to mount accessories to your rail system. You will first need to select a specific accessory and the next choice is to determine whether these accessories will work with your choice in a holster.

When you install a light, you need to choose the type of holster which allows for using a light. 


FPS which stands for “feet per second”, which basically means the speed your projectile will move once you have fired a shot, which is also known as velocity. The FPS that is higher will be better as it will increase your accuracy, yet it can also result in injuries.


This will determine if you are able to shoot targets or not. Accuracy is linked closely to the FPS of the gun. In many cases, with the higher FPS, the pistol will also be a lot more accurate. However, FPS is only one of the determinants when it comes to accuracy. You will also need to incorporate elements like distance, windage, ballistic drop, and inner-barrel length.

Your Experience

If you are still a beginner, choose the designs that are light enough that you can carry the gun around and that it is easy-to-use. The professional shooters should be looking for a product that will nurture and enhance their skills.

Airsoft Field

Shooting outdoors will require the guns that have higher velocities, such as the 400-450 FPS. In general, bigger guns will be better as they offer better results. However, when it comes to indoor shooting, the lightweight guns are preferable as they are easy to move around the tight spots. These guns often do not require a higher FPS. Guns that feature 350 FPS is more than adequate.


When it comes to the application you need to ask yourself if you need a pistol that is able to fire rapidly or do you require more ammunition. If you are in the leading position, you will need a gun that is similar to the assault rifles, that offers precision and fires fast. If if you are one of the supporting roles, you are required to “cover” your teammates with a pistol that is fast to engage and accurate.


Avoid going for a lower price which will affect the performance of the gun. If you do have money to spend on any type of pistol that you like, you should be paying attention to functionality and the overall design of the gun. More importantly, your gun needs to match up to your preferences. Choose one of the starter pistols that are accompanied by great externals, when you have plans to upgrade. At the same time, when you are evaluating the prices, conduct your own research about the history and reputation of the manufacturer.

The Size and Weight

You should also think about how portable the gun will be. This will mean that you need to find out about the size and the weight. When the model you have chosen is portable, it will also offer the right weight and size. You should avoid the models that are too big or too heavy. Standard pistol weight and size are usually recommended to make it portable. You need to compare different models to find the right one.

Reasons to Get an Airsoft Pistol

Tactical Advantage

Your airsoft rifle has kept them at bay as long as possible, but now the fight is on top of you. Swapping to a pistol gives you the tactical advantage. You can move faster with your pistol. You can protect your body when you sneak around a corner to take a shot. Your long-range weapons have their place, but when the battle is up close and personal, a pistol gives you the advantage.

Pistols Only Games

Not every battle is done at long range. Maybe today’s mission is to clear a building, with twists, turn, doorways, and stairs. Leaving behind your long-range weapon and going with the pistol could be your best choice. You are more maneuverable. You work in stealth, while the people with long guns are banging around exposed. Or maybe, today’s mission requires everyone to only use pistols, like James Bond.

Easier On The Budget

If you are working on a tight budget, your first airsoft weapon might need to be a pistol. You can find effective spring-powered airsoft pistols for around $10 to $15. You can get started in the games until you can afford an airsoft rifle. Admittedly, you will be at a disadvantage using only a pistol, but that’s better than sitting on the sidelines. You can buy a high-quality airsoft pistol at a fraction of the cost of a comparable rifle.

Gas and CO2 – What Is The Difference?

You will find airsoft pistols designed to work with both gas and CO2. The difference seems a little subtle at first.

Green gas is made from a combination of silicone oil and propane. CO2 is more common and used in airsoft guns, paintball guns, and pellet guns. CO2 is sometimes called red gas.

Your choice of gas will depend on your needs. Here are a few of the pros can cons for CO2 and Green Gas.

CO2 (Red Gas):

  • More effective in cold weather
  • No residue build-up in pistol
  • Most reliable choice
  • A better choice for the short-term.
  • Must be consistent with maintenance on your gun.
  • Higher pressure causes parts to fail quicker.

Green Gas (Propane-Silicone Oil):

  • Uses lower pressure, so easier on parts.
  • Gas pistol quality is often higher than CO2 pistols
  • Better in the long-run (pistols last longer)
  • More shots per bottle than CO2.
  • Requires more cleaning of pistol due to residue build-up.
  • Does not work as well in cold weather.

