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Best Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines

Wiffle ball is total fun as a game. It can give you the same rush of adrenaline as you might get in baseball. There are even formal tournaments and championships that are organized for this game and the demanding reflexes involved.

If you want to start this game, or just practice it, then an automated wiffle ball shooter machine might be a great idea so that you can shape yourself and reflexes for this game through repeated-yet-realistic ball launches.

Here I’ve reviewed the best different wiffle ball pitching machines having analyzed their specs as well as their real-world performance.

1. Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine – Editor’s Choice & Best Seller

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This particular pitching machine is quite versatile given features like a battery pack and being able to hold 5 dozen balls. It’s capable of shooting out small softballs at speeds ranging from 15 up to 95 mph. It also has a soft-toss feature.

It’s able to throw fastballs and curveballs, both right- and left-handed. The features I like personally are the PPLS system, as well as the variable speed control system that lets you pick your own desired pitch location so that you can sharpen your skills for certain throw locations. This will help you in training your brain how to correctly respond when you hit hardballs coming to you from an unfamiliar location.

This machine gets built using a head of hard plastic which is large enough to hold up to 60 balls at once. The machine even comes with 48 soft, free balls ideal for inside play. There’s a tripod stand with a wide base, and it’s made from rugged metal, so that it has solid stability in the event of a high impact.

One other primary feature is the included battery. This machine is able to offer a 4-hour back up in just one charge. It can run either on battery current or AC. So, if you’re out with friends, you won’t need an AC power outlet.

If you want something sophisticated yet affordable, then this machine has what you need, be it the rechargeable battery, 48 free balls, or the automatic feeder. This is great for rookies, beginners, and anyone wanting a good warm-up pregame. For just a few dollars, it’s a great starter machine, as it has all you need within a very reasonable budget.

  • It can hold up to 60 small balls at once
  • The package comes with 48 free balls
  • Throws right- and left-handed fastballs, sliders, and curveballs
  • Included rechargeable battery offers up to 4 hours of use
  • Wide-based and robust tripod
  • Operates using either AC or battery power
  • Included PPLS
  • Very affordable
  • Plastic head is hard
  • Warranty is limited and only for 1 year

2. Jugs Small-Ball Pitching Machine

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Jugs provide another pitching machine focused on kids and beginners wanting to work on small balls. It’s pretty easy to use, and rather small, so portability is better. The machine will only handle small softballs. It’s intended more for practice and helping sharpen hand-eye coordination.

Unlike a lot of other machines, it will use both automatic and manual feeder options. Despite this limitation, a lot of the other parameters remain intact as it’s able to shoot both fly balls and ground balls. It also has to throw out fastballs, as well as curved overhand balls at speeds ranging as high as 75 mph, depending on the kind of ball that it is used.

In terms of the build, it’s a heavy steel construction that looks simple yet quite sturdy. This makes for great durability which you can use make sure your kids practice after you. The adjustable height allows for various playing requirements for both baseball and softball. It doesn’t come with a lot of free balls, as there are only three of them. You’ll have to buy balls after that.

It’s a high-caliber and compact pitching machine for beginners and kids. The hard-steel head is of good quality. If you don’t like a predefined throwing frequency, then you can opt for the manual feeder over the automatic. With a very affordable price, you can use this machine as a very portable beginner unit.

  • Heavy steel means a sturdy build
  • The adjustable pitch heights mean various gaming requirements are met
  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Can handle both softballs and baseballs
  • Simulated speeds as high as 75 mph
  • Convenient speed-control dial
  • Pre-assembled for easy use
  • Really only useful for kids and beginners
  • Curveballs are far from accurate
  • Package only includes 3 balls

3. Heater Sports BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine

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This machine is one that can throw out real baseballs. It’ll handle light balls, leather baseballs, and regular baseballs. The maximum speed for regular baseballs is 45 mph, but you can adjust this machine for throwing out baseballs at speeds from 10 up to 45 mph.

If you’re playing with light balls, then the speed options go as high as 60 mph. It also has an automatic spiral feeder that holds up to 8 balls at once. The ball-delivery frequency is intervals of 8 seconds, allowing plenty of time for a nicely relaxed recovery.

In terms of the design, this pitching machine has a pivot head. You can adjust the pitch freely free of hassle. The provided tripod has a light and tubular design which means good grip on any flat surface. During a strong throw, this tripod stand will tend to get somewhat shaky, which means easily dislocated positioning.

