How to Repair Camping Tent Mesh

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Tents are not immune to damage after many uses over a long period of time. Torn or perforated tent meshs are a common problem. Using a damaged tent mesh will allow insects to fly into your tent and your camping trip will be bad because of it. In severe cases, you won’t even be able to sleep.

Fortunately, you don’t have to discard your tent immediately because of a damaged tent mesh, following some of the tips in this article, you can easily repair your tent mesh. You will be able to carry your tent to camp again without having to waste money on a new tent.

Repairing straight tears in the mesh

The tools you need to prepare

  • Sewing machine and thread, or tent repair adhesive
  • Adhesive mesh patch or tape
  • Scissors
  • Cotton balls and topical alcohol

Cleaning the tent mesh

Before repairing your tent mesh, you need to clean that damaged area. This is because oil and dirt will hinder your repair process. Place this damaged area on a flat table and gently wipe the edges of the torn netting with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. Wait for it to dry.

Sew the mesh together and secure it

  • Select the appropriate fabric thread to thread through your sewing needle and set up your sewing machine.
  • Hold the torn areas evenly together and sew the torn edges together. Use a serged stitch pattern for better results.
  • Use an adhesive mesh patch or tape to make sure the tent doesn’t tear again in the same place. Cut out two round or oval pieces of mesh patch or tape. Do not cut into rectangles as the corners may buckle upward after extended use. Remove the adhesive backing from the mesh patch or tape and apply it to the damaged area.
  • Press several times to ensure that the adhesive is firmly adhered to the tent mesh. Smooth out the folds.
  • Flip the tent over to the back of the damaged area. Apply an adhesive mesh patch or tape there using the same procedure.
  • Wait 24 hours to make sure the adhesive cures.

Repairing torn holes in the mesh

The tools you need to prepare

  • Mesh patch kit with an adhesive patch or fabric patch, repair tape or glue. Or thread, pins, fabric or mesh.
  • Scissors
  • Cotton balls and topical alcohol

Clean the tent mesh

Place the tent’s torn area on a flat table. Use a cotton ball moistened with alcohol to gently wipe the damaged area. Wait for the tent to dry.

Using the Mesh Patch Kit

  • Open the mesh patch kit, making sure the patch is a little larger than the hole.
  • Remove the patch and remove the adhesive backing, stick it onto the hole and press firmly. Apply the patch on the other side of the hole as well.
  • If your mesh patch kit comes with a tent patch adhesive instead of tape, then apply the adhesive evenly to the back of the fabric patch.
  • Then apply the fabric patch to the hole.
  • Smooth out the folds.
  • Wait 24 hours to make sure the adhesive is cured.

Sewing the patch on

  • If you do not have a mesh patch kit, you can sew the holes together with patches cut from the mesh fabric.
  • Attach the fabric patch to the hole.
  • Then use sewing to sew the patch to the tent.

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