Limitations of Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft Rifles Have Better Range Than Pistols

A stock airsoft pistol cannot outshoot a quality airsoft rifle. You would need to add accessories and spend more money to make it come close, and is probably not worth it. Your pistol is not intended to outshoot a rifle, it has a different role in the battle. You want it to be accurate, but for closer ranges. A pistol is designed for up-close battles when you need freedom of movement. The rifle is for long range battles but loses when it gets up close and personal.

Rifles Win In Magazine Capacity

High capacity rifles can hold up to 450 rounds. A typical pistol holds 12 to 25 rounds, with 12 being most common. Having extra magazines can help, but even then the rifle wins. Your rifle is perfect for covering fire, where your pistol is most effective when the fighting is at close range.

Your Pistol Excels in Close Quarters

You give up the advantage of high accuracy and distance when you switch to your pistol. The pistol takes the advantage when battling in close range where getting off a quick shot secures the victory. You can jump from behind cover, aim, and fire with good accuracy in a split-second with your pistol, catching the enemy off-guard.

Harder To Upgrade

Adding upgrades to your pistol can be harder. There are less universal parts for pistols, so you are usually stuck buying extra magazines and add-ons from the manufacturer. You can still get optional gear, there are just fewer choices than with rifles. Some pistols do provide a standard rail for adding sights and lights.

More Difficult to Maintain

Electric guns are usually easy to fix and maintain. Gas and CO2 pistol are a little tougher. They require more cleaning and wear out parts faster than your rifle. Make sure you learn how to do routine maintenance on your pistol and always keep it clean. Learn how to remove the slide and lubricate your gun properly. Don’t forget to lubricate magazines, percussion valve, and seals. Doing proper maintenance will reduce costly repairs.

Magazines for airsoft pistols may cost more, too. They have a more complicated design than high, or mid, capacity magazines used on rifles. The gas magazine has valves, seals, and gas chambers which increase the complexity and cost. Gas magazines can be damaged more easily than AEG mags, so be cautious on how you handle your pistol magazines.

Hop Up – The Distance Enhancer (Explained)

If you were reading the reviews and realized you didn’t know what hop up was, this section is for you.

What is hop up and how does it work?

Pistols are often designed to put a backspin on the BB when it is fired. The spin is similar to when you shoot a basketball, with it spinning upwards, instead of side-to-side like a top. This spinning action gives a little extra rise to the BB, asks “hop up”, extending the range of shot and increasing accuracy.

Most airsoft guns have an adjustable hop-up setting. This allows you to adjust the spin velocity to account for distance and weather conditions.

Tips on Lubricating Your Gun

It is very important to develop the habit of lubricating your pistol. One of the reasons for doing so is that it will ensure that it will function properly at all times.

How do you lubricate your gun?

When you do this, you are going to lubricate every moving part that is on your gun.

These parts will include springs, the sidewalk, frame rails, side rails, the cylinder and the magazine. You will want to use some type of a silicone-based lubrication oil when you are going to this process.

Lithium grease could be used for any area where there is metal on metal, such as where the slide rails come together. If you were to use oil instead, the oil would not remain, which would defeat the purpose of going through this process.

How often should you lubricate your gun?

One way to think about this is to form the habit of lubricating your pistol just as you take a shower every day. If you don’t shower one day, you will probably be fine, but that doesn’t mean that people will not notice.

As a general rule, for every couple hundred rounds that you shoot, you should lubricate your pistol so that it functions properly every time that you use it. Although this could be a very boring task, if you are out on the field, you will discover quickly that it is well worth the time that you will spend.


How to dramatically improve your pistol skills?

If you have an Airsoft pistol, you may not realize how to fire it properly. If you are in a situation, such as a battlefield, and you are not able to shoot it properly, you would likely lose the battle itself.

There is actually good news.

Here are a few tips that could be helpful in trying to maximize your accuracy when shooting your gun, plus it will allow you to show off how adept you are at using it.

Tip 1
Always hold your pistol with both hands. If you are worried about looking cool, it’s really not going to matter if you are not able to hit a target at all.

Tip 2
Start doing target practice. You will want to begin close up, and then as you improve, increase your distance to improve your overall accuracy.

