25 Best Skateboard Trucks (2021): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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I will also answer some common questions.

  • How to Maintain Your Skateboard Trucks?
  • How Do You Get the Best Truck and Deck Experience?
  • Are Slant Trucks Better If I Want to Perform Tricks?
  • Are Riser Pads Necessarily Needed?
  • How to Prevent My Skating Trucks from Rusting?

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Top 3 Picks

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Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Gullwing Sidewinder II 185mm Hi Silver / Orange / Blue Longboard Trucks - 10" Axle (Set of 2)#ad
Best Value
Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black#ad
Gullwing Sidewinder II 185mm Hi Silver / Orange / Blue Longboard Trucks - 10" Axle (Set of 2)#ad
Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black#ad
Our Rating
Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Gullwing Sidewinder II 185mm Hi Silver / Orange / Blue Longboard Trucks - 10" Axle (Set of 2)#ad
Gullwing Sidewinder II 185mm Hi Silver / Orange / Blue Longboard Trucks - 10" Axle (Set of 2)#ad
Our Rating
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Best Value
Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black#ad
Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black#ad
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Best Skateboard Trucks

Buying a skateboard that is ready-made online or from a store is often convenient. However, customizing your board comes with its own set of advantages, in the way of choosing the deck that you want, what size wheels you prefer, along with the trucks which match up to how you ride. This may feel intimidating for a beginner to figure these parts out and the correct way to assemble them. Yet once you sort out these basics, you are well on your way to building a personalized board and you will also know how to replace any faulty components. Here is our comprehensive guide on the top-rated skateboard trucks.

1. Gullwing Sidewinder II 185mm Hi Silver / Orange / Blue Longboard Trucks – 10″ Axle (Set of 2) – Editor’s Choice & Best Seller

These skateboard or longboard trucks feature a well-built construction and quality materials which release the ideal stability and adjustment. Whether its sidewalk turns, a 180 over a parking slot, on flat ground or minor hills, this accessory makes everything perfect.

These trucks provide great stability at high speeds, which means your board will respond smoothly and accurately whenever you engage in light or sharp turns.

Yet the most impressive feature would be a unique double-kingpin setup that provides a way for these trucks to navigate and steer a lot further when compared to standard designs. This allows you to generate more momentum through turning or pumping.

  • You can steer a lot further when compared to other trucks
  • Good looking
  • Well-built
  • Ride smoothly
  • Easy adjustment
  • Outstanding stability
  • Only suitable for freestyle decks
  • You need to raise your wheelbase by about 4”

2. Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2, Blk/Blk)

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2, Blk/Blk)#ad
  • CARVING PERFECTION — The Paris V2 180mm 50° longboard trucks offer...
  • STRONG & DURABLE — Built to last, Paris V2 trucks are produced using...
  • ULTIMATE RESPONSE — For the best response and rebound, Paris V2...
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING — 6-hole baseplate is compatible with both...
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE — Paris’ superior manufacturing processes...

The baseplate of 50° provides the best support and stability, regardless of what type of terrain you skate over. These trucks feature reverse geometry along with 180mm width and they are made form a 90a premium-bushing durometer.

It is also one of the top sellers for longboard trucks along with improved durability and features. This bushing seat will work perfectly for skaters that enjoy a surfy and carvy feeling setup. The design is close to perfection and they also look really stylish when you are riding.

  • 180mm width provides better support
  • Cone/barrel bushing shape that has a durometer of 90a
  • Reverse geometry making it simple to install
  • Several color options to choose from
  • Feels slightly squeaky when you are carving

3. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set w/ 71mm Wheels + 9.675″ Polished/Black Trucks Package

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set 71mm Wheels + 7"/180mm Heavy Duty Aluminum Black Trucks,...#ad
  • Wheels: (4x) Speed Cruiser 71 Wheels, 78A Hardness
  • Trucks: (2x) Polished/ Black 7" or 180mm HD7 Reverse Kingpin Heavy...
  • Bearings: (8x) Ritalin Abec-9 Bearings come pre-lubed with synthetic...
  • Hardware: (8x) Heavy Duty 1.25" Hardware. Bolts and Nuts come with...
  • Risers: (2x) Prevent wheel bite by increasing the distance between the...

The Yocaher Skateboard Trucks is a comprehensive set of industrial trucks for skateboards.

These cruiser trucks fit best on a 70 x 52mm with skateboarding wheels of a 78A-hardness that provide maximum maneuverability.

These trucks also come with Ritalin-Abec chrome bearings which are pre-lubricated using a premium synthetic oil which means they will never rust.

This provides an extremely smooth fitting without having to worry about your skateboard sticking. Moreover, these trucks feature a super-black coating that maximizes performance and helps to prevent corrosion.

These trucks are made from a heavy-duty, highly durable 1.25” metallic-alloy hardware which means you will enjoy extended use. In addition, these trucks come with full sets of fixing nuts and bolts which means you won’t need to buy these separately.

The 9.675” axle and 175mm hanger, ensures a very stable riding-height along with excellent chop when you are cruising on these industrial trucks for skateboards. The 2 risers stop wheel bite as they work on increasing the overall distance between the main deck and the wheels of the skateboard.

When you invest in these trucks you will lower the overall strain to your board in the way stopping the trucks from contacting the main-deck.

