20 Best Golf Gloves (2020): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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  • How Will I Know That Golf Gloves Fit Me Well?
  • Why Do The Professional Golfers Remove Their Gloves To Putt?
  • What Is Cabretta Leather?
  • Do Women And Men Wear The Same Golf Gloves?
  • What Golf Glove Is Better Suited For Players With Naturally Sweaty Hands?
  • What Are The Differences Between Rain Gloves And Normal Gloves?

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Top 3 Picks ( In a Hurry? Here are the winners )

Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, Medium, Left Hand, Prior Generation
Professional's Choice
Bionic GGNCMLL Men's StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Glove, Left Hand, Cadet Large
Best Value
MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Large Regular Size)
Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, Medium, Left Hand, Prior Generation
Bionic GGNCMLL Men's StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Glove, Left Hand, Cadet Large
MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Large Regular Size)
Our Rating
Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, Medium, Left Hand, Prior Generation
Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, Medium, Left Hand, Prior Generation
Our Rating
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Professional's Choice
Bionic GGNCMLL Men's StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Glove, Left Hand, Cadet Large
Bionic GGNCMLL Men's StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Glove, Left Hand, Cadet Large
Our Rating
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Best Value
MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Large Regular Size)
MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Large Regular Size)
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Best Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are one of the important components when it comes to your overall golf setup as it offers a grip that is tackier. This helps to stop the club from twisting as you take a shot or swing. Many of the professional golfers will wear gloves to protect their hands from calluses, blisters, and protection from outdoor elements like rain, wind, and sun.

The gloves that offer a sense-of-touch that is good can help you when it comes to improving your overall game since you will not feel uncomfortable or distracted. Statistics have indicated that 95% of the pro-golfers and 80% of the amateur golfers wear appropriate gloves when they play. Similar to most other products, the market for golf gloves is flooded with many different brands and styles. We have shared our top choices below.

1. Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove – Editor’s Choice & Best Seller

Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, Medium, Left Hand, Prior Generation
  • All Leather Constructions: Great Feel, Fit & Durability
  • Perforations On Palm, Fingers And Thumb: Moisture Reduction &...
  • Opti Fit Adjustable Closure: Thin, Light & Secure Fit
  • Cotton Terry Cuff: Soft Feel & Moisture Absorption

The sports products associated with the Callaway brand offer superior outdoor experiences. Their top-selling golf bags, for example, are both durable and spacious. Their top range of golf gloves like the Dawn Patrol has been rated among the very best. These day-to-day gloves are a durable choice for both professionals and beginners. They also feature a lightweight design and a high-quality structure. This is the type of glove that can contribute to improving the way you play.

The Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove is suitable for most people. The professionals along with the hobbyists enjoy the lightweight design. These gloves enable a long day of golf without your hand getting tired. These gloves also feature breathable fingers and thumbs.

Avoid allowing golf gloves that are slippery lower your overall performance. The Dawn Patrol is a high-quality non-slip glove that just works better. They are comfortable and come with a unique Opti-Fit design along with adjustable cuff made from cotton terry which helps to maximize its stability. It also offers exceptional moisture absorption, which means your hands will stay dry and cool.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on the best golf gloves. For example, the Callaway Dawn Patrol are affordable gloves which deliver professional results. They are easy to take off and wear, while the seams are non-irritant and flat. This is one of those low-maintenance accessories that are easy to clean with soap and water.

If you are in search of gloves that are not only comfortable but will also help you to improve the way that you play, the Dawn Patrol is one of the well-known brands that comes with great features. The tight-fitting ergonomic design will not irritate your hands, like other gloves that are similar often do.

  • Ergonomic and comfortable fit
  • Advanced Opti-Fit design
  • Breathable fingers and thumb
  • Affordable
  • The finishing is a bit questionable
  • Runs small

2. Bionic GGNCMLL StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Glove – Professional’s Choice

Bionic GGNCMLL Men's StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Glove, Left Hand, Cadet Large
  • Three dimensional pads wrap around sides of fingers to even out...
  • Bionic patented pad technology provides 2X more durability than...
  • Tapered finger design conforms to the individual shape of your fingers...
  • Mini towels inside provide superior moisture management to keep the...
  • Easy grab tab makes glove removal simple and quick

This is a glove designed to enhance the user’s grip on their golf club. Bionic stable grip gloves come with a 3-dimensional finger pad along with a design that is tapered which ensures it fits naturally to your hands. These capabilities are further increased with the use of NaturalFit technology. This makes sure that these gloves provide a very ergonomic fit.