Tip 3
Try to find someone that is good at shooting a gun and practice with them to improve your accuracy. You can watch what they are doing, plus they can provide you with adjustments and feedback on how to improve the way you are shooting.

Tip 4
You can only learn by doing. When you go to Airsoft matches, you should consider increasing the number of them that you play in. I personally like this particular tip because it helps you accomplish two things during matches. Not only are you going to have a good time, but you are going to improve your skills as a shooter and performer, both of which will be very helpful when you do your next match.

Is it possible to use a pistol as a primary?

Pistols are typically regarded as secondaries, but is it possible to consider it as a primary weapon?

It really does depend on a few different factors.

Let’s say that you are in an Airsoft match, one that involves CQB or close quarter combat, then utilizing your gun is absolutely fine, plus you may even have an advantage over the other players.

It can be extremely difficult to do any of this if you are playing in a field match. As you probably know, the range of any pistol would be far less than people with them M4s or snipers that are also playing.

There is a big IF when it comes to maneuvers and strategies, positioning you closer to your enemies. This is not something that is impossible, but you can easily see that this would be very difficult to accomplish.

What is the best weight for airsoft pistols?

Trying to determine the specific weight of any of these guns can be difficult, primarily because they come in several different sizes. They are also made of a wide variety of materials, and because of the subtle changes, it can impact how much each one of them will weigh. This is even true when comparing identical guns that are the same size.

Keep in mind that the total weight of the gun is not going to deviate too much. They might be less than 1 pound, or you might have one that is a couple pounds. Most of the CO2 Airsoft pistols, for example, will be much heavier than their sprung comparisons.

What is the velocity of these competitive types of airsoft guns?

You can actually have an advantage over other players because of the rule that you are not limited to only one pistol. You can carry more than one because of how small they are, allowing you to store them on your person very easily. The gear that you wear can also help you in concealing them. When using a pistol, they are extremely versatile and fast, but they may not be helpful when trying to be more strategic on the field. They are perfect for beginners, which is why so many people that start playing are going to be using them.

What is the range and FPS? Are Co2 Airsoft Pistols Really The Best?

Airsoft pistols are just like all of the other Airsoft guns, meaning they can shoot at a specific distance, and this often depends upon the quality. If you have a gun that has a high FPS, this means you will have greater distance abilities when shooting. Most of them have a very high FPS, and the goal of achieving that FPS is really what most people strive for. By obtaining one from a quality manufacturer, you can feel confident that the FPS they are advertising will be exactly what you can achieve.

What accessories make Airsoft Pistols Better?

Some of the top-rated Airsoft pistols have been mentioned that are on the market, yet you may want to consider getting accessories that can make your gun even better. You won’t have to spend too much extra money, and it’s important to understand what you will be able to do once you have them. These accessories will include pouches, as well as additional magazines, all of which can contribute to improving your accuracy

  • Hand Mounts
  • Laser Sights
  • Flash Torches
  • Adjustable Sights
  • Hand Stops

Always try to find the right resource when obtaining these accessories to ensure that you will get the best ones. They should have multiple accessories, but even more important, they should have only those that are built with the highest quality.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this list can contribute to your ability to use these pistols and play the game much more efficiently. Several choices have been outlined in regard to Airsoft pistols, helping you to make the right decision. Sometimes your ability to win is based upon how accurately you can measure your enemies distance, sometimes going from yards to feet, and there’s really nothing better to use in these situations than a pistol. Corner peek-and-shoot duels are much easier to win when you have a light and small gun at your disposal. In some cases, your enemy will have a rifle which means they will be able to beat you in regard to range. However, using pistols will give you unrivaled mobility, helping you to become much better on the field using your Airsoft pistol.


Best Airsoft Pistols ( Top 3 Picks )

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Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Black#ad
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Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black#ad
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double eagle spring m22 silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)#ad
Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Black#ad
Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black#ad
double eagle spring m22 silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)#ad
Our Rating
Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Black#ad
Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Black#ad
Our Rating
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Professional's Choice
Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black#ad
Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black#ad
Our Rating
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View on Amazon
Best Value
double eagle spring m22 silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)#ad
double eagle spring m22 silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)#ad
Our Rating
Read Full Review
View on Amazon

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