16 Best Pellet Pistols (2021): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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  • Why Buy a Pellet Pistol?
  • How Do Pellet Pistols Work?
  • What Are the Must-Have Features for a Powerful Pellet Pistol?
  • How to Use a Pellet Pistol the Right Way?
  • What Is A Position In Association With The Weapon You Are Dealing With?
  • What Is A Compressed Firearm?
  • Can You Use a Compressed Firearm for Self-Protection?

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Top 3 Picks

In a hurry? Here are the winners.

Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Revolver, Black, FFP#ad
Professional's Choice
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol, Black#ad
Best Value
Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol , Black#ad
Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Revolver, Black, FFP#ad
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol, Black#ad
Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol , Black#ad
Our Rating
Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Revolver, Black, FFP#ad
Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Revolver, Black, FFP#ad
Our Rating
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Professional's Choice
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol, Black#ad
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol, Black#ad
Our Rating
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View on Amazon
Best Value
Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol , Black#ad
Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol , Black#ad
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Best Pellet Pistols

Have you ever considered shooting rounds at targets, but you didn’t have enough time for it? Have you ever thought about working with your younger brother and teaching him how to shoot a shotgun, but you are not always able to get out to the range as often as you want. There is a solution that can solve the problem and at the same time entertain your family and you. When a pellet pistol is used, it isn’t necessary to go out to the range when you want to shoot. You can just go out to your own backyard, get some bottles and line them up and start to shoot. It is a cheap, quiet and easy alternative. It is also safer. If you are considering purchasing a pellet gun for yourself, read our pellet pistol review below along with our comprehensive buying guide prior to selecting the best pellet pistol that will meet your needs.

1. Umarex XBG 2254804 CO2 Powered .177 Caliber Steel BB Air Gun Pistol – Best Value

Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol , Black#ad
  • 19-shot, .177 caliber BB air pistol
  • Powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge (CO2 NOT included)
  • Shoots .177 caliber steel BBs at up to 410 fps
  • Integrated Picatinny accessory mounts make it easy to add optics,...
  • Lightweight and durable polymer frame with fixed front and rear sights

Many times you can be saved by shooting faster. An accurate and fabulous airgun pistol can help you protect your loved ones and yourself from an unexpected attack. That is why Umarex has developed a .177 caliber CO2 powered pistol. With this gun, you can shoot accurately from around 40 feet away. The underlying wood and bark make it one of the top BB pistols.

If you would like to have a handy gun that is a true-to-life replica, this one will be the best fit. The weight of this weapon is distributed very well so that it is comfortable to carry. However, the body is made out of plastic but it does have a solid build that looks very real.

When selecting a gun, accuracy is a major concern. Umarex has succeeded in passing the specifications. During my amateur period, with my gun, I was able to aim at a block of wood from 40 feet away. The gun’s accuracy helped me be able to shoot that point.

The Umarex XBG 2254804 comes with the CO2 cartridge that allows for 90 decent shots. At times, you can get over 150 shots per CO2 fill. However, a majority of the time around 100 shots are sufficient for completing a tour.

The best pellet pistol to use for hunting is able to load 19 magazines at once. That helps save time in shooting. Mainly in emergencies and shooting, loading the magazine can take time and result in fatal problems being created.

The rear sight and front sight of the gun are integrated with its Picatinny rail and are fixed. However, its best feature, which I was surprised by, is its shooting capacity per second. At 410, it is able to shoot double action or precisely 125 meters.

2. Crosman Vigilante CO2 Caliber .177 Pellet & BB Revolver – Editor’s Choice & Best Seller

Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Revolver, Black, FFP#ad
  • Full metal frame with single or double action - For real feel handling
  • Fueled by a 12-gram co2 cartridge - Delivers speeds up to 435 fps (CO2...
  • 10-Round .177-caliber rotary pellet clip - (Pellets not included)
  • 6-round 4.5mm rotary BB clip - (BBs not included)
  • Fixed blade front sight and adjustable rear sight - To stay on target

This is a BB and semi-automatic pellet gun. Its 6-inch rifled barrel helps to create accuracy and velocity. You can also take a flashlight or a laser on the gun’s Picatinny rail.

The Crosman Vigilante Revolver surprisingly is made with a metal frame while most others are a mixture of steel and plastic. It has a metal trigger and a metal hammer.

Most of the parts of this gun are made out of metal, but the pellet clips and BB clips are made out of plastic. However, don’t worry. There is metal inside of the clips that prevent its clips from getting broken.

The noise it makes can be scary for children. Although you shouldn’t be opening a gun in front of them, at times you might need to.

The noise level of this gun does drop down while shooting to a remarkable rate. It can be minimized but it won’t completely disappear. You will have to deal with its slight noise. Having both double and single action in the revolver helps you be able to practice also. More movement and a heavy trigger pull is required by double action but works well for firing at large figures.

Single action, by contrast, requires no movement but an excellent and smooth trigger pulls. In the single action, the hammer’s pull back works easily and quickly without any hassle.