There are many people that have complained about the high price tag linked to these gloves. In other scenarios, some consumers have questioned material quality used to produce this product. Some say the materials are second-rate, which might be why people have concerns about the durability of these gloves.

When it comes to the features of the Bionic StableGrip golf gloves they are produced using genuine Cabretta leather. The reinforcement in the palm assists with enhancing the functionality of these gloves. The inside of these gloves features Terry cloth which provides the gloves with a level of moisture wicking abilities. To ensure comfort and breathability, the gussets are layered with Lycra. These gloves also feature web & motion zones and an anatomical-pad system which imparts appreciable dexterity.

Even though the Bionic StableGrip come with qualities that make them appealing, we also feel this is just one of the standard gloves. The manufacturers should be doing something about the material quality used and the high price tag while making sure that these gloves provide durability.

  • Breathable
  • Good dexterity
  • Excellent grip
  • NaturalFit technology
  • The thick padding provides added protection
  • The palm area wears out fast
  • Expensive

3. Zero Friction Golf Glove

Zero Friction Men's Golf Glove, Left Hand, One Size, White
  • All weather synthetic palm with matching color patch; Re-enforces palm...
  • Digitized palm and fingers for maximum gripping
  • Detachable Tee and ball Marker
  • Synthetic patch engineered around the first finger for solid gripping
  • Black mesh lycra throughout the finger, back of hand and palm for...

The Zero Friction golf gloves are classified as one of the premium golfing accessories that offer a compression-fit design. Unlike some of the cumbersome and bulky models, these gloves feature a synthetic lightweight fabric that is very comfortable to wear. These materials will not cause any irritation or scratches to your hands while you are playing. The design is stylish along with an impressive all-weather palm patch. Due to the exceptional grip of these gloves, they increase the safety and performance of the user.

When compared to similar models, the Zero Friction gloves feature a premium design. The digitized palm and fingers add to how comfortable they feel. The form-fitting design aids with improving your swing, while the synthetic patch found on the 1st finger maximizes gripping power. These gloves also come with a detachable tee and ball marker.

Leather gloves can be cumbersome and bulky, while certain synthetic gloves come with non-breathable designs which interfere with comfort levels of the player. The Zero Friction golf gloves, on the other hand, are lighter when compared to most of the leather gloves, and comfortable design comes with a breathable mesh Lycra fitting.

Golf gloves of a lower grade are prone to tearing easily. They are also known for irritating your skin or losing shape. The Zero Friction Compression-Fit gloves are affordable, durable along with a superior performance-enhancing design.

Are you sick of injuries to your hands when you play golf? Or do you find that your clubs are slipping frequently due to sweaty hands? These gloves are the best cure for both these problems. They feature a digitized finger and thumb which adds to the comfort of this product. They are also highly durable with the all-weather palm patch which helps to decrease the likelihood of injuries. Despite the fact that certain people are not too sure about the seams, this is a great all-around product.

  • Detachable tee and ball marker
  • Solid gripping finger and palm
  • All-weather palm patch
  • Digitized palm and fingers
  • Low-grade seams
  • Starts to peel over time

4. MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove – Best Value

MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Large Regular Size)
  • All-Cabretta Leather
  • Quality and traditional styling comparable to FootJoy Sta-Sof
  • Winner of several PGA Tour events
  • All-time best-seller-well over 10 million sold!
  • First-quality only, no seconds!

Golf gloves are meant to improve the way you play. However, this doesn’t mean that any old pair of cheap gloves will serve this purpose. If you are looking for high-quality golf gloves, we suggest the MG Golf DynaGrip gloves. Made from Cabretta leather this is a durable product that manages to maintain its overall shape. The leather is also durable and the gloves feature a traditional style. They are fade-proof as well as eye-catching.

