RV Travel Ideas | 12 Great RV Destinations in the United States

RVs are the ideal vehicle for a whole range of road trips across the country or even the small portion of the country that you live in, as you then you get to be outdoors enjoying an overnight experience that is targeted, personalized and comfortable.

RVs are thoroughly portable and allow their users full access to those places that otherwise may be expensive for them or have other complications.

If you have an RV, you are never worried about the poor quality of hotel rooms or a lack of privacy in hostels, besides which the fact that your living quarters remain unchanged even when you shift from location-to-location, allows you to feel more grounded and consistent with the experience of travel in an RV.

Advantages of RV Travel

Save Money

RV trips can involve high costs for gas, but the savings on many other expenses can more than offset this increase. When you are planning a vacation and the money you need for it, factor in the cost of renting an RV if you do not own one or even consider borrowing it. Even when you include this cost, taking an RV vacation can be less expensive than the traditional ways of traveling.

Pet Friendly

Many hotels will not allow your furry friends to occupy the hotel room with you, or may charge exorbitant fees for doing so. You do not have to look for a pet sitter, something, that can be quite a hassle. Take along all your pets when you are traveling in an RV. After all, they are members of your family.

Your Own Bed

A hotel bed is where many people will have slept, and others may have used the towel that you have just dried with. That can cause you to lose sleep at night. When you are on vacation in an RV, you can rest easy. You have your own towel, your own favorite sheets, and are least worried about others having shared your bed.


An RV is literally a home on wheels and this can be a convenience that gives you a lot of benefits. You have no restrictions on luggage, so you can pack in those extra board games, any sports equipment, and even your own small barbecue. And your restroom being available to you all round the clock is a great convenience. Most of these motor homes, that most RVs are, come equipped with entertaining systems, so the amenities that you have at home are there along with you.

Sleep Anytime

Feeling sleepy? You can go to sleep anywhere and anytime when you are traveling in an RV. Just pull over into a safe parking area, get the needed few hours of sleep, without having to worry that you are paying for a room, or have to worry about checking out.


Are you the type of person who is always too prepared and then overpack for every trip? You need not worry about the limits of weight or space in an overhead compartment. Your RV will have plenty of room where you can spread out and be as comfortable as you are at home.

Cook for Yourself

Your food sensitivities can make it difficult to eat out. Even though you are miles from home, you can still cook for yourself in your own kitchen. Most RVs come with full kitchens, and so you can get yourself some delicious food wherever you are.

Spending Time Outdoors

The national parks in America have some breathtaking scenery, and in your RV, you have a front-row seat so that you can savor it. You get a close look at all the flora and fauna, wide vistas of forests, lakes, mountains, and beaches.

You have the opportunity of relaxing in the fresh air, while you can enjoy fishing, bicycling, kayaking, hiking, or any other outdoor sports that you enjoy. You will connect with nature and get a renewal and revitalization that you would not get from traditional vacations.


RV parks are the places where you can develop friendships. Most of these campgrounds do have game, social, and entertainment nights, and this is the time when you get to know your fellow campers. Share stories with adults or talk intimately with them, while your children can play with the other children at the camp. You will rarely find such instant chumminess and camaraderie in hotels.

Great RV Destinations You Should Visit

Yellowstone National Park

One of the best destinations is that Yellowstone, and despite being crowded in the summer, it is the best time to go because of the weather. It is typically cool throughout the year, but it can be exceedingly cold during the winter. By visiting during the summer months, you can take advantage of the pleasant daytime temperatures and nighttime temperatures will be tolerable.

This is a great place to bring your RV, which means that there are likely many campgrounds and suitable parks for your vehicle. Staying inside the boundary of the park, you may want to visit their Fishing Bridge Park which is the only campground that you can find in Yellowstone that does have a sewer hookup, water, and electric capabilities.

Glacier National Park

This place is relatively small, and if you’re going down the highway, it’s both dangerous, but it’s also a very beautiful drive. You should visit the town of Browning when you are there which is a Native American town. The Sioux Indian Museum is a great place to visit. You are literally in the midst of Native American territory, something that will be quite visceral.