Although accuracy will depend on the shooter’s skill, practicing can give you enough confidence for protecting yourself. This revolver is equipped with iron sights with adjustments for up and down.

It helps you with focusing on your target while you are shooting. Remember, you should hold up the lock and use it carefully during closing or opening.

3. Crosman Vigilante 357 Co2 Air Pistol Kit with Holster and 3-Pack of Magazines

Crosman Vigilante 357 Co2 Air Pistol Kit with Holster and 3-Pack of Magazines#ad
  • Holster included - $10 value
  • Extra 10-shot pellet clip, 6-shot bb clip included - $5 value
  • Caliber: 0.177, Rifled Barrel, Velocity: 435 feet per second
  • Powered by CO2, Ammo Type: Pellets & BBs
  • Single and Double action

This model is a semi-automatic 10-shot revolver style of air gun. Ut uses BBs or .177 caliber pellets. When the pellets leave the barrel, they are able to reach to 435 fps. A CO2 mechanism powers the air gun and it is 11.5 inches long.

The model is able to shoot BBs and also pellets. Therefore it comes with three 10-pellet clips and a 6-BB clip. There is also a nylon holster that can be used and attaches to your belt.

The loading mechanism is one of the best features of the gun. You don’t need to place pellets into the wheel each time you want to reload it. That has proven to be hard for individuals who have thick fingers. Instead, the pistol is opened between the front of the cylinder and the barrel and the empty circular clips are just changed with a preloaded one. Then you just close the gun and start to shoot.

Another really nice feature is the gun resembles the Colt Python. And since a CO2 can power it, it can be used like a Colt also. You can either shoot 6 BBs or 10 pellets in no time flat. Its revolver mechanism works. Each time you take a shot, it turns, and your gun is then loaded once again and ready to fire. For more accuracy, the gun comes with a rifled barrel, and in contrast to the Colt, you don’t feel any recoil when you take a shot. The dual Weaver/Picatinny rails enable you to mount various accessories on your pistols, such as a flashlight or night sight.

4. Beeman Sportsman Series Deluxe Air Pistol – Model 2004

Beeman Sportsman Series Deluxe Air Pistol - Model 2004#ad
  • Caliber: .177 Pellet; Velocity: 410 FPS; Single shot high precision
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds; Overall length: 9.5", Barrel length: 4.5"
  • Pumps: Single pump (Recoilless); Action: Single stroke pneumatic
  • Barrel: Rifled; Finish: Polymer Frame; Front Sights: Post; Rear...
  • Please refer to User Manual attached below for instructions and...

This gun is a pneumatic single-stroke pistol. It is 9.25 inches with a 4.5-inch barrel length and it weighs 1.7 pounds. The model uses .177 caliber pellets and required 25 pounds of force to pump up. That can be achieved with just one stroke. It has a fixed front sight and adjustable rear one. They can be adjusted for elevation and windage.

It is a pump model, so other power supplies are not needed. The pellet’s velocity going out of its barrel is able to reach as high as 410 fps. Superior accuracy for the pistol is provided by the rifled barrel. It has a comfortable grip when the gun is used for long periods of time, your arm still won’t tire. It is one of the most accurate of all the air pistols that are available.

The slide is made from aluminum and the frame out of polymer. That helps to ensure that the pistol is durable. It is a very accurate airgun up to 30 feet. Targets can be hit that are placed further away, but you need to account for the pellets loss in velocity and drop to make accurate shots.

This gun has nearly perfect balance. That helps you to shoot more accurately when you are making successive shots. You can hit the same spot repeatedly. One slight disadvantage is you must be careful whenever you pump. If you have to do it a number of times n a row. One slight disadvantage is you have to be careful when you are pumping. If done many times in a row, its cocking pressure might give you blisters. It’s great, other than that.

5. Daisy Powerline 415 Pistol Air Gun Kit

Daisy Powerline 415 Pistol Air Gun Kit#ad
  • 177 cal. BB Pistol with a smooth bore steel barrel
  • 21-Shot built-in BB magazine
  • 500 fps max velocity
  • CO2 powered semi-automatic
  • Kit includes shooting glasses, targets, 350 ct. BB tube and three CO2...

It is a self-loaded CO2 controlled kind of gun. For chasing it is very alluring and comes with a BB magazine that can hold up to 21 shots. One of the standout best highlights offered by this gun is that is made out of There is not another compressed air firearm on the market that can beat the esteem of Daisy’s 985415-442 Chasing Air Gun. It offers a complete bundle at its retail price. When using for target control or irrigation control, this firearm provides the best value for your money. solid bore steel barrel that has the appearance of a real firearm.

It offers an extreme speed of approximately 500 feet per second. Some of the other highlights from this Daisy 985415-442 are its 350 ct. BB tube, shooting glasses, and three Co2 chambers. It is considered to be the market’s most dominant air gun today. Various utilizations for the pellet gun are target practice and shooting rivalries.