  • Fits 70 x 52mm with wheel hardness of 78A the best
  • Pre-lubed with a premium synthetic oil
  • Ritalin-Abec 7 Chrome Bearings
  • 9.675” axle and 175mm hanger
  • 2 risers help to avoid wheel bite
  • Heavy-duty and durable 1.25” metallic alloy
  • The logo “Yocaher” comes off easily when scrubbed

4. Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks – Set of 2 – Runner Up

No products found.

These are highly durable and well-known as one of the top-rated high-performance levels for all forms of skateboarding disciplines. The universal design has been amped up with an innovative 55mm height baseplate which it comes with in order to hanger.

Due to this design, it will offer you with high-end stability and superior turn when you use these premium skateboard trucks. Moreover, you are also offered with outstanding grind clearance along with the awesome “no hang-up yoke”.

Due to the hollow body-hanger on these skate trucks, you can experience a very light weight when you take your best chops. This product also features a 6-hole base-plate which means they can be used on any type of deck while you set up the wheel-base distances at the most appropriate place.

When you install them on an 8.25/8.125” skateboard, these top-rated skate trucks are really epic with any design or name. The bearings and wheels do not come included, which means you will need to fork out a bit more money to complete the set.

  • Extremely durable
  • Best grind clearance
  • Iconic skateboarding brand
  • Innovative 55mm height base-plate
  • High-end stability Hollow body hanger
  • They can be used on all types of decks
  • An iconic brand in the world of skateboarding
  • You need to buy the bearings and wheels separately

5. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks – Set of Two (Acid Melon, w/Bones Reds Bearings)

Not many of the trucks on the market come in such style and colors like the Cal II Trucks do. This product is sold in pairs which come with the hardware that you need to set up your longboard or skateboard.

These industrial skateboard/longboard trucks are among the best on the market and feature highly curvy designs which add the ideal all-around touch.

Moreover, these trucks are extra-classical and extremely stable. They can also be configured in a number of different ways when you are focused on achieving a perfect and smooth feel.

In comparison to the sister model which is the Caliber 1, this truck set is 40% stronger and features some of the latest techniques which quickly amp up its overall performance.

They also come with a no-slip bushing seat which eliminates excess movement while making sure your overall weight is distributed as evenly as possible.

The more than decent bushings-stocks accumulate for an outstanding downhill cruise along with highly stylish rides. These trucks are very tight which helps to prevent wheel-bite while maximizing performance using very little effort.

  • 40% stronger
  • Curvy design
  • Comes with enough hardware in order to set-up 1 full skateboard
  • Prevents wheel-bite
  • Outstanding downhill cruise
  • No-slip bushing seat
  • These trucks are more suitable for longboarding

6. BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)

BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Black, Set of 2)#ad
  • Specialized Casting Formula - The most reliable aluminum alloy on the...
  • Widened rear baseplate legs - Added thickness to eliminate any...
  • Effective bushing Seat - Fully-wrapped leaning system with bushing...

This product is highly recommended for beginners due to the fact that it offers different options at an affordable price. Furthermore, its construction and material used is not bad but not fantastic. It comes with a 52-degree angle that helps people better themselves in carving or pumping action. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that you can enjoy freestyle longboarding either on bomb hills or roads like a pro.

I highly recommend the BEAR Grizzly Longboard Skateboard Trucks over Paris Trucks if you are looking for more curving and pumping. However, you want Trucks just for cruising or general all-round skating; then Bear Grizzly is not best for you.

  • Affordable
  • Stable
  • High-quality material for the price
  • Smooth riding
  • Comes in various color options
  • Good for freestyle and downhills longboarding
  • Better performance in carving or pumping action
  • The Paint looks fragile
  • Restrictive wheel bite action or bushing seat

7. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks – Best Value

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black#ad
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 1 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 1 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 1 Inches

Just like the BEAR Grizzly, this model is also very affordable and available in different colors. People have the tendency of comparing price to quality, but this does not always apply to all products. In other words, one may think that this product is of poor quality due to its low price, but this is not the case. As a matter of facts, the Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks are not only of high quality but offer excellence in terms of performance and construction.

This product comes with a 5-inch hanger, which makes it perfect for decks sizing from 5.25 inch to 8.1 inches. This means that it is ideal for penny boards. Due to this feature, it can be used by kids. Other features include durability, stability, and tough. These are the features all beginners need. Remember, it offers all these features at a very affordable price range.

  • Very affordable
  • Consistent flex
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Balances very well
  • The best option for beginners or young skaters
  • Fast shipping
  • Hard to twist the trucks down
  • There isn’t any bushing type specification. This makes choosing the right one confusing.

8. VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Skateboard Wheels 52mm, Skateboard Bearings, Skateboard Pads, Skateboard Hardware 1″

VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks (Black), Skateboard Wheels 52mm, Skateboard Bearings, Skateboard Pads, Skateboard...#ad
  • SKATEBOARD PARTS SET: It includes skateboard trucks 5.0, skateboard...
  • MID-SIZED SKATEBOARD TRUCKS, This is 5inch hanger 7.6inch Axle...
  • A GOOD ALL-PURPOSE SKATEBOARD WHEEL, Our wheel 52mm, 53mm and 54mm is...
  • 608 STANDARD ABEC 7 SKATEBORD BEARINGS, This skateboard bearings is...
  • SUITABLE FOR 7.5-8" SKATEBOARD DECK, This skateboard set fits all...

The VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks is an option for those looking for a high-quality product at an affordable price. Actually, the 5.0 is a generic skateboard part from VJ Skateshop. With this product, you should expect a standard truck with a 5-inch hanger and with a 7.6-inch axle to axle width. This makes it perfect for 7.5 to 8-inch decks, which makes them a fit for almost any type of board; may it be old school, cruisers, or shortboards.

They come with 52 mm wheels and riser pads, which prevent wheel bite. However, on the other hand, they are a bit heavy with 2.4 lbs but compensate the weight with strength and durability. The wheels offer a 99A durometer rating, meaning they are hard. The bearings are ABEC 7 standard, which works well with all skateboard wheels. The set also comes with 1-inch skateboard screws.

The VJs are great products considering the price. That is because it also comes with a full set of accessories, which makes them convenient. Although they do not hold up well to grinding, they are perfect for regular use.

  • All accessories included
  • Standard truck size, making them suitable for a majority of the decks
  • Durable
  • They are heavy
  • Does not hold up well to grinding

9. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw STAGE 11 7.75 in PAIR (2 trucks)

INDEPENDENT is a company that has been around ever since 1978 when it released its first-ever model; Stage 1 Trucks. The company is still going strong, and they have become one of the most popular and well-known truck manufacturers to date. Their quality is still visible with the Stage 11 Trucks. The company still manufacture their products in the U.S. despite the rumors.

The Stage 11 model comes with improved and tighter turning geometry. This means that they are very stable compared to its predecessor the Stage 10 Trucks. The 11s come with a 90A durometer rating bushings, which means they are only medium-hard. If you own an 8-inch-wide board, then you should go for the 139 mm stage 11 model. For those with smaller boards, they should go for the 129 mm, while those with 8.5-inch boards should consider the 149 mm.

There is a reason INDEPENDENT are widespread, and that is because of quality. If you do a research today, you will find many riders and different kinds of skaters riding INDEPENDENT Trucks.

  • Unforgettable and singular grind
  • Stage 11 is an upgrade of the previous Stage 10 truck design
  • A product from a reputable first-class company
  • They are made in the U.S.
  • Not for everyone because it comes with standard, medium durometer rated brushing


Havok Skateboard Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Grip, Hardware Truck Package (Silver, 5.0 (7.63"))#ad
  • Should your trucks cost more than your deck? Havoc offers skaters of...
  • Havoc Trucks are made from an aluminum alloy which makes for a strong...
  • Havoc Trucks are a great fit for most deck sizes and fit the common...
  • 52mm 99A are the perfect wheels for both street and park skating
  • Includes everything you need to build your deck! 1 Sheet of Griptape,...

Havok is a well-known and top-rated brand, and that is why in our review, we have included some of Havok models for both Longboard and Skateboard Trucks. That is because they are not only high-quality but quite durable. Many people agree that they can withstand everything that comes with skateboarding, even climatic elements such as rain.

That is because these trucks are made from aluminum alloy, which is not only strong but rust-free and lightweight. Because they are common-sized, they fit on almost all decks. However, the perfect wheel size for the trucks are 99A, 52 mm wheels. The wheels are amazing and come with a grippy touch, which helps prevent any form of skidding. Because they do also come with fast bearings, you can enjoy 180 slides.

Because I enjoy skateboarding, I have tested these trucks, and honestly, I have carried out some spin tests on them, and they respond very well. Its screws and bolts hold up very well. With just a single pack, it will be enough to build a full deck since they come with a 1 Sheet of Griptape, 1 inch Phillips Hardware, 8 Economy Bearings, 2 Havoc Trucks, and 4 – 52 mm Black Wheels.

  • A grippy wheel on touch
  • Durable
  • Very light
  • Can handle skateboarding torture
  • Works well with many skateboard decks
  • The screws and bolts hold up very well
  • If poorly installed, the bearings will not roll well

11. Thunder Polish Hi 147 High Performance Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)

Thunder Polish Hi 147 High Performance Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)#ad
  • Exclusive quick response geometry
  • Light & strong design
  • Turns quicker and reacts faster than the others
  • Guaranteed against all defects

The Thunder Polish Performance 147 Skateboard Truck is one of the best skateboarding trucks which will really surprise you once you find out about all its features. These shiny and beautiful skateboard trucks will allow you to conduct all those turns and twists. This is also one of the preferred skateboard trucks when it comes to the cruisers that love doing street styles along with other awesome tricks on their favorite skateboards. The Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks are offered with an impressive guarantee against different types of defects which gives you peace-of-mind when it comes to the overall durability of these lightweight trucks for skateboards.