The golf gloves of poor quality often result in performance issues. If you are currently experiencing these issues, trade your gloves in for the MG Golf DynaGrip golf glove. These gloves are comfortable and soft and they also assist with improving your grip.

Have your purchased golf gloves in the past that degrade or rip easily. The MG Golf gloves provide a far better experience. This product is durable even though they feature Cabretta leather which is light and thin, they will not easily rip. They also come with tight stitches and a strong edge trim which contributes to the longevity of these gloves.

Despite the affordable price tag, these gloves provide a stylish and appealing design. The Medan tanning process that is used to finish this product will not stain or fade easily. These materials are also resistant to perspiration and moisture. If you find that you perspire easily or you play in conditions that are humid, these are the best types of gloves for you.

You can find a variety of golf gloves on sites such as Amazon. Yet if you are looking for a brand that is valuable that promises to do what it says, the MG Golf DynaGrip is your best bet. This durable product made from Cabretta leather will not rip easily. The fabrics are also pliable and soft. It also features reinforcement at the vulnerable points that will protect your hands and palms from injuries and bruises.

  • Soft Cabretta leather
  • Resistant to perspiration and moisture
  • Edge trim is durable
  • Detailed stitching
  • The fingers on these gloves are a bit too long

5. Intech Ti-Cabretta Golf Gloves

Intech Ti-Cabretta Men's Golf Gloves, Left-Hand, Large (6 Pack)
  • Full cabretta leather palm combined with an advanced microfiber back...
  • Vented fingers for excellent breathability and increased airflow
  • Strategically located lycra inserts for a more comfortable fit
  • Added durability with a double-stitched thumb and an adjustable Velcro...

Do you need new golf gloves for playing professionally or training? The Intech Ti-Cabretts offers a cost-effective option where you get 6 gloves of a highly professional grade. The superior Cabretta leather used for making these gloves is very durable and these gloves will not peel or tear as the poorer grades do. They also feature a comfortable and soft design that many users enjoy.

In order to swing well and take accurate shots, you need to ensure maximum flexibility in your hands. The Intech T-Cabretta gloves really excel when it comes to this. Made from high-quality leather, these gloves are both flexible and durable. They also come with Lycra inserts between each finger which results in a tighter grip. This will help you to improve your accuracy and power. The gloves are breathable and made to maximize comfort levels for every user.

If you are in the market for golf gloves that offer longevity, the Intech Ti-Cabretta is a great choice. Even after heavy use over a number of weeks, they will not rip or tear. They come with non-irritant and tight seams which also last long. These are the type of gloves you can confidently take with you for golf practice or tournaments.

  • Good quality Cabretta leather
  • Comfortable yet tight grip
  • Easy to remove and wear
  • Breathable Lycra inserts between your fingers
  • Shreds under pressure
  • No ball marker

6. Nike Dura Feel Golf Glove

Nike Men's Dura Feel Golf Glove (White), Large, Left Hand
  • Genuine leather on palm and thumb
  • Perforated synthetic leather panel on back of hand
  • Strategically placed stretch fabric in fingers and back of hand
  • Angled tab design for a superior ergonomic fit
  • Customized fitting system for all hand shape and sizes

If you feel like a professional golf player, it is a great time to actually start playing like the pros when you use this golf glove from Nike. These gloves were designed with golfers in mind. It features a material combination like nylon, goatskin leather, and polyurethane. The perforated leather panel ensures maximum breathability which assists you with obtaining the desired results you need when you swing.

Many users have commented about the overall quality sewn in these gloves, saying that these gloves provide a customized fit. Yet there have been a few complaints that these gloves are not durable enough with a few users complaining that the gloves wore out within a few weeks. It is also noticeable that a few users had issues in regards to the sizing of these gloves and the “extremely thin” texture.

On closer inspection, the Dura golf glove features a stretchy fabric around each finger and the back part of your hand. This is the same fabric that ensures flexibility and breathability. The thumb and palm are reinforced using genuine leather which delivers the perfect grip which offers you a secure feeling with each shot that you take. This glove also features an angled adjustable tab closure which ensures a more ergonomic fit.

