15 Best Free Online Virtual Summer Camps for Kids (2022)

The coronavirus pandemic seems to be slowing down and vaccines have become more available, but many parents are still questioning whether they should be sending their kids to in-person summer camps this year. In certain ways, the online programs might even have a slight edge over the in-person camps. With lessons that are designed to go-at-your-own-pace, one-on-one online meetings with … Read more

Expert Roundup: Advice to Mitigate the Effects of Coronavirus

The spread of the new coronavirus has affected people all over the world, and state and local governments are taking sweeping actions to halt the spread of the disease. However, the new coronavirus still affects people in several ways: family relationships, economic effects, social isolation, health related behaviors, disruption to essential services, disrupted education, transport and green space, social disorder, … Read more

Badlands National Park Travel Guide | Camping & Hiking Tips

Driving through the Badlands National Park in southwest South Dakota is an experience like no other. The beautiful valley landscape that was formed as a result of many centuries of erosion is a sight to behold. Visitors to the park get to see some of the most amazing gullies, canyons and buttes in the country. This 244,000 acre park is … Read more

Big Bend National Park Travel Guide | Camping & Hiking Tips

There is something incredibly magical and beautiful about camping at Big Bend National Park. You will have an abundance of photo opportunities thanks to the incredible landscape all around. The only things that could compete are the fabulous sunsets and star-lit nights. There are plenty of adventures to choose from and a wide variety of wildlife to enjoy. If this … Read more

Banff National Park Travel Guide | Camping & Hiking Tips

Banff National Park is one of the most beautiful parks you will find in Canada. It is a national park and it can be found along the Alberta-British Columbia border about 1 and 1/2 hours from Calgary. The park offers plenty of greenery, natural beauty in the form of mountain peaks, plenty of diverse wildlife, many hiking trails, stunning lakes, … Read more

Olympic National Park Travel Guide | Camping & Hiking Tips

Olympic National Park is a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve due to the protected old-growth forest ecosystem. This national park spans over almost a million acres. The park is road-less through the middle and features an abundance of mountain vistas, marine tidepools, cascading waterfalls, and hiking trails, to satisfy anyone’s craving for the wilderness. Interesting Facts About … Read more

Rocky Mountain National Park Travel Guide | Camping & Hiking Tips

The rocky mountains in Colorado are breathtaking, and Rocky Mountain National Park stands at the heart of it all. This is where the tall Longs Peak can be found. It’s an ideal spot for backpackers and hikers. From the rippling rivers and creeks to the clean lakes to the waterfalls and wildlife, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery everywhere you … Read more

Sequoia National Park Travel Guide | Camping & Hiking Tips

Sequoia National Park is not only home to the tallest trees in the world it is quite a spectacular place to visit. As these magnificent trees tower over you, you cannot feel rather small in the grand scheme of things. The area was secured in 1890 as a national park in an effort to protect these magnificent trees from being … Read more

Glacier National Park Travel Guide | Camping & Hiking Tips

Glacier National Park was named from the remaining ice age glaciers and is located on the boarder of the United States and Canada. It is often called the “Crown of the Continent” due to the fact that it sits directly on the headwaters of the streams that flow down to Hudson Bay, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. The … Read more

Joshua Tree National Park Travel Guide | Camping & Hiking Tips

Named after the unusually and short shaped trees scattered throughout this park, Joshua National Park provides a quirky history and awe-inspiring beauty. These vast desert landscapes have attracted rustlers, cattle ranchers, Mormon pioneers, nature lovers, and adventure seekers over many years. This park is 1 to 3 hours away from the residents of Southern California, which makes it one of … Read more