  • Fast response geometry
  • Beautiful and shiny polish
  • Stong design
  • Lightweight skateboard trucks
  • Allows for faster turns
  • Guarantee against all types of defects
  • Reacts quicker than many of the others
  • No cons regarded as considerable have been found or discovered yet

12. Caliber Truck Co. 10-Inch Skateboard Truck (Set of 2), Acid Melon, 44-Degree

Caliber Truck Co. 10-Inch Skateboard Truck (Set of 2), Acid Melon, 44-Degree#ad
  • 44-degree contained baseplate,
  • This Caliber truck features a 10" axle
  • Blood Orange Bushings 89A DOUBLE barrels
  • Grade 8 steel kingpin

Another set of fantastic skateboard trucks made for downhills, as an alternative to the BEAR Grizzly, mentioned above. These trucks are far lower when it comes to degrees (only 44) in order to deliver much faster speeds while maintaining outstanding stability and balance while you are riding.

When it comes to such an attractive price-point, the quality of the bushings is highly impressive. These trucks can handle light slopes and flat surfaces very well. Yet if you already struggle on steeper hills, we suggest getting a few Riptide models for faster speed and better performance.

Note: Make sure you tighten your trucks very well before you go riding to prevent any speed wobbles.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Affordable
  • You won’t experience even a hint of a speed wobble
  • They release great stability and high speeds
  • Ideal for riding downhills
  • Great looking
  • The bushings are an excellent quality considering the price
  • Make great turns for freeriding
  • Slow trucks will result in wheel-bite problems when you carve hard

13. Speed 5″ Turbo Trucks Set w/Screws

5" Speed Trucks Set w/ Screws (Gold)#ad
  • 5' Hanger/7.63" Axle Length
  • Good for 7.5", 7.63", and 7.75" Decks
  • Set of 2 Mid Profile Trucks
  • Metal Alloy Finish
  • Set of 1" Phillips Screws

The Turbo 5” Speed Trucks are highly durable and come with an impressive metal-alloy finish which makes it an excellent choice for any of the skateboarding enthusiasts. This product features a 5’ hanger along with 7.63” axle length. These are perfect for the skateboard decks that measure 7.75”, 7.63”, and 7.5”. This set comes with Mid-level profile trucks, along with one set of 1” Phillips Screws so that you can attach these trucks onto your board. This set does not come with a manual, yet you should find that the installation process is very easy.

  • Made from metal allow which makes these trucks robust and durable
  • Supplied with top-quality Philips Screws to attach your trucks securely to your deck
  • Comes with a one set of 2 mid-level trucks
  • The bushing might be of great quality, yet you may experience slight wheel-bite when you are riding

14. Cal 7 Combo with 139mm Trucks, Wheels, Bearings

Cal 7 Skateboard Package | Complete Combo Set with 139 Millimeter / 5.25 Inch Aluminum Trucks, 52mm 99A Wheels...#ad
  • SOLID SPECS — 139 millimeter (5.25 inch) trucks, 52 x 31mm 99A PU...
  • ABSORBS SHOCK — 3mm riser pads prevent wheel bite and vibrations...
  • DURABLE TRUCKS — Lightweight aluminum holds its strength and...
  • JUST ADD WOOD — All you need is a deck and you're ready to go!
  • RAD COLOR OPTIONS — Tons of transparent and opaque color sets for...

This set is available in either 5.25-inch or 5-inch trucks, with the 5-inch matching up to the 7.5 to 8-inch decks. The 5.25-inch set fits the boards of between 8 to 8.5-inches. Both these sets come with 52 X 31mm 99A PU wheels. These trucks also come in just about every color you can think of to match up to your own style. You have a choice of silver or black trucks that you can match with bright colors which will help the setup to pop. You can choose from colors such as neon yellow, orange, red, pink, green or dark blue. The baseplate of these trucks is standard in size and should be able to fit all types of decks.

Featuring a solid and durable aluminum build, the Cal 7 Trucks can withstand a decent amount of abuse. This set comes with 3mm riser pads which help to stop vibrations over rough surfaces or wheel bite, yet these trucks are better suited to skate parks rather than streets, as an uneven surface can cause your set-up to become wobbly or unstable. When considering the inexpensive price, the overall hardware is decent and they function as can be expected, with standard bushings that are not too soft or too hard. The 99A PU wheels are the best starting point for beginners, and the ABEC 7 bearings are easy to switch out when needed.

If you are only using the Cal 7 for bowls or skateparks, they will deliver great performance over concrete surfaces that are smooth. They also turn well and provide ample stability and control. The riders that are more advanced may need to replace the bearings and wheels since they feature a high level of rolling resistance and grip. It is not easy to get your wheels spinning freely over rough and uneven surfaces like pavements or streets, which makes them a poor choice for carving and cruising, as you will be forced to push your skateboard constantly.

  • Loads of color options
  • Great for beginners
  • Comes with riser pads that help to stop wheel bite
  • Supplied with hardware
  • Works very well over smooth surfaces
  • Not ideal for use on uneven surfaces like streets and pavements
  • The wheels have increased rolling resistance

15. Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks w/52mm Wheels Combo Set

Owlsome 5.0 Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks w/ 52mm Wheels Combo Set (Black)#ad
  • Owlsome Aluminum Trucks, 5.0 Hanger, 7.75" Axle
  • Aluminum Alloy, Carson Steel Axle, 95a Black Bushing
  • Owlsome Precision ABEC 7 Bearings
  • 52mm x 31mm 99a Skateboard Wheels
  • Come with 1/8" Black Riser Pads and 1.0" Hardware

Owlsome are trucks made from aluminum that are available in a selection of premium colors. It is easy to find just the right color to match up to your board.