6. Gamo 611138254 Pt-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol Clampack 611138254

Gamo 611138254 Pt-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol Clampack 611138254#ad
  • 450 FPS with PBA pellet
  • 16 pellets double magazine
  • CO2 powered
  • Blowback slide mechanism
  • Rifled steel barrel and textured plastic grip

Gamo offers various semi-automatic and cool CO2 and BB pistols. The company has maintains its superior standard of power, speed, quality, and accuracy within the shooting equipment industry.

The Gamo Pt-85 has an innovative Blowback feature offers realistic action when you are shooting. It appears authentic and utilizes the small portion of air in order to move the slid. This results in the very best accuracy.

The textured grip and rifled steel barrel of the top blowback air pistol work to produce an intense 450 feet per second (fps) velocity with Gamo’s own incomparable PBA platinum pellets. In addition to the speed, you are free of having to worry about loading and fixing bullets in the barrel.

However, you need to exercise caution when using a Gamo air gun. This top blowback CO2 pistol is only compatible with short-skirt pellets. Therefore, it is a wise decision to not use long-skirt pallets in order to avoid your safety toys from getting damaged.

7. Crosman 2240 Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Pistol (0.22)

Crosman 2240 Bolt Action .22-Caliber CO2-Powered Pellet Air Pistol, Black#ad
  • BOLT ACTION, SINGLE SHOT - With improved bolt design for easier...
  • POWERED BY A 12-GRAM CO2 CARTRIDGE - (CO2 not included)
  • . 22-CALIBER - Delivers speeds up to 460 fps
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED GRIP - Ambidextrous, fits the hand for perfect...
  • GREAT FOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT - Target practice, plinking and small pest...

This is an intense-looking, moderate weapon featuring a .22 bore. The firearm is among the very best that is currently available in the market. It is a decent gun that has fast speeds. The gun’s rate comes in at about 460 fps. Although at a long range this weapon cannot cause a lot of harm, it can absolutely do some damage on certain vermin.

The firearm is very adaptable. That implies you can use this firearm as a base for developing an even deadlier weapon. It is prescribed to use various brands of parts to keep the quality up.

This is a ground-breaking weapon and can inflict considerable harm to make it a perfect firearm for using in both target practice and bug control. It is simple to redesign the weapon without any problems since it has a wide arrange of additional accessories. This firearm can be used effortlessly by people.

The thumb rest is a bit higher than normal which can make it harder for some people to use this firearm. The back of the weapon s made out of plastic in a way that can be quite wobbly. That implies you can fairly easily with just a slight knock thump it out.

8. Crosman American Classic P1377 Multi-Pump Pneumatic Air Pistol

Crosman P1377 American Classic Multi Pump .177-Caliber Pneumatic Pellet Air Pistol, Black#ad
  • PNEUMATIC DESIGN, VARIABLE PUMP POWER - Control velocity up to 600 fps
  • SINGLE SHOT BOLT ACTION - For easier cocking and loading
  • CROSSBOLT SAFETY - To ensure proper and safe handling

Crosman Corporation since 1923, has served the country by providing firearms to the military, the police and also to civilians. The Crosman P1377 American Classic Multi-Pump Pellet Air Pistol saves the country against incidents like ones that have occurred recently.

First of all, let’s discuss the outstanding design of P1377. It has a short and crispy trigger and the grips and stock are comfortable to hold onto.

The gun has a substantial enough muzzle to hang onto the target without needing to use a boat anchor. It weighs just 30.5 ounces which means you cannot have a heavy load as you are carrying it.

When it comes to accuracy, think again. If you happen to miss your target during an emergency, you could end up losing your life. Although accuracy depends on numerous variables, you might wonder what this gun works well with in terms of each variable like sighting equipment, power, stocks, and pellet.

What else?

There is another way that the sight can be looked at. The sight of an airgun plays a critical role when it comes to accuracy. You need to have a high-quality sight in order to target practice and become a shooting master.

Although you can find hundreds of view, with each of them having distinct advantages, the most common sight of all is the iron sight, which is attached directly to the weapon.

Crosman P1377 offers a number of customizable advantages for users. Now you can add equipment onto the best airgun pistol in order to make it more convenient and more user-friendly to use.

The sight and grip can be changed. With a steel breech and brass barrel band, you can turn it into the very best air pistol to use for target shooting.

9. Umarex 2254047 Colt Peacemaker Air Gun

Umarex 2254047 Colt Peacemaker Air Gun, Silver/ Blued#ad
  • As its introduction coincided with the settlement of the "Wild" West,...
  • Colt Single Action - Blued version
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Own a Piece of History
  • Length: 10.75" ; Barrel: 5" ; Weight: 2 lbs. ; Capacity: 6-shot ;...

This air gun has been specially designed for history geeks. The Umarex Colt Peacemaker is a nearly perfect replica of the best and renowned C02 air pistol that was used to win the west. A CO2 mechanism powers this model. The CO2 battery goes into the gun’s handle and it isn’t included inside the box. A .177 caliber pellet is used by the revolver and it packs a real punch. A pellet can go through a tin can from a distance of 20 years without any issue. You also can purchase a version of the gun that can shoot steel BBs. This gun does have decent accuracy. However, the version that shoots steel BBs is more accurate compared to the one that shoots pellets.