We recommend the Dura Feel VII for any golf player of all skills. Nike has put a lot into this product to ensure it became the top choice for golfers who desire top performance. The price tag is reasonable, while the complaints made are minor and do not have an effect on the overall durability and flexibility of these gloves.

  • Flexible
  • Superior quality
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable
  • Poor stitching
  • The synthetic materials are prone to heating up when exposed to hot weather

7. Bionic RelaxGrip Left Hand Golf Glove

Bionic Men's RelaxGrip Left Hand Golf Glove, White/Black, Medium/Large
  • Black palm shows less dirt keeping the glove looking new longer
  • Strategically placed pad system in the fingers and palm evens out the...
  • Unique combination of synthetic back Cabretta leather palm provides...
  • Patented pre-rotated finger design complements natural closure of the...
  • Lycra motion and web zone gussets provide better range of motion and a...

The Bionic RelaxGrip Golf Glove for men is a well-known brand, and these gloves perform impeccably outdoors. Made for men, these gloves are comfortable and even benefit the left-hand players. The combination of leather and synthetic fabrics make these gloves flexible and durable. It assists golf players to control and grip their golf clubs which translates into better play. Due to the comfortable fit, you are able to use these gloves for many hours at a time.

The Bionic RelaxGrip Men’s Golf Glove features a unique patented pad-system which matches up to the majority of playing styles. Regardless of whether you are putting or driving, these gloves will serve their purpose well. It also grips most of the clubs very well and the relaxed fit and lightweight design result in a very comfortable and secure fit.

If you love playing golf, then you will also enjoy the overall structure associated with this glove. The one-size flexible design easily fits most players comfortably. The double-row advanced finger-grip system also performs well. Regardless of the club types that you use, the probability of slipping is very slim when you use these gloves.

This glove also comes fitted with Lycra motion zones which offers you an improved range-of-motion while playing. It also features web-zone gussets will keep you comfortable for hours while you play.

When in use, the golf gloves are typically subjected to a fair level of wear-and-tear. Scrapes and scratches are very common, which means the low-grade designs often tear and rip easily. Yet this is not a problem when it comes to the Bionic Golf Glove. They also come with pads that are strategically placed on the areas that are exposed to high wear which further increases the life-span of this product.

  • Lycra motion zones
  • Comfortable fingers and palm
  • Padded high-wear areas
  • Double-row finger-grip system
  • Customer service is poor
  • Cheap feel

8. TaylorMade Targa Golf Glove

2014 TaylorMade Targa White/Black Golf Glove, X-Large, Left Hand
  • Targa golf gloves
  • Made of AAA cabretta leather
  • Lycra inserts for breathability
  • Moisture wicking wristband
  • Gloves preferred by TaylorMade

If you are in search of the top-rated golf gloves and you are a left-handed player, the TaylorMade Targa Golf Gloves is the best choice for you. They feature a traditional and neat look along with durable construction which is enhanced further with durable leather.

A standout feature about these gloves is the soft and moisture-absorbent wristband. The Lycra inserts also contribute to keeping your hand warm and comfy and they dissipate heat very well.

With a durable and stable design which comes with more than adequate ventilation for your palms, these TaylorMade Targa Golf Gloves are the ideal option for the golfers that hold value in the type of golf gloves that they wear.

  • More than enough ventilation
  • The flexibility is superior
  • They offer outstanding grip abilities even if your hands get wet from perspiration
  • The Velco can become detached from the flaps on the gloves
  • The Cabretta leather is slightly slippery even when they are completely dry

9. Intech Ti-Cabretta Golf Glove for Women

Intech Ti-Cabretta Glove Ladies (Left-Handed, Large)
  • FULL CABRETTA LEATHER PALM combined with an advanced microfiber back...
  • VENTED FINGERS for excellent breathability and increased airflow
  • STRATEGICALLY LOCATED LYCRA INSERTS for a more comfortable fit
  • ADDED DURABILITY with a double-stitched thumb and an adjustable Velcro...