It’s an affordable and generally good ball pitching machine, which has the versatility to handle a number of softballs, including baseballs of regular size. Given this capability, it’s a solid choice for any beginners or kids just starting out with their baseball coaching. It might even help elite players and professionals keep up their skills. For such a reasonable cost, you can do well if you’re looking for a pitching machine that’s basic but still powerful.

  • The construction of the pivot head
  • Plenty of options for speed control
  • Able to handle real baseballs and softballs
  • Good-quality AC power supply
  • Economical
  • Unstable tripod
  • Requires frequent refills given 12-ball holding capacity
  • No battery pack included

4. Jugs Lite-Flite Machine for Baseball and Softball – Professional’s Choice

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This particular pitching machine was designed for handling small softballs up to the slightly larger 12-inch lite baseballs. Its maximum simulation speed is 85 mph, making it a great pitching machine for any intermediate-level player wanting to sharpen up their skills.

This machine is able to through curved balls both right- and left-handed at a variety of angles and speeds. Even though it can’t handle real-life baseballs, it does come ready for handling balls of minimum weight. It even has an option for attaching softballs to practice with. It’s capable of holding as many as 18 balls at one time.

The provided feeder is automatic, releasing balls in 6-second intervals, which is great for consistent practice and quick recoveries.

In terms of durability and the build, the machine is very well-built. The unit is made from visible metal parts that are light in weight but hold up well. You won’t need any special tools in order to adjust or fix this particular pitching machine. So, here’s what I did and didn’t like about this machine.

Given how it looks, it’s easy to think that it’s overpriced. However, the durability and functionality of the machine easily justify the cost. If you’d like a powerful machine which shoots out real baseballs, then you should consider spending money on something else.

This particular machine is great for practice sessions given the versatile compatibility with a variety of ball types and sizes. Overall, the machine is rather durable and clearly built to last.

  • Excellent speed range going up to 85 mph in a 25-meter range
  • Able to handle both small lite-flite baseballs and small softballs
  • Durable construction using light steel
  • Holds as many as 18 balls together
  • Good-quality balls come included with the package
  • Strong tripod included
  • The speed-control dial is separate
  • Convenient carry bag included
  • 2-years of manufacturer warranty
  • Unable to throw real baseballs
  • High-speed pitching has a tendency to upset the position of the machine, requiring frequent resets

5. Heater Sports Crusher Mini Lite-ball Pitching Machine with Homerun Batting Cage

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As implied by the name, the Heater Sports Crusher Mini Lite-ball unit is a good pitching machine for beginners and kids. It includes a tripod stand as well as a dozen of various small softballs. If you’re in the market for any machine able to throw various hardballs, then this one isn’t for you.

However, having a hardball-throwing machine isn’t always necessary. It’s always better to play using light balls and mini-balls if you want to learn the game, especially proper techniques for handling the swings. This machine proves good enough for throwing out tiny and softballs at a variety of swings and speeds.

It will hold up to 24 little balls on its carrier which helps you avoid refilling too often during a prolonged practice. You can get refills separately for under 10 percent of the cost of the machine. This machine has a fiberglass frame which lets you bring it up or down easily, as well as make other simple adjustments without difficulty. There is a separate tripod stand available for holding the unit. The tripod is quite sturdy and seizes the impacts of shooting well, so it won’t need a lot of position resets.

It does come with automatic shooting at an average of 6-second intervals, and some users might not like that. However, I personally believe that 6 seconds is more than enough time for recovery. Aside from the machine, this package also comes with a 12′ x 12′ x 10′ batting cage.

Most of the previous buyers of this particular lite ball pitching machine offered up good reviews with positive feedback. If you buy this, you’d actually be getting a total package which can improve your coordination and reflex. It has an included punching machine unit, a rigid tripod, 24 small softballs, and a sizeable batting cage for a rather reasonable price. I believe this package is well-rounded and cost-effective, especially considering the 2-year warranty.

  • The big carriage holds 24 balls
  • Tripod stand is stable and strong
  • The frame is adjustable so you can set the desired angle
  • A batting cage is included in the package
  • Throws up to a 45 mph maximum speed
  • Best bang-for-the-buck combo
  • It can’t shoot baseball-sized balls or hardballs
  • Needs consistent AC power supply

6. Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine

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Louisville Slugger’s Ultimate Pitching Machine (UPM) 45 is a formidable, flexible, non-electrical piece of equipment. This pitching machine offers you tons of flexibility when it comes to ball selection. It works with Wiffle balls, baseballs, softballs, tennis balls, and even soccer and volleyballs!

