Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Camping Tent Review

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The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent is a Cabin Style camping tent. The tent is sturdy and durable, suitable for 1-season camping.

It is a 2-room structure with 140 ft² (13 m²) of area. The tent is loaded with features that include a 2-room design, 6 Huge windows, freestanding, and much more.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 2 rooms design. Enough room for 2 queen air mattresses.
  • 6 Huge windows. Great ventilation.
  • Tall tent. The peak height is 86 in.
  • Electrical cord access port.


  • Heavy. But it is not a problem for car campers.
  • No floor vents.
  • Only has 1 door.


  • Weight: 28 lb (12.7 kg).
  • Dimensions: 168 x 120 in (427 x 305 cm).
  • Area: 140 ft² (13 m²).
  • Peak height: 86 in (218 cm).

Who is it for?

The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent is suitable for 1-season campers, family campers, and car campers.

Tent Brand

This Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent is from Ozark Trail. Ozark Trail is a line of tents made for retail sale at Walmart stores. They are designed for family and recreational camping, so they are easy to set up, even if you have never set up a tent before.

Tent Shape

The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent is a cabin-style camping tent. The walls of this type of tent are almost vertical. This gives them a good peak height. If you want to be able to stand comfortably in your tent, this type of tent is perfect for you.

Tent Seasonality

The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent is a 1-season tent. It is a great option from spring through fall. If you exclusively camp in warm weather, you’ll appreciate a one-season tent.

These tents have excellent ventilation and are very breathable. They’re capable of handling light winds and rain, but they can’t take much more than that. For the most part, these tents are only suitable for summer. They’re only recommended for camping in warm, pleasant weather.

Tent Structure

The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent is freestanding. It’s possible to put up these tents without utilizing stakes.

This simplifies pitching the tent, and it also makes it possible to move the tent until you find the best location. These tents are particularly useful when camping in environments where a tent can’t be staked, such as sand, wood platforms, or rocks.

But you have stakes. Use them if you want to keep your tent stable in a side wind.

Tent Fabric Material

The fabric type of the Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent is polyester. This material can be adapted to different weather conditions and is affordable. Therefore it is also very popular.


The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent has 68D polyester tent fabric. It is strong and durable enough.

Tent Pole

Steel and fiberglass poles are used in the Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent. The poles are a combination of steel used for the legs and fiberglass used for the roof.

Steel makes some of the most durable and strongest tent poles out there. When the poles enter the continuous sleeve along the body of the tent, it creates a very strong structure that is best suited to handle the wind. But steel is heavy compared to aluminum tent poles. They are only suitable for car camping.

Fiberglass tent poles are still the most inexpensive materials used for tent poles. In general, these tent poles are flexible and solid but are heavier when compared to a material like aluminum. They can also break or crack when exposed to cold temperatures, which means they are more suitable for summer use.


The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent has fully taped factory-sealed seams. It can provide dry zone camping with leak protection. The tent also has a factory welded 6″ tub floor. This type of floor is designed to curve upward at the sidewalls of the tent. This reduces the risk of leaks during rainfall.


Many things can lead to condensation, including sweating and exhalation. This is more likely to be an issue when it’s much warmer in the tent than it is outside. Proper ventilation is important.

The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent has 6 large windows. All windows come with mesh and zippered panels for privacy and protection from the elements.

This tent has no floor vents. Floor vents are essential during rainfall. Since windows have to be closed, air can’t floor through the tent.

Tent Weight

The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent weighs 28 lb (12.7 kg). It is a car camping tent. Weight won’t be an issue with these tents in most cases. Only the smallest of vehicles, like smart cars, will have an issue.

Tent Size

The dimensions are 168 x 120 in (427 x 305 cm). It allows you to organize your life as you wish. Many campers, especially adults and teens, will want to have between 25 and 30 square feet of space.

In most cases, capacity ratings overestimate how many people can comfortably sleep in a tent. Unless you don’t mind being cramped, you shouldn’t trust that number.

It can be helpful to subtract 2 from the tent’s stated sleeping capacity. Another solution is to divide the sleeping capacity by two. If you do this, you can assume that everyone will have plenty of space to stretch out. This also means you’ll have ample room for gear.

Keep in mind that there is no vestibule, so it may be difficult to organize life with large crowds and no space to store equipment.

Tent Height

The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent is 86 inches (218 cm).

You shouldn’t just look at peak height when determining if a tent has enough headroom. This number measures the tallest point of the tent. To get a sense of the interior height of the tent, you should subtract 2 inches from the tent’s peak height. This can keep your head from brushing up the ends of the tent. This is because the end of the tent may get wet with condensation overnight.

Wall geometry is also something that you should consider. Since the Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent is a cabin-style tent, it has good headroom.

Set Up

You can easily set up the Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent in 10 minutes. Therefore the tent is very easy to set up.

Tent Rooms

The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent has 2 rooms. It comes with a removable divider. This is very convenient for family camping or groups with mixed-gender members.

Tent Doors

The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent only has 1 door. Multiple doors help you avoid climbing over each other for midnight bathroom breaks. However, both of its doors are located in the same room.


A rainfly is a separate waterproof cover that is made to fit over your tent. The Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent has a roof-only rainfly.

This type of rainfly allows more views and light while providing sufficient protection from the rain.

The tent is provided with stakes so you can secure the rainfly to the ground, but this is not designed for heavy rain and strong winds.


The tent comes with a gear loft under the ceiling where you can store some small items.

Tent Price

This is an incredibly affordable tent. You can buy the Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent at a reasonable price and get good quality and rich features.

The Alternatives

CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

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Compared with the Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent, this tent has better quality but is also more expensive. It has 2 doors.


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