It is not recommended that you go there after dark because it might not be safe. Although wars with the American Indians did happen a long time ago, it is possible that some of them may not have forgotten about them!

Regardless of where you go, it’s going to be a little cold, so be sure to dress warmly when you go there. It is considered by many to be one of the last remaining Wild West destinations, so enjoy every moment while you can. There are really very few places like it in the United States.

Crater Lake National Park

If you will be traveling up through the southern part of Oregon, Crater Lake is a great place to visit because it is literally all that remains of a destroyed volcano called Mazama. What is outstanding is the crystal clear blue waters that motivate people to come here every year. Old-growth forests, and the circumventing road around the lake, provide you with great places to go plus a nice trail.

This is the ideal place to go because of the elevation and weather patterns that are best experienced during the summer. Snowfall will be quite heavy at this elevation. It is recommended that you visit during August, or even perhaps July when you are able to drive there and get full access to the park. Regardless of when you go, you are simply going to see snow there because of how high it is in the mountains.

Unlike other places you can visit that have national parks, there are actually RV campgrounds that have modern hookups, such as those found at Mazama Campground; it is so important to book your place in advance because of how quickly they can be taken. It is also possible to camp closer to towns that offer full-service RV parks.

Rocky Mountain National Park

By the month of April, snow in the Denver area tends to stop, but in the Rocky Mountains, all the way through spring and summer, you may discover snow very easily.

It is best to travel during the summer because the roads will be open throughout the national park, and this is only a 2-hour drive from Denver. Going there during the summer will allow you to see wildlife, and also do a lot of hiking, at this very popular location.

Mount Rainier National Park

This incredible mountain is over 14,000 feet high, one of the few that is not part of the Rocky Mountains chain that is at this elevation giving you excellent views of the surrounding landscapes. It is also an active volcano which is another reason you should go. For those that would prefer not climbing the peak, you can stay low and see the sub alpine trees and wildflowers that will be in the meadows.

RV camping sites are not available at this national park, though there are campgrounds where you can park your RV such as at White River. It is important to choose an RV Park that is close to areas where you want to visit, allowing you to see much more than just Mount Rainier.

Similar to other national parks that are at high elevations, keep in mind that the weather can be very hazardous, which is why traveling during the summer is the best time. Wildflowers can be seen in early spring which is why many people visit during this time.

Acadia National Park

A beautiful coastal area that you should visit will include the Acadia National Park which is close to the coastline of the state of Maine, a location where birdwatchers will be very happy. There are many activities such as biking and hiking, plus you can take your canoe out on the water and do a lot of climbing. This New England location is certainly worth exploring.

On the coast of Maine, remember that there can be extreme climate changes. Acadia, if you decide to visit during the fall or spring, can help you avoid the cold weather. During the summer, temperatures will be much better, so this is the recommended time to be at this location.

In regard to RV hookups, Acadia does not have very many of them. Those that are willing to do a dry camp can do so, but there are very few of those as well. RV Park facilities that have the best amenities tend to be around Bar Harbor, allowing you to be close to Acadia and take advantage of modern stores and restaurants.

Anaheim, California

Located in California, this is similar to Orlando because of the many amusement parks in this region. The most well-known include universal and Disneyland, plus it’s not that far from the Chinese theater in Hollywood, as well as anything else that Hollywood has to offer like the walk of fame.

As you can imagine, Anaheim will have a lot of tourists, and that is why RV parks are there in abundance, regardless of your group size. The Anaheim RV Park is a great place to stay, providing shuttles to different locations including Disneyland so they can visit and even watch the nightly fireworks display.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This is a destination that every person should visit once in their life. It is also considered a Wild West location, but it’s very different from glacier national Park!

There are other places that you can see including red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, and the iconic Hoover Dam, all of which are close by.

Although many people may think there are no campgrounds, there are plenty of them, which makes it a wonderful place to stay a few nights! There are gated parks, and this is typical because crime rates can be excessively high.