The gun is 10.75″ in length, weighs 2 pounds and has a 5″ barrel. The whole gun is made with steel, which gives it a very authentic feel. Its pellets are loaded in real cylinders or shells. A standard Colt Action hammer fires the pistol. The manufacturer consulted with Marshals Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas to create a pellet gun that closely resembles the Peacemaker.

The gun has an excellent feel to it and features a great general aspect. However, it is still not perfect. There definitely things that should be improved, and probably they will in time. One thing that needs to be improved is the hammer. It rests away from its cylinder. It might be due to security. However, the gun’s general appearance suffers a bit because of this issue.

10. Crosman Benjamin Marauder .22 Call Air Pistol BP2220 – Professional’s Choice

Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol, Black#ad
  • PCP-POWERED . 22-CALIBER AIR PISTOL – With durable synthetic stock...
  • 12-INCH RIFLED STEEL BARREL – Choked and shrouded for noise...
  • 3000-psi COMPRESSED AIR CAPACITY – Delivers up to 700 fps
  • BOLT ACTION WITH 8-SHOT ROTARY MAGAZINE – Two-stage, drop-sear...

In terms of sturdiness and quality, it is hard to beat what Benjamin Maurader has to offer. This woods walker is a real standout among the most predominant air guns that are loaded inside of the .22-gauge pellet.

This is intended to be a marksman’s as well as a chasing apparatus. The PCP airgun throws out .22-bore pellets 700 feet away per second. The PCP airgun allows the user to pre-charge the framework in order to expand the FPS per shot and the power. It also remains reliable after each shot.

An inherent weight measure is incorporated by the Marauder to watch precisely how controlled the airgun is. It is equipped with a two-organize coordinated trigger that provides the user with a smooth and steady trigger force. Its two-arrange allows the trigger to be organized and can be directly held before it breaks. There is a commotion hosing cover on the Marauder that allows you to shoot the gun discreetly.

Finally, the Marauder is a type of secluded stage. An assortment of different updates can be prepared, including optics. Also, you can add on shoulder stock effectively to the Marauder. This helps to balance the structure out.

More Products (Our Rating: 4 Stars)

11. Daisy Unisex Powerline 415 Pistol
Daisy Powerline 415 CO2 Air BB Pistol#ad
  • 177 cal. BB Pistol with a smooth bore steel barrel
  • 21-Shot built-in BB magazine
  • 500 fps max velocity
  • CO2 powered semi-automatic
  • Blade and ramp front and fixed open rear sights
12. H&K P30 with Metal Slide Pistol (Medium)
Elite Force Umarex H&K P30 w/ Metal Slide Airsoft, Black, Medium#ad
  • Velocity (FPS): 240 / Caliber: 6mm
  • Ammo Type: Airsoft BBs / Capacity: 15
  • Extended Life Trigger System / Manual Safety
  • Spring Power / Single Action
  • Total Length: 7. 42 inches
13. Umarex 2252109 Brodax Air Pistol .177 BB
Umarex 2252109 Brodax Air Pistol .177 BB#ad
  • 10-shot, .177 caliber BB air pistol revolver
  • Powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge (CO2 NOT included)
  • Shoots .177 caliber steel BBs at up to 375 fps
  • Integrated Picatinny accessory mounts make it easy to add optics,...
  • Durable polymer frame with metal internal parts
14. Remington 89260 1911RAC CO2 BB Pistol
Remington 89260 1911RAC CO2 BB Pistol#ad
  • CO2-POWERED - Semi-auto blowback for real feel
  • DELIVERS BBs UP TO 320 FPS - Compatible with 4. 5mm steel BBs
  • SYNTHETIC CHECKERED GRIPS - For secure handling
15. Beeman P3 air pistol
Beeman P3 air Pistol#ad
  • caliber: 0.177
  • velocity: 410.00 ft/sec
  • Warranty: One year limited warranty
  • A Beeman Air Pistol
16. Umarex Colt Defender - Black .177 Airguns & Accessories

Why Buy a Pellet Pistol?

You should consider buying a pellet pistol for various reasons:

First, pellet pistols tend to be far less disruptive. If you wish to use a pellet pistol at home, but have neighbors close by, it can be a much quieter option compared to using a firearm. It is due to this reason that pellet pistols are so great for training. You can do either some target practice using the pellet pistol or use it for training children how to use guns the right way.

Pellet pistols are much cheaper, but they are still incredibly effective against pets. While you cannot use them to stop anything larger than a rabbit or squirrel, they will definitely do the job when it comes to small animals. It is also much cheaper to buy rounds for air pistols, which means that they can be used more.

Pellet pistols are also marginally safer compared to a traditional pistol. However, it is worth keeping in mind that they are still capable of causing damage. Pellet pistols are not toys and should therefore never be treated as such.