If you prefer to invest in golf gloves that come highly recommended by professional and beginner golfers, the Intech Ti-Cabretta Golf Glove for women might be your best option.

These gloves offer the basic yet most efficient performance overall. They provide a very ergonomic design with a special palm construction which protects the user’s hands from common injuries such as calluses, bruises, and blisters.

These Intech Ti-Cabretta Golf Glove for women offers exceptional flexibility and durability making them a top-rated choice when it comes to golf gloves.

  • They manage to maintain their suppleness and grip even in extreme humidity conditions
  • They won’t stretch out even after long use
  • These gloves provide outstanding breathability properties
  • The design is thick and can feel slightly stiff
  • They fail to provide maximum gripping capabilities

10. Callaway X-Spann Glove

Callaway X-Spann Glove, Regular X-Large, Left Hand, Prior Generation
  • 3D Performance Mesh-New compression system provides perfect...
  • Full Palm Cabretta Leather-Thin and soft Cabretta leather delivers...
  • Chev Tension Sensors-Silicon Chevrons on Microfiber suede provide...

If you are in search of golf gloves that work on improving your performance and safety outdoors? The Callaway X Spann happens to be one of the best left-hand golf gloves that are packed with great features. If you want to look professional you will enjoy the stylish design. Other standout features include the lightweight design along with the 3D performance mesh. This mesh contributes to improving the flexibility of these gloves. They will also help your hands to feel comfortable and cool while you play.

The Cabretta leather used in the Callaway X Spann Glove is highly impressive. Even though this fabric is light, they manage to remain rip proof. They are also stain-proof and also lack that awry odor associated with goatskin leather.

Handling a slippery golf club is a common challenge for many beginners. In some cases, it can become a safety hazard. If you need golf gloves to avoid these issues invest in the Callaway X Spann golf gloves. The Chevron tension sensors help to improve your grip along with silicone suede pads that also contribute to improving your grip without damaging or scratching your golf clubs.

In comparison to other models, these gloves offer a lightweight design which performs very well for outdoor use. They are easy to keep clean with soapy water and a cloth.

The non-Velcro design of the Callaway X Spann is one of the major drawbacks. Certain users have claimed these gloves are complex to use when compared to other popular brands. If you are able to overcome this, then you will definitely love using your gloves for day-to-day use. Made from Cabretta leather, they come with a protective and tough palm. It also comes with a 3D performance mesh which improves comfort, and the seamless and smooth design makes them even more enjoyable to use.

  • 3D performance mesh
  • Seamless and smooth feel
  • Full-palm Cabretta leather
  • Chevron tension sensors
  • Non-Velcro design
  • The seams are prone to splitting

More Products (Our Rating: 4 Stars)

