Wiffle Ball Game Rules

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In simple terms, Wiffle ball is like baseball but a more simple game that was designed to be played either indoor or outdoor, often the game is played in small or confined spaces. These types of simplified baseball games have been around for a long time in one shape or another, however, Wiffle ball started in 1953 when David Mullany created an easily curable ball for his son who was then 12 years old.

His son and his young friends called a strike a ‘whiff’, hence the ball got the name a Wiffle Ball. A triangular pitch is used to play the game and there are various scoring zones within the game. The pitch size can vary depending on how much space is available to play the game.

From the very start of its creation, the game grew quickly in popularity and has been played everywhere from city streets to backyards and the likes, Wiffle Ball is still as popular today as it was at the start. Since 1980 there has been a World Whiffle Ball Championship held each year.

What Is The Object Of The Game?

Each of the teams tries to score more runs than each other, hence how the game is won. There is also an overriding object which is to be a mini game of baseball that needs little equipment and is able to be played safely in numerous locations.

The Equipment And The Players

Equipment needs are minimal for Wiffle Ball. At least one Wiffle bat is needed (that being said, a broom handle works fine too), as well as a few Wiffle balls (since one may get lost or break while the game is in play).

The range of players is from 2 to 10 players. When there are only 2 players one will act as the hitter and the other as the pitcher. When 10 players are involved, the fielding players are assigned to a zone or role, i.e. double zone, triple zone, pitcher and catcher. Players have to stay in their zone while play is in action.

How Scores Are Worked Out In Wiffle Ball

  • Single markers – 24 feet from home plate till the foul line
  • Double markers – placed 20 feet behind single markers
  • Triple markers – placed 20 feet behind double markers

A home run is counted when a ball is hit past the triple marker without being caught.

Balls that are hit in each area and are not caught count as a single a double, a triple and a home run in the above order. Actual base running does not happen and the batting team needs to keep track of imaginary runners. To the base, a player needs to hit the ball in one of the zones and the ball is not to be caught. All players on base and batter will score the game.

General Wiffle Ball Rules

  • There are 7 innings or the game can be played for 60 minutes, the earliest one that occurs counts.
  • A coin flip makes the choice between the home team and the visiting team.
  • Ten runs per team and per inning is the limit for the game.
  • When a team is ahead by 10 or more points they become the winner and are declared as such.
  • Teams pitch to themselves during the game and a batsman has a total of three pitches to hit the ball.
  • If the ball doesn’t move into play during these three pitches the player is declared out of the game. Pitches are allowed to be underhand or overhand as desired.
  • Defensive players are not allowed to throw the ball towards a runner or batter with the purpose of getting them out.
  • The runner can only leave the bay when the pitched ball has crossed the home plate or it has contacted the batter.
  • Only 7 players can be in the field at a time, although the team is allowed to bat as many payers as they wish.
  • In addition to this, each team is also allowed to substitute players one for one as desired.
  • No bunting or sliding is allowed in the game, a player that slides is declared as out.
  • The defending team needs to field a player at the position of the catcher. The remaining fielders can be anywhere so long as they are positioned behind the pitcher.

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