All in all, pellet pistols are an excellent alternative to firearms when it comes to training and pest control at home.

How Do Pellet Pistols Work?

Pellet pistols are of two types – The ones that use a CO2 mechanism and those that use a pump mechanism.

Pump Mechanism

The brilliance of the pump mechanism is found in its simplicity. You just place a pellet inside the gun and you are free to start pumping. Pressure accumulates inside the gun every time you pump. A leak-proof barrier is found between the pellet and pressure chamber.

The vast majority of pellet guns that us this mechanism allow you to use the pump multiple times. Some can actually withstand 10 pumps. However, after you have pumped them for 5 or 6 times, pressure builds up and starts resisting your attempts to fill the chamber further.

When you are satisfied with the pump, all you have to do is aim the gun and pull the trigger. When you pull the trigger, the leak-proof barrier is raised and all pressure is released just behind the pellet. It is the accumulated pressure that propels the pellet forward through the muzzle of the gun.

CO2 Mechanism

The CO2 mechanism works in similar fashion to the pump mechanism, but with minor differences. It uses CO2 batteries instead. The batteries contain highly pressed CO2 in them. Once the trigger is pulled, a leak-proof barrier is raised thus leading to the release of some of the pressured gas. Once the gas is released, the pellet is pushed through the muzzle.

What Are the Must-Have Features for a Powerful Pellet Pistol?

If you plan to buy the most powerful pellet pistol, look out for the features below:

Long Barrel: It is used to facilitate the gaining of the momentum the pellet enjoys once pushed from behind. It does not matter whether it is gas or pressure that pushes the pellet out of the barrel, but the length of the barrel does. A longer barrel allows the pressure or gas to exercise greater force on the pellet, which pushes it further. With a higher speed comes more power.

High Power: All air pistols have limited power capacity. It does not actually matter whether the power comes from the release of CO2 or accumulated pressure, limits will always be there. It is always advisable to go for models advertised as being powerful.

Pellet Caliber: If you would like a pellet gun that’s capable of doing extensive damage, you need to go for models that shoot larger pellets, like as the .22 variety, for instance. You can do a great deal of damage if you fire a .22 caliber pellet at a target.

Always keep in mind the features above when buying a pellet gun and ideally find one will all 3 features. The ideal pellet pistol for you would be a high-powered pistol capable of shooting large pellets through a long barrel.

How to Use a Pellet Pistol the Right Way

As a rule of thumb, it is always advisable to use a pellet pistol as though it was an actual pistol. You must never look through the muzzle of a loaded pellet pistol and you should definitely never point a loaded gun at either people or objects. Never leave the gun unsupervised especially if you have children around. You should also never shoot the gun at animals unless your local and game laws allow you to do that or you consider such animals pests.

Handgun Training: One of the best ways to train people that wish to use a handgun is by using a pellet pistol. The balance and weight of a pellet pistol are almost an exact match to those of a regular pistol. Air pistols also have accuracy that’s almost the same as regular pistols at short ranges. The great thing about training with pellet pistols is that there’s almost no recoil, which means that you never have to worry about accidents.

Pest Control: People often use air pistols to get rid of pests such as rats or mice. If you want a pellet pistol for this purpose, you don’t need the most powerful one since most models can do the job if shot from a decent range. If you plan to shoot from a greater distance, or want to ensure that it is done humanely, consider buying a powerful model that’s capable of shooting larger pellets.

Plinking: Nowadays, people are too busy to visit the range and fire some shots with friends. However, it has been demonstrated scientifically that shooting at targets can have therapeutic and relaxing properties. If you have a pellet gun with you at home all you have to do to take some shots is placing some bottles or tins in your backyard, ensure that there is nothing behind them, and start shooting. Pellet guns are silent, which means that neighbors won’t even notice your activity.

Laws You Have to Comply with When You Buy an Air Gun

Air guns are designed for playing projectiles. They are actually considered as toys or “soft arms” for game or fun. However, the laws governing air gun usage may vary for different velocity, bore, and muzzle energy. The purchase of air guns or ammunition also requires certain ages for the possession or written permission from the guardian.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clarified that people are allowed to keep and carry arms. Even if they carry firearms for their security, it won’t be infringed on the laws. However, State Laws and Federal Laws are of different opinion when it comes to carrying and keeping arms,

Federal Air Gun Laws

United States Federal Law has defined who is allowed to buy, own, possess, or carry a firearm. You can enjoy all your fundamental rights as a citizen of the United States. You can even buy or possess a gun. However, Federal Laws restrict you from gun ownership if you:

  • Renounce your United States citizenship
  • Were sentenced for domestic violence
  • Are a fugitive from justice
  • Addict to or illegally us a controlled substance
  • Are a minor
  • Are a person that lives in the United States illegally
  • Have a dishonorable discharge from the United States Armed Forces
  • Were in prison after being convicted of a punishable crime
  • Are ruled as mentally unfit by a mental institute or the court

Still, if you are fallen into any of the categories above, you can check with a local attorney to prove that you are still capable of owning an air gun.