11. Callaway Golf Men's OptiColor Leather Glove
Callaway Golf Men's OptiColor Leather Glove, Red, Medium/Large, Worn on Left Hand
  • Opti Feel+ Leather - Premium Feel, Fit and Comfort
  • Perforations on Palm, Fingers and Thumb - Moisture Reduction and...
  • Opti Fit Adjustable Closure - Thin, Light and Secure Fit
12. Grip Boost Men's Hand Golf Glove Cabretta Leather Sheep Skin No-Slip Golf Gloves
Grip Boost Men's Left Hand Golf Glove Cabretta Leather Sheep Skin No-Slip Golf Gloves - Size Medium/Large -...
  • GENUINE LEATHER: AAA Cabretta Leather is the highest quality leather...
  • BREATHABLE VENTILATION: The Grip Boost Golf Glove for Left Hand has a...
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: The Grip Boost Cabretta Leather Golf Glove has angled...
  • INCREASED CONFIDENCE: With soft feel and full control, your improved...
  • LOOKS GREAT: With this stylish golf glove you can move uninhibited and...
13. Titleist Men's Perma Soft Golf Glove
Titleist Perma Soft Golf Glove Mens Reg LH Pearl, White(Small, Worn on Left Hand)
  • Premium, quality fit means a seamless connection to your club
  • Precisely placed seams
  • Satin reinforcement at cuff and thumb for strength and durability
  • Available in men's and Women's styles
14. MG Golf DynaGrip Elite All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove
MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip Elite All-Cabretta Leather (Medium-Large Regular Size)
  • A thinner (but stronger) and softer Cabretta leather (our most...
  • Noticeably lighter with the most sensitive feel in a golf glove.
  • Elastic knuckle hinge for a more comfortable grip without tugging.
  • Available in silver-white.
  • First-quality only, no seconds!
15. FootJoy New Improved WeatherSof Men's Golf Glove
FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Glove White Small, Worn on Right Hand
  • Enhanced durability - advanced performance leather increases the feel,...
  • Extraordinary fit - exclusive fibers of material provides the most...
  • Secure closure - proprietary comfortable closure comfortably adjusts...
  • Breathable mesh - soft power net mesh across the knuckles improves...
  • Leather; synthetic; mesh
16. Bionic Men's AquaGrip Golf Glove
Bionic Men's AquaGrip Golf Glove (Large, Left Hand)
  • Suede microfiber material that becomes tackier when wet to reduce club...
  • Patented pad technology provides increased durability in areas prone...
  • Patented pad system evens out the surface of your hand for a lighter...
  • Lycra motion and web zones provide better range of motion and a more...
17. Srixon Men's Z Cabretta Leather Golf Glove
Srixon Mens Z Cabretta Golf Gloves, White, Cadet Medium/Large
  • Lycra insert positioned across the knuckles
  • Cabretta leather for ideal fit and feel
  • Provides flexibility and added comfort
18. Hirzl Men's Trust Control Textured Palm Kangaroo Leather Golf Glove
HIRZL MLH Trust Control Golf Glove (Large)
  • Conforms with USGA rules
  • Three-times more grip in dry weather conditions
  • Five-times more grip in wet weather conditions
  • Textured kangaroo palm leather
  • 100-Percent sweat resistant palm
19. FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves
FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves (2 Pack)
  • Long lasting durability
  • Comfortable, consistent fit
  • Excellent grip for all weather play
20. FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves

Reasons To Wear Golf Gloves

Even though you may know of a few golfers that play without gloves, it is becoming more and more uncommon these days. The latest club grips are designed to make holding a club easier. Yet even with these grips, you are still susceptible to blisters and calluses which is why you should be wearing gloves.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to wear golf gloves.

1. Improved Grip

The previous golf clubs feature grips or handles which would often become slick, which means that the earlier versions of golf gloves would improve the ability of the player to hold their club more tightly. Obtaining an improved grip stops the head of the club from twisting which allows for an improvement in shots. Even with the tacky-style grips on clubs today, the gloves offer a more improved grip. When the grips start to wear down on your clubs, Golf Channel states that good quality gloves ensure that your club will not twist or slip from your hand.

2. Avoid Blisters

If you are not wearing gloves when you play golf, you could experience painful blisters. This has to do with using a repetitive forceful motion when you swing your golf club. This repetitive action can result in blisters.

3. Dry And Warm Hands

Most of the latest golf gloves on the market are designed to wick away moisture which is extremely beneficial in humid and hot weather. On the other hand, if you play in cold weather, certain golf gloves will assist with keeping your hands warm. Regardless of the weather outside, golf gloves will protect your hands from the elements and your golf clubs.

Bonus Boost: Antiperspirant That You Can Use For Your Golf Games

Grip Boost Clutch Hold Sweat Proof Grip Spray for Gamer Grip, Golf Grips, Tennis, Yoga, Weightlifting Liquid...
  • Enhances grip through sweat, rain and high humidity.
  • Re-grip your golf grips or grip surfaces with just one spray. Apply a...
  • Clean and easy to use tacky spray.
  • Provides a tacky feel while also keeping dry hand ultimate gripping...
  • Rosin Spray gives a great dry hands pole grip fitness.

Here is an added bonus for avid golf players. This product is inexpensive that you can store with your favorite sunscreen. It provides additional grip for your hands and grips without becoming sticky and tacky like glue.

What You Need To Look For In A Golf Glove

When you start shopping for golf gloves which will match up to your game correctly, there is some consideration to keep in mind to make sure you invest in a product that can help you.