The Carson steel axle comes with a 95a black-bushing which provides these trucks with strength along with an attractive finishing touch. This set also makes use of Owlsome’s precision and exclusive ABEC 7 bearings which are supplied with the trucks.

Overall these are pretty good skateboard trucks which will provide your board with added balance and strength.

  • The Carson steel axle that comes with a black bushing
  • Lightweight trucks made from aluminum
  • Ideal for 52mm X 31mm 99A skateboard wheels
  • It is supplied with 2 silver screws and 6 black screws which looks strange once screwed in

More Products (Our Rating: 4 Stars)

16. Independent Silver 139mm Trucks 8.0
17. Owlsome 5.25 Polished Aluminum Skateboard Trucks w/52mm Wheels Combo Set
Owlsome 5.25 Polished Aluminum Skateboard Trucks w/ 52mm Wheels Combo Set (Rasta)#ad
  • Owlsome Aluminum Trucks, 5.25 Hanger, 8.0" Axle
  • Aluminum Alloy, Carson Steel Axle, 95a Black Bushing
  • Owlsome Precision ABEC 7 Bearings
  • 52mm x 31mm 99a Skateboard Wheels
  • Come with 1/8" Black Riser Pads and 1.0" Hardware
19. Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks - 5.25
20. Independent Stage 11 Skateboard trucks - Set of 2 (144(8.25))
21. Krux 5.0 Tall Truck
Krux 5.0 Tall Truck, Silver#ad
  • 8.5 Inch Axle; Perfect for decks from 8.3 to 9 Inch wide
  • Best stock cushions in skateboarding; Awesome turn and the smoothest...
23. Mini-Logo Skateboards 7.6-Inch Trucks (Set of 2), Raw
Mini-Logo Skateboards 7.6-Inch Trucks (Set of 2), Raw#ad
  • high-performance trucks combine strength, stability and smooth turning...
  • TURN and GRIND smoothly right out of the package! Precision, 8mm axles...
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects.Developed at Skate...
24. Venture 5.0 Lo Polished Skateboard Truck (Silver, Set of 2)
Venture 5.0 Lo Polished Skateboard Truck (Silver, Set of 2)#ad
  • #1 Selling Truck in the World
  • 100% Factory Guaranteed
  • Made in USA
  • Always on the Grind
25. Turbo 5.0 (7.75 Axle) Pro Skateboard Trucks Set of 2
Turbo 5.0 (7.75" Axle) Pro Skateboard Trucks Set of 2 (White)#ad
  • .Proven lightning quick response, lightweight design & unmatched...
  • Custom Turbo detailing.
  • Axle is 7.75"
  • Trucks Sold in Set of 2

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing skateboard trucks, you’ll see that they come in a wide range of types and sizes. Each model may have an effect on the stability, as well as the range of tricks that you can do with those. It is important that you choose the right board trucks to prevent wheel bite. Wheel bite is the term often used when your board’s wheels rub against your board and inhibit you to make a turn or do your trick. These trucks can be loosened or tightened, depending on the tricks that you usually perform as well as the kind of board that you have. When it comes to easy turning, you may opt for softer types of the bushing. On the other hand, hard bushings are preferred for still turns. All of these adjustments and settings greatly vary depending on your riding style.

Features of Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks are made up of these components:


If you’re a skateboarder, you need to make sure that you’re familiar with the parts, especially the things that you need to watch out for. In the event that your board goes down and bumps the sidereal hard, there’s a possibility that the board’s axles will slide. As a result, this will leave one of those wheels far from the trucks, and the other side too close. You may find some companies that make non-slip axles so you don’t have to worry about impacts just in case your board gets knocked out of place.


If you look at your board closely, this is the aluminum alloy grind area that’s shaped like a T – they’re usually found in your trucks. This is the one that interlocks with your board’s trucks and bushing and the part that is in direct contact with most curbs and rails, which is why it is important that the hangers are sturdy. In general, they weigh approximately 10 – 13oz, but you can find some skateboard companies selling lightweight hangers but at a higher price. Aside from checking the hanger’s weight, you should also take into consideration the axles’ width. This is because the wheels and trucks must be aligned perfectly according to your deck’s outline. It depends on the rider’s preference – some like it wider, some prefer a narrower stance, but it’s usually 1/4 of an inch of the deck’s edge. For those skaters who are on the heavier side, they will most likely prefer wider decks, thus, it is best that they go for trucks that are wider as well. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference.


The kingpin is facing the ground and this is interlocked with the hanger. Since your hanger will be the one in direct contact with railings when you’re performing various tricks, some skaters prefer that their kingpin is located where the rest of the hanger is. This is called the “high” kingpin truck. The “low” kingpin truck, on the other hand, is situated deeper into the hanger’s position. Take note that there must be a gap in between the trucks and the surface area. For those who are busting ollies and kickflips, lower trucks are idea and preferred by technical skaters.


This is the one responsible for allowing your board to turn and pivot smoothly. They are the soft rings that are perfectly fitted around the kingpin. No matter what type of board you’re using, you need to ensure that you have the best skateboard trucks. If you’re using a vintage board or one of the older versions, you may find that your board won’t fit the majority of trucks that are being sold in the market.