State Air Gun Laws

Besides the Federal laws, some states also restrict the ownership, possession, carrying, purchase, or sale of guns. On the other hand, some of the states don’t have restrictions on air guns.

Laws of firearms are maintained strictly in Air guns in Michigan. It means that you cannot purchase an air or pellet gun if you don’t have a legal permit.

Air guns are defined as instruments for projectiles in California and don’t require special requirements for US citizens. However, if you are a minor, you are not allowed to sell, buy, carry, own, or keep a gun, even if it is an air pistol.

Children under 18 cannot have an air rifle or air pistol in Massachusetts. They are not allowed to carry, possess, play with, shoot, or show such guns in any public area. However, children can use them in the following instances:

  • If an adult is with them
  • If they have permission from the local chief of police
  • If they have a shooting or sporting license

Other states have their own laws for air guns and firearms. If you feel insecure before purchasing, check out the local laws.

Buying Guide

If you are interested in purchasing your first pellet gun, it becomes important to have the information you need on what you should be looking for. To start off with, consider the main reasons as to why you want to buy a pistol. Do you plan to use a pistol for plinking? Are you interested in a pellet pistol to shoot at pests such as rats and mice? Are you planning to use the pistol for target practices? Once you have established the reason you are interested in buying this type of gun, use this buyer guide along with reviews on pellet pistols that were previously mentioned. This will help you to make a decision on what type of pellet pistol matches up to your requirements.

1. Measure – The Barrel Length

There happen to be two interesting factors when it comes the extent of a pellet gun, which includes the barrel length and weight. You won’t need a gun that weighs a lot, and most of these should not weigh more than a few pounds.

The next step involves finding out about the length of the barrel. The barrel’s that are further drawn out will make the firearm more exact. When it comes to a traditional gun, the barrel length is usually forfeited in order to disguise the firearm. Yet since the air guns happen to be pointless as an individual barrier, the decision on a barrel that is shorter is not necessary.

2. Pump Or CO2

This a debate which began when the initial pellet pistols powered by CO2 were first introduced. Many people questioned why they should switch to another type of mechanism if the existing pump pellet pistols were working efficiently. However, both options work well, and each comes with its own set of pros and cons.


Today this powered mechanism has been used by a variety of manufacturers. The first thing that most people consider before buying one of these pellet pistols would be the price. This includes not only the price to purchase the pistol, but also the costs involved to maintain it. If you decide to go for one of the CO2 powered models, you need to consider that the maintenance costs will increase, and the original cost of the pistol is also usually more.

Yet there are a few advantages to this option. The more important benefit of CO2 powered models is that you can fire repetitive shots. If you happen to purchase a CO2 model that does not offer this particular feature, then you have wasted your money. You need to ensure that the model you have chosen has the abilities to shoot pellets reliably and repetitively. In addition, the more pellets the gun is able to shoot before having to recharge and change the CO2, the better. Yet what occurs when the CO2 runs out? Well, this will mean you won’t be able to shoot any more pellets. The average CO2 can will last for around 20 to 30 shots, which will depend on the model. Yet once it runs out you will have to change the can to carry on using your pistol. The CO2 cans are not pricey, but neither are they cheap. You will need to take these additional costs into account and keep in mind that you will need to transport them around with you.


This traditional pellet pistol is also still in use by a variety of manufacturers. The primary benefit of this option is that you won’t have to purchase additional accessories in order to make your pistol work. The main drawback has to do with having to manually pump the gun after each pellet that you shoot. This will mean that when you miss that first shot, you will need to pump the gun in order to fire the next shot. However, pumping these pistols is still relatively fast, but keep in mind that you will still be losing a bit of time.

3. Multiple Or Single Shot

Certain pellet pistols are designed to fire single pellets before the gun needs to be reloaded, while others come with a magazine that you can either fill or change. This will allow you to fire multiple shots before having to reload.

Single Shot

The single shot pellet pistols typically feature a pump-power mechanism. While some of the CO2 powered models also work on single shots. The main drawback to the single shot pistols is that you need to reload your gun after each pellet is fired. This typically means having to open the gun, put in the new pellet, close the gun pump it and then take your next shot. This does take up some time, and some users become bored with having to do this every time they want to shoot a pellet. Yet for others, this adds to the enjoyment of using a pellet pistol, so it basically comes down to personal preferences.

Certain shooters state that having to recharge the pistol every time with a new pellet becomes a tedious task. While others find it fun and enjoyable as they feel it gives their pistol a feeling of authenticity.

Multiple Shot

The air pistols that work on producing multiple shots are typically the CO2 powered models. However, some of the pump models are also available with magazines. The benefit of a multiple-shot pistol is the ability to pump a number of pellets into a target over a shorter timeframe, even when you need to pump the pistol after every shot. Some of the models come with 10-pellet magazines, with other that feature even bigger double magazines.