The UPM 45 is built out of tremendously tough materials, offering hard-to-beat durability. This is an excellent choice for use in heavy-duty pitching situations, such as frequent team practice.

The UPM 45 weighs just 25 pounds, making it highly portable for a pitching machine. It works equally well outdoors and indoors. Pitch balls wherever your players need them.

As already noted, this is a non-electrical pitching machine that relies on a mechanical spring. The UPM 45 Blue Flame is ideal for training purposes with young players. It offers coaches a minimum of fuss and maximum effectiveness.

This pitching machine has adjustable speed controls, but ball speed will also depend on the weight of the balls used. Lightweight plastic balls, like Wiffle balls, can be pitched at up to 60 miles per hour. At the other end of the speed curve, the UPM 45 can serve up slow-pitch softballs with an arc of up to 12 inches built into the pitch.

A surprisingly wide range of adjustable options allows you to create many different sorts of pitches with this machine. It can simulate grounders, fly balls, and many other types of pitch. The precision construction guarantees a high degree of accuracy in its pitching.

The all-around reliability and versatility of the UPM 45 have made it the official pitching machine favored by the Babe Ruth League and the Pony League (both baseball and softball).

  • Lightweight but durable construction
  • Spring-powered machine; no electricity required
  • Adjustable speed and pitch profile
  • Strong accuracy
  • The mechanical spring will eventually need to be replaced (lifespan is roughly 20,000 throws)

7. Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine – Best Value

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The Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine from Franklin Sports is a slightly more serious training tool for younger ballplayers. It can also serve capably as the pitcher in a casual Wiffle ball game. The machine’s height is adjustable, which is great for keeping up with young players as they grow. The machine can be adjusted to serve adult batters, too.

This machine features an automated mechanism, pitching out a ball at seven to 10-second intervals while it’s on. The mechanism can be turned on and off by hand. It runs on batteries, making it highly portable. Six balls are included when you buy the machine, but it can handle up to nine.

The Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine is a good budget buy for use with younger players and in casual outdoor games. For training intermediate-level or more advanced players, though, you’ll want a more robust machine. This machine’s pitching cannot be adjusted; it’s a straight fastball down the middle every time.

Customer reviews indicate that the construction of the included balls wasn’t that impressive. Loading the machine up with third-party plastic balls (e.g. Jugs balls) may deliver better performance – more consistent pitching and longer lifespans for the balls.

This machine is an excellent choice for training younger kids or for casual play at all ages. It’s not that useful for older children who are cultivating more advanced skills, though.

  • Decent batting practice tool for younger, lower-level players
  • Great for casual outdoor Wiffle ball
  • 6 Balls included
  • Height is adjustable
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Training effectiveness drops off sharply for intermediate or higher-level players
  • Speed and pitch profile cannot be adjusted
  • Wide variation in where pitches land (may be a positive if you want a little pitch variety)

8. Franklin Sports MLB Kids Pitching Machine

No products found.

The Pitching Machine by Franklin Sports features a relatively rare mode of operation. Instead of launching the balls toward the batter from a distance, simulating real pitches, it launches them straight up. It’s intended to be placed very close to the batter.

This is a very portable, very simple pitching machine, and that makes for a very affordable purchase. You should be aware, though, that your money is buying a limited set of features.

Because of the vertical pitching operation, there’s really no way to make the balls spin realistically. You can’t simulate the full range of pitching here – there will be no curveballs, sliders, grounders, or knuckleballs. The Franklin Sports Pitching Machine also lacks a height adjustment. The balls come up as far as they come up, and that means the machine’s utility for taller players is limited.

This is primarily a casual machine suitable for backyard play. It can be useful for training the youngest of players.

The Franklin Sports Pitching Machine comes with a full complement of five balls, which is as many as the machine can hold. There’s also a collapsible lightweight bat included in the package. Customer reviews note that the balls are not particularly durable; they may crack after enough hard hits. You may want to purchase extra balls to make the machine useful over a longer time.

This can be a useful tool for helping youngsters work on basic batting fundamentals, or for setting up a casual kid’s game. The Franklin Sports Pitching Machine will not be particularly helpful for older kids or adults.