As mentioned earlier, bushings play a significant role with regard to the way that your board pivots and turns, since this is the part that provides support in all of the four different pieces of your skateboard truck. For each board, there are 4 bushings – 2 each truck and they usually come in various degrees in terms of hardness. If you’re looking for more resistance, harder bushings are ideal. This is perfect for technical riders as well as those who are on the heavier side as this ensures that you won’t have to experience having a wobbly board while skating. On the other hand, if you’re the type of skater who needs a more responsive board especially when you’re turning most often, you’d want to choose softer bushings.


Aside from the basic components we’ve discussed above, we also have what we call the risers. As the name itself denotes, these are used to keep your skateboard higher from the ground, and at the same time, doubles as a shock absorber. This part is the one responsible for eliminating vibration whenever you’re skating.

Can be made with rubber or hard plastic material, they are rectangular in shape. How thick the risers are will determine how effective they are when it comes to absorbing impacts. This means that the thicker the risers are, the better!

Each riser comes with size holes – and would perfectly fit whether you have a long or small board. This way, you can easily secure the risers in between your main deck and your board’s baseplate.

A quick tip: When you’re looking for screws, always go for those that are one inch longer than the risers you’re going to use. For example, if your risers are 1/4″ thick, then your screws should be 1 1/4″.

While these may be helpful for some riders, risers are optional and may also depend on the size of your wheels. If your board’s wheels are 56mm or larger, then risers are needed for that clearance whenever you’re making sharp turns.

Additionally, when you’re skating with a longboard or if you’re using larger wheels, there’s a chance that you’ll experience wheel bite, especially when doing sharp turns. Installing risers will minimize those wheel bites and absorb the impact for a smoother ride.

While risers may not completely eliminate, they definitely help in reducing the vibrations.

These days, newer skateboards now come in various sizes, and not all of them may require risers.


You may optionally choose trucks with some special materials. While this may be a bit more expensive, expect them to be of better quality. For example, you can go for trucks made with titanium allow for its lightweight characteristics and for longer life.

Also, if you purchase a truck that is made of magnesium, expect that it’s going to be a quarter lighter as compared to other boards in the market with other materials.

When it comes to kingpin, you would want to choose one that is made of aluminum because it is more durable and lightweight at the same time. However, make sure that you don’t get hallow kingpin because they’re known for its bad quality.

Lastly, you would want to make sure that you check the truck’s warranty, just in case, there are defects that you haven’t noticed upon purchase.

Skateboard Trucks Size

Your truck’s size depends on how wide your axle is or your hanger. This determines the distance that separates the adjacent wheels. As mentioned earlier, the width also has an effect on your skateboard’s performance. There’s no one size fits all – your riding style may require a different truck size versus your friend’s riding style. Usually, the width of your deck and the truck’s axle is the same to ensure stability. Different axle widths are available depending on your deck’s size:

Again, to enjoy your skateboarding experience, make sure that you choose an axle size that’s appropriate for your riding style.

Skateboard Truck Profile

Your truck profile is defined as the distance that’s between your truck’s hanger and the bottom of your skate deck. Mid-sized trucks are usually preferred by skateboarders. As mentioned earlier, you can modify your trucks, whether high or low, depending on your skateboarding style.

  • Low: For small wheels, low trucks are ideal for that added stability especially when you’re performing moves and tricks like flip tricks. For flat trucks, you can get a 50 – 53mm-sized wheels for that perfect combination.
  • Mid: On the other hand, mid-level trucks work best for street skateboarding. The usual size for midsized trucks is between 53 – 56mm wheels.
  • High: Larger wheels work best for trucks with a high profile – as these are the ones responsible for assisting you while you’re cruising and carving the streets. High profile is also suitable for cruisers and longboards. For high trucks wheels, 56mm and larger are best to be used.


In skateboarding, you’ll probably be looking for something lightweight, thus, the weight of the board plays a crucial role. When shopping for your board, make sure that you check the product description and look for features that would talk about its weight. Our recommendation is that you get a skateboard that’s around 1.4lbs.

For us, the lighter the trucks are, the smoother your ride will be. With that in mind, expect to have smoother and more memorable riding experience.

Perfect Fit

While not all trucks may fit different types of skateboards, you’d want to take into consideration getting one that has a standardized design that will let you fit your truck in different skateboards, and most probably longboards if you’re also using one.


Your truck’s color also has an impact in terms of your board’s design. You may want to choose a color that matches your board’s deck, as well as the color that will talk a lot about your personality and even your skateboarding style. 


If you have purchased a truck that is perfectly suited for your riding style, then you have nothing else to worry about! Remember, when you’re out there looking for a truck use your hanger and axle as main determinants in order to find the right truck for your needs.

In general, axles that are 10 inches wide are perfect for most riding styles. Controlling the board is simpler, the height is great and you can easily turn as well.

Design Tech

Check the manufacturer’s design tech – let’s take the Skateboard Reverse Kingpin Trucks as an example. These trucks will allow you to have a smooth ride and also provides stability as you slide, maneuver or perform other tricks whenever you hit the skateboard park.


While trucks are made of metallic or aluminum alloy, they usually determine how strong your trucks are. However, bear in mind that the bolts and screws that you’ll use along with the trucks play an essential role and that you use long and strong ones to get the best hold.