The double magazine’s store pellets in the front and the back of the magazine. Once you have finished with your first set of pellets all you need to do is flip the magazine before you can start shooting again. The one drawback about a double magazine is the time it takes to reload again.

4. The .177 Caliber Or The .22 Caliber

The majority of the air pistols use either a .177 or .22 caliber pellets. Many of the beginners that are still learning about shooting will often choose a larger caliber pistol over the smaller ones. Yet this should not always be the case. In some cases, it is not necessary to go for the largest caliber.

.177 Caliber Pellets

This is the type of pellet used in the majority of models on the market. They are also the preferred choice by many of the manufacturers as they are cheap, reliable and compact. The .177 pellets can be used to accurately shoot targets from various distances. You can use them to easily shoot targets within 20 yards. After 20 yards, they do lose a bit of velocity, which means that they begin to drop.

If you would like to achieve a long-distance and accurate shot with this pellet type, using a medium-powered pistol, the drop needs to be accounted for. This is possible by facing your gun slightly upwards from the target like you would when using a bow. This will assist in compensating for the drop. This will take a bit of practice to perfect.

.22 Caliber Pellets

These types of pellets are only used by a select number of manufacturers. These are typically used with the air rifles. The .22 pellets are obviously heavier and bigger when compared to the .177. If you had to take 2 guns that feature a similar power and you shoot with .177 pellets in the one and .22 in the other, the heavier pellets start dropping much earlier and they travel shorter distances. This pellet is mainly used for an impact that is stronger over a shorter range. For example, if you use the pellet pistol for plinking you would be able to take down most of your targets in a 20-yard radius.

5. Power

The more important features for any air gun is the power better known as the velocity of the pellet which leaves the barrel. There are other factors that contribute to the pellet’s velocity, like the barrel length, the pellets weight and the spiraling present inside it. Power should be the deciding factor.

Low-Powered Pistols

These pistols are able to shoot pellets within an area of 20 yards. If you exceed this distance, the shots will usually become inaccurate. The top velocity pellets are usually shot with this air gun type are around 370 to 390 fps. This can mean that your pellets should easily penetrate an object such as an empty can, but it probably won’t pass through the can.

Medium Powered Pistols

The majority of these air pistols in the BB guns that we reviewed are the medium-powered models. The pellets fired from these types of pistols can usually reach a top speed of 500 fps. This type of velocity will penetrate empty cans with ease and in most cases do damage to the can’s other side, and in some instances will probably even pass through.

High Powered Pistols

There are not many manufacturers that develop these pistol types, yet there are a few fantastic models if you would like one. The pellets fired from a high-powered air pistol usually reach a velocity of 600 fps. With this type of power, when using tin cans as your targets, the pellet will shoot right through while tossing the cans into the air at the same time.

If your air pistol is one of the pump models, the power will be dependent on the actual pump. Even when the gun has high-power capabilities, if the pump action is lacking the power will be lower.

6. Manufacturer Quality

Since the pellet guns are smaller, most of the manufacturers will sell them at low costs. Yet there are a few manufacturers, that produce extremely low-quality products. These include the pellet guns that look and feel shabby, while others are flimsy and fragile.

We take pride in paying attention to this issue, and we want to make sure you are not buying a gun that is going to pack up on you within a few weeks or months. The materials that are used is a good way to gauge whether the gun is worth your money, while at the same time your choice should also include how the gun feels when you are holding it.

7. Purpose

Before you buy your first air pistol, you need to determine what you plan to use it for. Are you interested in plinking? Would you like to train a friend on the correct way to use a real handgun? Do you want the air pistol for target practices?

Plinking Or Target Practice

For these activities, it is best to choose a medium to high-powered model, especially when you are aiming for accuracy. It is also advisable to choose one of the air pistols that will allow you to accurately shoot from a longer distance. The low-powered model is suitable if you are just starting out.

Pest Control

There are people that use air pistols to target pests like rats or mice. This type of pistol can work well, but it is advisable to go with a high-powered model. Even though they are pests, it is still humane to kill them as quickly as possible without allowing them to suffer. The guns that deliver a high velocity along with bigger pellets is the better choice. A 22. caliber pellet shot from a high-powered pistol will easily eliminate a rate from as far as 25 yards.

Training Pistol

The more important features to look for when using an air pistol for training is a comfortable grip and balance. The gun that is well-balanced and comfortably fits into your hand is usually more accurate. For training purposes, it is not always necessary to use a high-powered gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Is A Position In Association With The Weapon You Are Dealing With?

Answer: Position has to do with the way that you hold your weapon or gun. The general rule is that you hold your gun using one hand, while you use your other hand to support the hand that is holding the gun.

Question: What Is A Compressed Firearm?

Answer: The compressed firearms are modest weapons that are mainly used by individuals or learners that are preparing to use a gun.

Question: What Is The Reason For An Air Gun Using The Correct Degree?

Answer: The degrees can benefit a shooter when it comes to the exactness of up to 1/2 due to their precision and amplification.

Question: Why Is It Important That You Arm Is Extended When Shooting Your Gun?