  • Very low price
  • Compact design, taking up minimal space
  • The five-ball magazine is convenient
  • Balls and even the bat are included
  • Perfect for backyard play
  • Not adjustable
  • No complex pitches
  • Fixed pitch height is less useful for adults and taller children
  • Quality issues with included balls

9. Franklin Sports MLB Super Star Baseball Batter & Fielder Multi Function 4 in 1 Pitching Machine

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With the Super Star pitching machine, Franklin Sports moves closer to serious training tools for more advanced batters. This machine is designed for children (and their parents and coaches) who are looking to cultivate well-rounded baseball skills. It has four different modes of operation, making it useful for training both batting and fielding skills.

On the hitting side, it can launch both fast and soft pitches. For fielding practice, it can deliver either pop flies or grounders. To increase its stability while it’s in use, the Super Star machine can be anchored with ground stakes that attach to its tripod base.

The telescoping ball feeder can handle up to nine Aero balls, though the machine itself comes with only six. Bats and gloves are not included. This machine should only be used with lightweight balls; properly-sized Wiffle balls are fine. Franklin Sports rates the Super Star pitching machine as suitable for use between the ages of five and 15.

Operating the Super Star is easy. The angle and height of pitches can be selected, producing exactly the pitch you’re looking for. This pitching machine is great for both challenging your youngsters and for building up their confidence.

The Super Star pitching machine is powered by 4 C-size batteries, which you will need to buy separately.

  • Effective four-way ball service: fast pitch, soft pitch, pop fly, and grounder
  • Safe for kids of five to 15
  • Stable, well-anchored base
  • Space to load up to nine balls in the feeder
  • No speed control
  • Power may be unsatisfactory to advanced players

10. Franklin Sports MLB Power Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine

No products found.

Our last pitching machine is another Franklin Sports offering, the MLB Power Pitcher Pro. This is a highly-adjustable machine which offers three speeds and three angles. The Power Pitcher Pro has a red indicator light that alerts the batter to upcoming pitches.

The speed options are 10, 15, and 20 miles per hour. Pitches can be angled low, middle, or high. The machine pitches balls at 5-second intervals, which is more than enough time to square up and prepare for another swing. When fully extended, the telescopic ball feeder can hold nine balls, cutting down on the number of trips you need to make to refill it.

Four foam balls are included when you buy the machine, with additional and replacement balls available for purchase from Franklin Sports. The machine is designed specifically for use with its own lightweight balls, but Wiffle balls (of the correct diameter) can easily be substituted. The Power Pitcher Pro does NOT work with regulation baseballs or other heavier balls.

The MLB Power Pitcher Pro is normally powered by batteries. It takes 4 C cells, which are not included with the machine. If you get tired of replacing the batteries and you’re using the machine in a place where outlet power is convenient, you can buy a sold-separately power adapter to turn the Power Pitcher Pro into a plug-in machine. The adapter is a standard converter which turns 120V 100mA grid power into 6V 800mA power that matches the output of the batteries.

  • Simple controls
  • Adjustable speed provides a useful variety of practice options
  • Lightweight (just 4.6 pounds) for great portability
  • Four balls are included so you can get started right away
  • Some customer reviews complain of poor build quality and faulty operation

Why Is Buying a Pitching Machine a Great Decision?

Buying any wiffle ball pitching machine doesn’t just prove useful for rookies and beginners, but can even help elite players maintain a high level of coordination. You can tremendously improve your eye-hand coordination at various speeds. Apart from usefulness to batting players, the throws are even useful in tuning the skill levels of ground players and fielders. That means it will keep you inform if you keep up with your practice sessions, particularly in any offseason you might have.

Buying Guide

If you’re a novice player or new to the game, then a machine like this can be perfect.

For rookies and beginners alike who want a good introduction and some useful practice prior to tournaments, a wiffle ball pitching machine is a great idea. These machines are usually capable of throwing out balls at different speeds with bi-directional swings.

There are many options that are available to you on the market. However, before you pick out the best possible wiffle ball pitching machine that is right for you, then you should know particular specifications and uses of any pitching machine.

To pick and buy the wiffle ball pitching machine that’s best suited to you, you need to look carefully over the specs to match them up with your requirements. Then, you’ll be able to spot your ideal pitching partner easily and quickly.

The Pitching Capability

Pitching machines come with 4 main pitching patterns which include curveballs, grounders, fly-balls, and soft pitch/fastpitch balls. When you are shopping for the best pitching machine, take the pitching patterns into consideration to achieve the best hit. Even when looking at the most popular machines, you need to ensure that it comes with the right pitching pattern.


If you are one of those players that move around a lot, look for the pitching machines that are portable. On the other hand, if you do not move around a lot, you could set up your pitching machine in an area like your backyard. For those that move frequently, look for the lightweight machines, which will ensure the product is portable.