Riding Style

We’ve been talking about riding style a lot earlier, and we’d like to reiterate that you choose trucks that will support the way you ride. Whether you’re into cruising, downhill riding, sliding, chopping or commuting, it’s easier to perform all of these with the right trucks. While it’s true that most trucks can be used regardless of your riding style, but it makes a huge difference if you pay close attention to it.


How much are you willing to spend on your new set of trucks. Make sure that you have a set budget before you start looking for which one to buy next.

In the event that you’re looking for best sales and bargains, you can look and scour the internet for online shops as most of them have discounted prices, warranties and exclusive offers so you could meet your budget.

Top-Rated Skateboard Truck Brands

We have compiled a list of today’s top-rated brands for skateboard trucks. Trucks can become an expensive purchase while choosing the right set can be confusing. Yet if you buy any of the trucks mentioned on this list, each brand is well-known, trusted, and reliable. There are lots of other brands that also sell great quality trucks, yet the brands listed here have one or more features that make them stand out. The list below is not in a specific order.

Fury Trucks

The Fury skateboarding trucks happen to be stronger and heavier than most. Yet many skateboarders are known for trying to lower the overall weight as much as possible. Yet, Fury comes with other attractive features you might be interested in. The Fury trucks are also wider than many of the other brands and come with mini risers (similar to the Phantom trucks) and the specialized Fury bushings. In addition to this, the Fury trucks come with a ballpoint-turning design that is unique, which means the hanger will have a ball-joint which sits inside the socket in these base plates.

Grind King Trucks

The Grind King skateboard trucks happen to be the top-rated trucks when it comes to grinding. The hangar of the trucks is made using aluminum which makes them weaker and softer, yet far better when it comes to grinding. You will need to replace your trucks on a more frequent basis when you grind, yet your overall grinds are going to be better and smoother. Grind King trucks don’t use special hex-head kingpins, which means you will need to use a specialized tool in order to adjust them.

Tensor Trucks

These are skateboard trucks that have been highly engineered. The Tensor trucks which are similar to the Cadillac of the trucks are backed by the brilliance and skills of skateboard engineer and legend Rodney Mullen. The Tensor trucks are available in both low and standard designs and should operate well in just about any type of skateboarding situation. This is one of those well-built, all-around skateboarding trucks.

Independent Trucks

The brand Independent has been in the business of producing trucks for skateboards for more than 25 years. The Stage 9 truck series from Independent is lightweight, durable, and well-made. “Fast Action Independent Geometry” means that the trucks are able to react faster to any motions that you make when compared to most other trucks. Independent Trucks are often wider, yet there are sizes available in every category. These trucks also come with a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects, yet they are made to last forever.

Navigator Trucks

This is one of the newer truck companies which is a bit harder to find (the Navigator website has their own store locator which helps). They are on this list due to a few unique features when it comes to their trucks. For example, there is a specialized addition below the baseplate, which serves the purpose of holding the kingpins in place which means the bushings are easy to replace without the need to remove the trucks first. In addition, the Navigator is also the sole truck business with pinned axles, which means the axles will never slip. The website also features a number of other attractive features, make sure you visit the site to find out more.

Destructo Trucks

Destructo features a few of the fanciest skateboarding trucks. The Raw series are available in high, medium, and low designs which are all strangely skinny. The Pro and Limited series trucks look really awesome that comes with outstanding color schemes and pro signatures situated on the front. In addition, the Rail Killer series are lightweight trucks that come with extended baseplates that lower wheel bite. These also come in amazing color schemes which even includes the use of 24 karat gold.

Krux Trucks

This company also produces fantastic trucks which include the “downlows” trucks which feature and even lower kingpin and hanger than even the Grind King. You will require a hex-tool in order to adjust these. The Krux IIIs With Topless System is even lighter and comes with specialized bushings which feel broken-in from the beginning, yet they also offer a quicker snap-back into position. The Krux trucks are all low and light.

Thunder Trucks

There are solid trucks that feature fantastic innovations. The Thunder Light Truck range is advertised as the very lightest trucks available, along with the fastest turning. The team at Thunder is also highly impressive, with Appleyard, Ellington, Steamer, Marks, and Thomas. The list is pretty extensive. With many of the pros riding these trucks, Thunder may turn out to be the best choice for you too.

Phantom Trucks

The Phantom 2 Trucks come with low profiles, they are lightweight along with a smooth edge ideal for grinding. These trucks are also visually appealing. Phantom trucks set themselves apart with the built-in shock pads. Phantom names this their “Impact Dispersion System”, which is a 1.5mm rubber shock-pad which is built along the bottom part of these trucks. These shock pads assist with lowering the stress that occurs between the board and the trucks.

Silver Trucks

Silver Trucks has started to gain popularity with their good quality skateboard trucks that come with a host of extras which helps this brand to stand apart from the competition. With features like axle caps and inverted kingpins, Silver Trucks stands by its motto “Strength with Style”. These trucks are also great to look at, and they sport a fantastic team with the likes of Dyrdek, Rodriquez, Sheckler, and more.

How to Maintain Your Skateboard Trucks?