You should also consider visiting the many casinos, and spending time where you can participate with the many free attractions that are available. If you decide to do shows, these can be very expensive, so gravitate toward Circus Circus if possible to save your money.

Las Vegas is a great place to have fun, forget your troubles, and do all of this traveling in an RV.


RV travelers that enjoy mild weather should visit Florida because of the many campgrounds and entertainment venues that are there.

They also have many amusement parks including Disney World, but they also offer people in tiny bikinis, a thriving nightlife, fishing, swimming, and also boating for those that like to be out on the water.

If you are able to travel during the months of October and April, the weather is not going to be as humid or hot. Northern Florida, especially during the winter, can lead to snow flurries which is why getting campgrounds that are South of Tampa would likely be the best choice.

The state of Florida is actually a very large peninsula that has the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. It is known for the most outstanding beaches in the United States, and there are many places for tourists such as restaurants, great places to fish, and a multitude of different types of entertainment.

You have likely seen many pictures of the fund and leisurely activities that you can do while you are there. This state literally offers something for each and every person and is an outstanding place to visit.


The best destinations for RVers include the rugged wilderness of Denali National Park, the quirky towns of Alaska’s lower banks like Skagway, the coast for whale-watching. Besides, you can take a trip to the Arctic Circle from Fairbanks.

Most people know that the weather in Alaska tends to be cold, but the summer months will give you access to what many call the last frontier of America, avoiding the ice and snow. However, it is also during these months that you are going to see the most travelers, so if you can wait until after Labor Day, this would be the best time to go. Although there will be tourists, they will not be as abundant, and the weather is still going to be very nice.

Hermann Wine Trail

If you are looking for a short drive, the Hermann Wine Trail might be exactly what you are looking for to experience the wine country of Missouri, the Missouri River, traveling all the way up to New Haven.

It is a very short distance, but as you are going through, there are many things that you will be able to do. There are multiple wineries, and as you keep going, you will never run out of things to do!

The Gulf Coast

A great place to go with your kids, as well as your spouse, is the Gulf Coast. There are many places to visit including Biloxi, mobile, and other destinations that will take you to the USS Alabama and many things regarding World War II.

If you do have your kids with you, they can splash around and play in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and you will be able to experience the beautiful beaches.

You can see excellent places such as Destin, Gulf Shores, Biloxi, and many other popular destinations that people talk about. It is perfect for traveling during the summertime, especially if you have an RV.

If you decide to go, there are good places to stay including Henderson Beach, Sugar Sands, Mobile, Destin, and Biloxi Mississippi which has the Cajun RV Park which is exceptional.

Unique RV Road Trip Ideas That are Out of the Box

Your RV road trips do not have to be all about camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities. It is being increasingly seen that RVers are using their vehicles to make road trips that are not traditional.

Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas:

  • Plan a trip that takes you to the different historical battlefields all over the country
  • Plan trips to multi-day festivals
  • Plan a trip for urban exploration, by parking in a campground that is far away from a city, and then “commute in”.
  • Plan a culinary trip. List out the best restaurants in the regions of the country that you are traveling in and go to each of the restaurants on that list.

RV Vacations for the Entire Family

RVs have always been associated with families, and there is a good reason for this. RV trips bring the whole family together while your memorable trip is enjoyed in a space that reminds you of home.

When you are next planning an RV trip with the family, look at these vacation ideas:

  • Plan a trip to a zoo, water park, or amusement park.
  • Plan a trip to the beach where you can rent out equipment for watersports.
  • Plan a trip to a national park especially in a region that your family is not familiar with.
  • Children can have particular interests which they are passionate about, so plan a trip to any convention that relates to that interest.

RV Vacation Packages

You can combine RV vacation packages with RV rental packages and campground stay packages as this can save you a fair bit of money during a long RV trip. However, it is not easy to find packages that may suit your preferences.

Companies and dealerships that rent RVs have vacation packages at campgrounds in their network, and if you have a membership of an RV association, the packages are being offered throughout the year. You just have to keep your eyes peeled.


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