The glove that you choose needs to improve your overall grip when holding a golf club. When you use a glove for the first time and your club starts to feel even more slippery, the product is pretty poor. The main reasons as to why golfers wear gloves have to do with improving their grip and avoiding calluses and blisters. Yet the grip is the more important factor when it comes to golf gloves.


In addition to the grip that the glove offers you, you need to ensure the glove fits your hand. If it is too loose it can cause blisters or stop you from achieving a sturdy grip when you hold your golf club. So you might be wondering what makes the best fit? The glove should be fitting your hand like a “second skin”. It should not be tight, but rather snug. If you notice bagginess or sagging in any of the areas of your glove, it is automatically the wrong fit. At the same time, you should be able to move your hands and fingers easily. If you are unable to make a fist, then your gloves are too tight. In addition, if the gloves feature a Velcro fastener which reaches over 75% across your hand, your gloves are too big.

The golf gloves come in a range of sizes with most manufacturers offering Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Double Extra Large sizes. These gloves also come in different categories for junior’s, women’s and men’s. It is recommended to obtain the measurements of each size from a manufacturer to establish what size will fit your hands best if you are unable to visit a physical store. If you have short fingers or wide palms, look out for the cadet sizes. Certain manufacturers sell medium-large sizes as many people have hand sizes which fall between these two sizes.


Most golf gloves are made from three primary materials. Leather happens to be the more popular material. Many amateur and professional golfers prefer leather due to exceptional grip this material offers when it gets wet and the softness. While this type of golf glove feels great on your hands, they usually cost more and wear out faster. People with sensitive skin might not enjoy wearing gloves made from leather.

One of the other common materials include the synthetics. These materials are not as comfortable when compared to genuine Cabretta leather, yet they are still comfortable enough. The synthetic gloves cost less in comparison to the leather counterparts, and they also offer improved durability and flexibility.

Some of the golf gloves use a combination of materials and are known as hybrids. Manufacturers that combine these materials do so to offer consumers with the best from both materials. The leather usually features on the finger pads and the palms which offer improved grip and comfort in these areas, while the synthetic materials are used in between the fingers and joints, and at the wear points in order to offer maximum flexibility.


Gloves are usually an expensive investment, so you want to ensure you are buying a product that is going to last. When your gloves start to show holes and wear down after a couple of golf rounds, the cost of replacement will add up.

Are cost-effective gloves worth it? If the gloves you have bought save you a couple of bucks yet only last for few golf games, then you are not really saving money.

Which Hand Do I Wear My Glove On

Only one of your hands makes contact with your clubs. This means you actually only need a single glove. For people that are right-handed, they will need a left-hand glove and for people that are left-handed, they will need a right-hand glove. Please keep in mind that the golf gloves that we have reviewed in this article do not all offer gloves for both right and left hands.

While some of the golfers do not find it necessary to wear gloves on both hands, they can help to provide a barrier against the elements and from calluses and blisters. If you are concerned about these issues, look for the manufactures which sell pairs of gloves opposed to just one. If you play golf in the winter months, you will need a glove for each hand to prevent your hands from freezing that may stop you from achieving a grip that is solid.

Features To Look For

• Breathability

Certain brands have implemented perforations or a mesh backing in their gloves to maximize breathability. This usually means that your hands will stay dry and your hands will sweat less.

• Custom Fit

Many of the golf gloves come with Velcro straps to customize the fit. It also assists with taking your gloves off and putting them on. However, keep in mind that Velcro can wear out pretty quickly when you are constantly closing and opening the straps. To deal with these concerns, there are gloves that feature elastic inserts which stretch to match the shape of your hands perfectly.

• Weatherproof

Not all of the golf gloves will be weatherproof. If your hands are prone to sweating or you plan to play in the rain or humid weather, you should be wearing gloves that are designed specifically to match up to these situations.

What Can I Expect To Pay For Golf Gloves?

The golf gloves vary in prices, which usually depends on the features, the materials used and the brand. Keep in mind that golf is not a cheap sport, and even though the gloves may be of importance, there are other equipment and accessories that are more important that you will have to buy. If your budget allows for it, then go for a premium brand. If not, you should be aiming for balancing price and quality.

