16 Best Camping Cots (2022): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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I will also answer some common questions.

  • What is a camping cot?
  • How to get the most out of your camping cot?
  • Is it possible to place camping cots next to one another to create more room for sleeping?
  • Can you put a mattress on top of the cot?
  • What sheets are best to use when sleeping on one of these cots?
  • Is it a good idea to sleep on a camping cot?

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Top 3 Picks

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Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | Folding ComfortSmart Camp Cot with Mattress Pad#ad
Professional's Choice
Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, The Leader in Off-The-Ground Camping, Rainfly and Carry Bag Included, Holds 350lbs, Sets up...#ad
Best Value
Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot#ad
Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | Folding ComfortSmart Camp Cot with Mattress Pad#ad
Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, The Leader in Off-The-Ground Camping, Rainfly and Carry Bag Included, Holds 350lbs, Sets up...#ad
Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot#ad
Price not available
Our Rating
Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | Folding ComfortSmart Camp Cot with Mattress Pad#ad
Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | Folding ComfortSmart Camp Cot with Mattress Pad#ad
Our Rating
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Professional's Choice
Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, The Leader in Off-The-Ground Camping, Rainfly and Carry Bag Included, Holds 350lbs, Sets up...#ad
Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, The Leader in Off-The-Ground Camping, Rainfly and Carry Bag Included, Holds 350lbs, Sets up...#ad
Price not available
Our Rating
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Best Value
Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot#ad
Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot#ad
Our Rating
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Best Camping Cots

Are you planning on going on a camping trip and have everything you need packed and ready to go – your hunting tools, blankets and tent? If so, then great; however, are you planning on sleeping on the hard ground at the camping site? You risk finding yourself in a situation where you are forced to fight off bugs that make it into your tent during the dark, even if it is designed to protect you against the unforgiving forest terrain you encounter. By ensuring that you get a restful night of sleep thanks to the added comfort, an affordable and reliable cot will help you be at your very best during daytime. To help you sort through the huge selection on offer, and find your perfect fit, we have made a list of the top options below.

1. Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | Folding ComfortSmart Camp Cot with Mattress Pad – Editor’s Choice & Best Seller

You get to enjoy the total comfort you rightly deserve every time you head out on a camping trip with the Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot. For an enjoyable day of exploration outdoors, you get to experience a comfortable and restful night of sleep, just as the name points out.

You only need a few minutes to set up this highly portable cot which is easy to haul around. When you are ready to pack up and go, this cot folds into a compact package that will easily fit into the trunk of most cars.

The cot comes with a sturdy steel frame that ensures that you have a great place to lie down.

When you place a comfy foam mattress on the cot, the Comfortsmart coil system makes it feel like you are lying in a bed!

As you experience the best outdoor conditions, this cot is built to ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout.

  • Offers great support thanks to its strong steel frame
  • Setting up this portable cot is straightforward
  • Backed by a limited warranty valid for one year
  • Fits the trunk of most cars by folding down to a compact package
  • Provides the best level of support thanks to the spring suspension coil system
  • If your height exceeds its 5 foot 7 inch length, your feet will hang off the edge
  • Extras such as a cup holder or side table are not included

2. Coleman 2000020270 Cot Queen – Best Couple Airbed Cot

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo | Folding Camp Cot and Air Bed with Side Tables and Battery Operated...#ad
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 7.1 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 37 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 10.23 Inches

The Coleman Airbed cot is definitely one of the most comfortable camping cots on the market. You get all the comfort and flexibility you need to sleep restfully with the inflatable mattress, which makes this more of an airbed, instead of a cot. It maximum 600lb-capacity rating is all thanks to the heavy duty steel frame.

To inflate the mattress to your desired level, the package also includes a pump which can be powered by a 120V outlet or batteries. Even though this mattress takes up a huge amount of space in the tent, it accommodates two users.

In our opinion, the process of deflating the mattress takes up a lot of time, and can be depressing in some cases, even though it does come with two side tables on which you can place your personal belongings.

Even though this cot is relatively costlier, it offers great value for money, especially those planning on going on camping trips as a couple. It can even be used as a guest bed back at home, and comes with a warranty that is valid for a year.

  • Comes with a pump and set up is straightforward
  • Solidly built beside tables are included
  • It has a strong stable build
  • The mattress is highly durable
  • The deflation process is drawn out
  • The cost is justified by the fact that it accommodates two users

3. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot | Folding Cot Great for Car Camping – Best Car Camping Cot

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot; Folding Cot Great for Car Camping#ad
  • STRONG AND STURDY: Reinforced steel S-leg assembly...
  • GET OFF THE GROUND: Take the comfort of a bed to the...
  • SIZE DOES MATTER: Larger than a twin bed and supports up to...
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product...

Be sure to choose the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot if you are looking for the most popular option and are likely to be influenced by reviews from other buyers. There is a simple reason why this cot is included in this list; it has hundreds of positive reviews on a variety of platforms and seems to be everyone’s favorite pick.

The benefits do not end there, in addition to being a well-branded product, there are many other reasons why you should consider going with this choice. The Pivot Arm Revolution function is definitely one of its top advantages. Setting that final bar in place is one of the most common challenges most campers face when using a cot, the entire process is simplified with the addition of a pivot arm.

This product is solidly built and quite strong. It is also quite durable thanks to the S leg feature.

The cot’s dimensions are also considered to be an advantage. With regard to size, the cot is huge. It can sit about five to six people, or accommodate two to three people in the sleeping position thanks to its 600 pound capacity rating.

