How to Construct a Wiffle Ball Strike Zone | Wiffle Ball Backstops

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The following guidelines will help you construct a strike zone of your own for hours of wiffle ball enjoyment.

Unless you have the ability to cut aluminum or sheet metal, the cost for this project will likely run between $40 and $50, and you will need to invest a few hours of your time. However, the end product will be durable and capable of lasting for many years of play.

  • Essential materials for the job include 14.5 feet of 1″ PVC pipe that has been cut into one 23″ piece, two 31″ lengths, one 11″ bottom section, two 3″ portions and six 12″ leg pieces. You will also need four PVC elbows that are 1″ in diameter, four 1″ junctions, as well as primer and glue designed for use with PVC piping.
  • Next, you will need a single 22″ x 30″ section of aluminum or sheet metal that is roughly 0.032″ thick. It will need eight holes that have been cut roughly 1 centimeter from the material’s edge. These will ultimately be zip-tied to the PVC frame.
  • Other required materials include the aforementioned zip ties, a hack saw, colored spray paint, and an object capable of weighting down the back of the strike zone. A sandbag works well for this task.

Assembly Instructions

First, you will need to cut the piping into the required lengths with the hack saw. Next, assemble the frame just to verify proper measurements, and disassemble once more. Add the PVC primer to the lengths, apply glue to the ends, and assemble all frame pieces with the exception of attaching the bottom T-shaped portions to the base legs. This allows you the freedom to detach the frame for added portability later.

Now you are ready to spray paint your frame and metal surface in your favorite colors. Use zip ties to attach the metal to your PVC frame with the eight pre-drilled holes.

The only thing left to do now is to play ball!

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