The pitching machines can make baseball an individual sport. The more balls that the machine is able to hold, the less time you will need to spend on reloading your machine. For this reason, look for the pitching machines which are able to hold at least 30 Wiffle balls or more. You should also look for the machines that feature an auto-feeder.

Ball Size

Some of the pitching machines allow you to use different ammunition types, while others are slightly more restricted. Many of the pitching machines featured on this list only shoot ammo that is smaller-than-a-baseball. This is not detrimental to games played in your yard, yet they do assist with training hand-eye coordination. Additionally, the machines which shoot ammo that is smaller usually have a storage capacity that is larger.

Some of the pitching machines use regular-sized softballs or baseballs. Once again, this feature should not be regarded as a make-or-break, yet it is something you should be aware of before you spend money on one of these machines.


Most of the pitching machines can be changed around to face different directions. This means you can use the machine for ground balls, catching training, or fly balls, along with batting practice.

While this might not be one of the make-or-break features, if you are able to obtain a fully-comprehensive baseball-training set from the machine this would be an added bonus. This aspect is a worthwhile consideration if you are interested in turning a player into a professional.

The Speed of the Pitching Machine

The pitching machines will throw Wiffle balls at different speeds. For example, the children’s pitching machines typically range in speeds from 10 mph to 20 mph, while the adult machines can throw Wiffle balls up to speeds of 100 mph. Before you choose a machine, take your own skills into consideration to choose a speed that matches up to your capabilities.

The Power Source for the Machine

While the majority of the pitching machines run off size C rechargeable batteries, there are others which use mechanical springs in order to generate the pitching power. If you reside in an area that is known for frequent power shortages, it is better to look for a pitching machine which operates off mechanical springs.

Yet if you always have easy access to electrical power, then a battery-operated machine is a great choice, that can easily be plugged into an AC power outlet.


The top-rated Wiffleball pitching machines come with adjustability features which allows you to choose an angle for the pitch. This feature allows you to set differing pitch heights which is an important feature when looking for a machine for baseball training for kids. For this reason, angle adjustability is an important feature to keep in mind.

The Cost

The cost for most products is usually an indication of its quality. The low-cost pitching machines often feature a low-quality design and poor materials. For this reason, it is better to look for the pitching machines that are fairly priced, if you want a machine that performs well for your young hitter or yourself.

Can Pitching Machines Help to Improve the Skills of a Batter?

Yes. The Wiffleball Pitching Machine assists with improving batting practices for a number of reasons.

To begin with, the batter will not require a pitcher in order to throw every ball. Due to the absence of the pitcher, the batter is able to practice for a lot longer. This is especially true for those determined up-and-coming hitters that love to practice for hours at a time.

Secondly, these machines provide continuous and quick feedback. The batter will know instantly about the performance of the last swing according to whether they were able to hit the ball or not. Yet many of the pitching machines will already have the next ball ready to throw within a few seconds. This feature allows the batter to make swings and contacts, or a miss, and then reset to swing again.

Lastly, most of the pitching machines are designed to either throw pitches that are difficult or they pitch the smaller than average-sized softballs or baseballs. The harder-to-hit balls and difficult pitches help to improve hand-eye coordination, which encourages better swing practice and ultimately improves the skills of the batter.

Top Brands

Personal Pitcher

Personal Pitcher was a business that came about when Chris Richard asked his father to buy him his own pitching machine. They both designed the machine together, he used this machine to practice his batting until he made into the major leagues. The company known as Personal Pitcher is now operated and run by Chris.

JUGS Sports

JUGS designed and built its first curveball-pitching machine in the year 1971. From there, this company expanded from baseball to all other types of sports which include soccer, lacrosse, football, and more. They may have grown, but they are still dedicated to a mission which involves making baseball training fun and easy.

Franklin Sports

This company started out in 1946 when the two founders had an interest in creating entire product lines for athletes. From here, Franklin has grown into a massive line of sportswear and sports gear. Their name is prominent in golf, football, baseball, along with other sports.

In Conclusion

Hopefully having read the details in all the above reviews, you’ll have an easier time finding a great pitching machine. The products which I chose here all have various characteristics and specifications. All of these products fall in a price range from $30 up to $400, with a variety of specs and features. You need to be particular when you hunt for the best machine in your budget. Consider your requirements with care, and read lots of reviews before you buy the wiffle ball pitching machine that’s right for you.


Best Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines ( Top 3 Picks )

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