Answer: The force is assimilated better when you shoot with an extended arm.

Question: What Is the Ideal Separation Of Shooting When It Comes To Fledglings?

Answer: You can shoot from as far as 5 yards when it comes to separation when preparing for your shot using an air gun. From here you can gradually increment your separation as you feel your skills start to improve.

Question: Why Is It Important To Heat Up Before Shooting Practices Or Rivalry?

Answer: Heating up often improves your exactness which will help you achieve better execution.

Question: What Is The Maximum Of The FPS For Air Guns?

Answer: The .22 gauge air gun should reach a 615 FPS or less, and confinement point for .177 is 827 FPS for the bore-compressed air firearms.

Question: Can You Use A Compressed Firearm For Self-Protection?

Answer: These guns are not really regarded as a weapon for self-preservation due to their FPS which is more fragile when compared to genuine firearms. You can use then for emulating or undermining a genuine handgun, but not for general the purpose of self-defense or protection against an attacker.

Question: Is It Legal To Own A Compressed Air Firearm In The UK?

Answer: If you reside in the UK, you have to be 18 years-of-age or older to own a compressed air-firearm, due to their Vicious Wrongdoing Decease Act of 2007.

Question: Is A Compressed Firearm Regarded As Calm?

Answer: The compressed air firearms are mostly much calmer when compared to a genuine gun as the force produced is minimal compared to a real gun. This makes them a safer choice for activities such as sport shooting and terrace diversion such as chasing away animals such as squirrels.

Question: Why Does An Air Gun Require That The Shooter Has The Correct Muscle Memory?

Answer: Shooting requires mental exactness and this involves a certain degree of training and practice. Muscle memory is executed when you have drilled sufficiently.

Question: What Type Of Breathing Is Suggested For Amid And After A Shot?

Answer: You should take a breathe before you shoot which will add more security to your overall position. You can breathe out after the shot.

Question: Is It Better To Get A .22 Bore Or A .177 Bore Air Gun?

Answer: This will depend on how you plan to use your gun. The .177 bore air gun is able to successfully impact your targets, yet they are not as powerful in comparison to the .22 gauge air gun, which has more power but is slower.

Question: Are All The Air Gun CO2 Powered?

Answer: Not all of the air guns use CO2, some utilize loop springs, pneumatic instruments, along with others.

Question: Does A Shot From An Air Gun Hurt?

Answer: Even the pellet weapons used for preparations will hurt if you get shot by one of these pellets.

Question: What Is The Appropriate Footwear To Use When Sport Shooting Using An Air Gun?

Answer: Any type of shoe that features a level sole.

Question: Why Is It Important To Wear Eye-Protection Glasses Shooting Range’s Or In A Backyard, Even When It Comes To Non-Shooters?

Answer: When considering that shots often ricochet from the BB guns, it is always best that everyone in close vicinity is wearing these glasses to protect their eyes.

Question: Why Is A Compressed Air Firearm More Intense When It Is New?

Answer: There is an oil present in these guns that makes them fire more intensely. However, this should subside after about 200 shots.

Question: What Type Of Air Gun Is Recommended For Shooting At Flying Creatures?

Answer: The .177 bore air guns are ideal due to their speed when shooting at a flying target, yet the .22 gauge air is the better choice if you have plans to land your targets.

Question: Are The Air Guns Lawful In The U.S?

Answer: Some of the states in The US do not have any laws in place when it comes to compressed air firearms. However, there are restrictions and laws in place in other states such as Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, California, along with others.

Final Thoughts

Owning your own pellet pistol is associated with a variety of advantages. You can use these weapons to improve your target practice, or teaching someone else the correct way to shoot, or even to keep your pest issues under control. Yet perhaps the best benefit linked to a pellet pistol is the fun and entertainment that they provide. Regardless of whether you decide on buying one of the single-shots, the multiple-shots or even a revolver each time you hit a target it offers a sense of achievement and gratification.

If you would like to find out more about owning a pellet pistol, feel free to read over our buying guide and reviews to ensure you choose the right pellet pistol that matches up to your skill levels and requirements. The main objective is to choose a product that you can have fun with.


Best Pellet Pistols ( Top 3 Picks )

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Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol, Black#ad
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Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol , Black#ad
Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Revolver, Black, FFP#ad
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol, Black#ad
Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol , Black#ad
Our Rating
Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Revolver, Black, FFP#ad
Crosman CCP8B2 Vigilante CO2 .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Revolver, Black, FFP#ad
Our Rating
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Professional's Choice
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol, Black#ad
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol, Black#ad
Our Rating
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Best Value
Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol , Black#ad
Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol , Black#ad
Our Rating
Read Full Review
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    After doing lots and lots of research and my own experiences, I’ve come to the same conclusions as the author, so it’s good to know I’m thinking about it correctly.

    I am going to look into (meaning buy most likely !) the #3 and #5 guns. I like those features. I have about four pistols and three rifles now, so I can tell you prepare to speand a lot of money, because this is addictive !!!


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