Tips On Caring For Your Golf Gloves

  • You should always air out your golf gloves after every game of golf to ensure they are completely dry. If you can, take your gloves off between shots to ensure they remain dry throughout the day.
  • If your hands are susceptible to sweating or you are playing golf in an area that receives a lot of rain, rather choose the rain gloves to be safe and prepared for either situation.
  • You should only clean your golf gloves with a soft and damp cloth. Avoid drying the gloves in direct sunlight or in a tumble dryer.
  • If your budget allows buying 2 gloves or 2 pairs of gloves that you can change around between each game or even rounds. Store your gloves inside a zip-lock plastic bag which will help the product to last for longer.

The Correct Way To Clean Your Golf Gloves

Cleaning these types of gloves can be a bit difficult as most are made from soft leathers, which can become damaged from regular washing.

In addition, it is common for golf gloves to become dirty very easily. If your gloves are very dirty put them inside cold water using mild dish detergent. Scrub away the stains using a very soft brush. When you are done make sure you rinse the gloves thoroughly in clean water. Make sure that you have washed out all the soap as this could dry the leather out.

Allow the gloves to air dry and after a few hours put your hands into them to bring back the original shape and to prevent shrinkage. Finally, allow the gloves to dry completely before you store them away again.

When Will I Know That I Need To Replace My Golf Gloves?

The longevity of your golf glove will depend on how often you use them. This also means that when the gloves start to wear out, is no longer offering you with the desired grip, or they feel uncomfortable, it is time for a new pair. If you want to get the most out of the money that you spend, an average golf glove should last at least 18 rounds before you will need to replace them.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Know That Golf Gloves Fit Me Well?

The glove should feel snug and not tight on one or both of your hands. They should also not feel restrictive. The fabric should conform to your hand with no loose areas. Your hands should still be able to move freely.

Why Do The Professional Golfers Remove Their Gloves To Putt?

The reason why they take their gloves off is to achieve an improved feel of their golf club. The gloves can decrease this accurate feeling. The nerves and feeling in each finger and your hand will be further away from your grip, which reduces the feeling when wearing gloves. When putting it is important to feel your distance for the putt and this is experienced through your grip. The professionals remove their gloves to improve control over each putt.

What Is Cabretta Leather?

This is a leather that comes from a hairy sheep. It is used commonly to produce golfing gloves as it is flexible and thin. This material helps you to improve your grip. Look for the gloves made from this type of leather to achieve better control. Cabretta leather is also known for lasting longer when compared to other materials.

Do Women And Men Wear The Same Golf Gloves?

Yes, golf gloves for men are the same as golf gloves for women. The only differences will come down to the size. The men’s sizes are larger than women’s sizes. For example, a large ladies glove is about the same in size as small men’s glove. The ladies gloves usually come in more exotic designs and colors.

What Golf Glove Is Better Suited For Players With Naturally Sweaty Hands?

The leather gloves are a better option for sweaty hands as they are more breathable when compared to synthetic gloves.

What Are The Differences Between Rain Gloves And Normal Gloves?

The rain gloves feature a woven non-absorbent synthetic material and are made to withstand water. The standard synthetic and leather gloves are not designed for water exposure and can become slippery in these conditions.


If you achieve a good grip when holding your golf club, you are guaranteed of better shots. Even though there are other skills needed to ensure the best shots, the Best Golf Glove is one of the easier ones. Use our buyers guide to find the best type of golf glove for your needs.


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MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Large Regular Size)
Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, Medium, Left Hand, Prior Generation
Bionic GGNCMLL Men's StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Glove, Left Hand, Cadet Large
MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Large Regular Size)
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Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, Medium, Left Hand, Prior Generation
Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, Medium, Left Hand, Prior Generation
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Professional's Choice
Bionic GGNCMLL Men's StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Glove, Left Hand, Cadet Large
Bionic GGNCMLL Men's StableGrip with Natural Fit Golf Glove, Left Hand, Cadet Large
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Best Value
MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Large Regular Size)
MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Large Regular Size)
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