To make sure that your skateboard trucks are performing at its best, a regular maintenance check needs to be performed on all your trucks. You may also want to take into consideration tightening or loosening these trucks, depending on your preference. All of these can be easily done with a skateboard tool – this makes it easier to adjust every single hardware on your skateboard.

Tightening Your Board’s Kingpin

Tightening your skateboard’s kingpin is pretty easy – and the only thing that you need is a skate tool. In general, you’d want both trucks to be tightened just the same amount. To do that, loosen both kingpins. Reinsert and count the total number of rotations that you did, until you’ve achieved the tightness, or looseness that you prefer. Do the same amount on the opposite kingpin.

Replacing Skateboard’s Broken Kingpin

While tightening your truck’s kingpin is pretty straightforward, replacing it may be a little bit more tricky, but it can be done. Start to remove the trucks from your skateboard. Again, use your skate tool for this. You’ll notice that the broken kingpin is often stuck at the base so you may have to use your hammer to tap and remove the kingpin out. Again, lightly tap and never use force on it. You may also insert a screwdriver and use the same hammer to lightly tap it to get rid of the pieces. From there, you can then replace and add the new kingpin.

Bushing Replacement

Bushing replacement is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of time. With your skate tool, remove the kingpin washer and nut, followed by your skateboard’s wheel assembly. Once done, pull the used bushing and slide in the new ones. Install all the pieces that you’ve removed earlier, starting from the wheel assembly, then the kingpin nut, followed by the washer. You may want to check the different types of skateboard trucks bushings in stock.

How Do You Get the Best Truck and Deck Experience?

If you’re like most people, you’d want to get the most out of your trucks, and here are some tips and tricks you’d want to take into consideration:

Proper Usage

Proper truck usage is all about following what’s indicated in your user manual for correct use. This also means that you need to use the right tools for repair, and never use anything else other than the skate tool or recommended tools.

Maintenance Check

Make sure that you check on your trucks regularly. This way, you’ll be able to spot any damages earlier and you would be able to fix them before they get worse.

Choose the Right Accessories

Truck decks come with various accessories, and choosing the right one plays a crucial role. For example, use the appropriate nuts and screws, or any other accessories that are recommended for your type of truck.

Proper Installation Practices

If you’re fixing your board by yourself, don’t forget that the screws that should be used should be long enough since they need to go through the truck, risers, and even board itself.

Safety Practices and Tips When Using Skateboard Trucks

Depending on your skateboard truck brand, you’ll notice that there may be quite different instructions based on the user’s manual, and it is important that you follow what’s indicated in there. Aside from following the user manual, here are additional tips that will ensure your safety whenever you’re riding.

  1. When it comes to preventing accidents, a perfect grip plays a very crucial role. The perfect grip can be achieved by ensuring that your holding screws come with the ideal length.
  2. Don’t forget to wear correct gears, as this is important when you’re riding your trucks. A helmet will protect your head in case of an accidental fall. You would also want to protect your knees and elbows with pads to prevent you from being bruised whenever you fall.
  3. Always keep your eyes open – this might sound like common sense, but never attempt to ride with your eyes closed, or at least when you cannot see clearly. Always make sure that you’re alert whenever riding.
  4. Before riding into public places such as parks, streets, and pavements, practice – a lot! You can check out different training clubs, or hire a professional trainer to help you out.
  5. While doing tricks is one of the fun things about riding board trucks, you may want to stick with things that you are familiar with – and avoid those that you haven’t tried before, especially when you’re in the street. If you want to learn a new trick, start slow and practice before heading out the pavement and streets.


Are Slant Trucks Better If I Want to Perform Tricks?

When it comes to trucks, the slanted ones usually are made of up the best quality and are considered to be the number choice by most riders. The great thing about slant trucks is that they won’t bend or flex, and it’s perfect especially if you’re trying out and learning new tricks.

Are Riser Pads Necessarily Needed?

Not at all, but they play an important role in preventing your deck from cracking as they can absorb shock. Additionally, these pads can also prevent wheel bites – unless you own and are using a drop-through deck.

How to Prevent My Skating Trucks from Rusting?

If you’ve noticed that your skating trucks are starting to slow down or are showing signs they are rusting, use some Zep45 or add some lubricants.


In general, looking for the skateboard trucks that are lightest is the best option that you have right now. With the tips that we’ve discussed above, we hope that you’ve had an idea on which truck to buy and which one works best for you. It actually doesn’t matter which one, because everything in our list is a top-rated choice and you’ll never go wrong with any of these.


Best Skateboard Trucks ( Top 3 Picks )

Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Gullwing Sidewinder II 185mm Hi Silver / Orange / Blue Longboard Trucks - 10" Axle (Set of 2)#ad
Best Value
Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black#ad
Gullwing Sidewinder II 185mm Hi Silver / Orange / Blue Longboard Trucks - 10" Axle (Set of 2)#ad
Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black#ad
Our Rating
Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Gullwing Sidewinder II 185mm Hi Silver / Orange / Blue Longboard Trucks - 10" Axle (Set of 2)#ad
Gullwing Sidewinder II 185mm Hi Silver / Orange / Blue Longboard Trucks - 10" Axle (Set of 2)#ad
Our Rating
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Best Value
Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black#ad
Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black#ad
Our Rating
Read Full Review
View on Amazon

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