  • Spacious
  • Hundreds of satisfied buyers enhance its brand value
  • Setup is straightforward
  • Excellent customer support
  • The large size might put off some buyers
  • Relatively expensive

4. Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot – Best Value

Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot#ad
  • ELEVATED COMFORT: Eliminates the discomfort of sleeping on...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Strong cross-bar steel frame
  • SUPPORTS: Up to 300 lb.
  • MAX HEIGHT: 6 ft. 2 in.
  • DIMENSIONS: 73 x 35 x 17 in.

During those times that you simply want to get down and sleep comfortably without a fuss, the cot’s complex features may prove to be highly inconvenient. A great military cot proves to be invaluable in such circumstances.

With a 300 pound capacity rating, the Coleman Trailhead camping cot is built to be exceptionally strong using a steel frame.

It is long enough to comfortably accommodate a 6’2” tall user.

In addition to offering great support during use, the heavy-duty polyester material used is not easily torn.

The cot folds down to a portable and compact 40.2 by 7.9 by 3.9 inch package from its 75 by 30 by 17 inch full size.

You can use the cot’s pockets to store all sorts of camping supplies, even though it does not come with a night table.

  • A carry bag is included in the package
  • Built with a stable steel frame
  • Swift setup
  • 300 pound-capacity rating
  • It can be too much to carry at times given its 18 pound-weight
  • The fabric used may stretch with time for larger users

5. Coleman 2000020273 Cot Twin Pack-Away W/Side Table – Best Extra Large Cot

Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot#ad
  • Adjustable camping cot offers an ideal place for sitting,...
  • Removable side table with drink holder provides space for...
  • Durable steel frame can support up to 300 pounds; can...
  • Foldable design fits in most car trunks; carrying bag for...
  • Measures 80 x 44 x 17 inches when unfolded. Sleeping Area:...

With a 300 pound capacity rating, the Coleman Pack Away Cot package includes a portable storage bag.

When fully set up, the cot measures 72 by 33 by 24 inches meaning that it can accommodate a person measuring 6 feet 1 inch in height.

To provide the highest level of support, the cot comes with a long lasting, high strength steel frame.

You can place your books, lanterns or gasses on the included cup holder and folding table.

As a highly portable cot that is easy to setup and comes with its own carrying bag, the Twin Pack-Away Cot is great for camping getaways.

  • For users with a height of up to 6 feet 1 inch, the cot offers comfortable accommodation
  • Can support a weight of up to 300 pounds
  • In less than a minutes you can have it setup
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Easy and convenient storage as it folds down to a compact package
  • Features a cup holder and detachable side table
  • The steel frame is powder coated to make it rust resistant
  • Shipping the cot to some nations may not be provided

6. Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot – Best Oversized Cot

Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot#ad
  • Heavy duty, powder-coated frame and fabric base with side...
  • Manufacturer: Kamp-Rite
  • Tent cot oversized kwik-cot FC421
  • Padded head section
  • Carry bag for storage and transport

The setup is very simple with this cot. It is a fairly large cot, which is nice when you are wanting something substantial. Just be aware that if you have a pop-up or other type of smaller tent to measure before buying the cot. This cot is very sturdy and comfortable even for side sleepers who might struggle with the sagging that some cot beds tend to do. The fact that the frame and other metal parts are covered in soft material helps to increase the comfort level.

The legs do not have a locking mechanism. However, that doesn’t mean it will collapse. You just have to watch out for that as a possibility. Having locking mechanisms can give you peace of mind. However, your body weight is sufficient for keeping it in place.

The weight and size of this cot are 8 x 9 x 42 inches and when set up it is 21 inches high. The value for your money is fairly good. One of this bed’s unique features is that it is a lot less noisy compared to other cot beds out there. Many customers have reported it doesn’t squeak or creak very much.

  • Coth covers for the springs and frame
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy on the joints and knees
  • Handy side pockets for your cell phone, wallet, etc.
  • Sturdy enough
  • Comfortable also for side sleeper
  • Doesn’t squeak as much as other cots
  • The legs do not have any locking mechanism
  • Very large and might not leave much room in your tent

7. Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot – Professional’s Choice

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, The Leader in Off-The-Ground Camping, Rainfly and Carry Bag Included, Holds 350lbs, Sets up...#ad
  • Crafted from the highest quality material
  • Perfect for outdoor and even indoor use
  • Made in China

This cot is very easy to assemble and set up. This oversize gear weighs just 25 pounds and folds up to 32x36x6.

You will sleep comfortably off of the ground, to avoid being exposed to dangerous creatures such as bugs and snakes.

It comes with a sturdy aluminum frame that is able to support a high amount of weight without suffering from bulging. If you plan to go out for car or camper camping, then a sleeping cot is ideal for you and your situation.

This cot also comes equipped with a 3/8 inch insulating foam pad.

You don’t need to worry about bad weather since the sleeping cot is able to handle any kind of weather, due to its 201D tent top and the rain fly with a tape seal.

The Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot is among the best cots around since it gives you the chance to sleep inside of a roomy tent on a cot.

  • The cost is level and firm to help you get a sound sleep
  • Comes equipped with a total encapsulation rain fly to protect against stormy and severe weather
  • A heavy-duty carrying bag is included for easy transportation and set up
  • This cot comes with a one-year warranty on defects
  • Due to is extra big size can be hard to carry around
  • Compared to many other cots it is slightly expensive

8. Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot – Best Backpacking Cot

Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot#ad
  • Weight Capacity: 225 pounds, You need to assemble the...
  • 6.81" Wide X 2.99" High
  • Rugged, powder coated steel frame
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Carry bag included for easy transport and storage

This cot is fairly simple that is easy to carry since it weighs under 10 pounds.

The product also has a design that is low to the ground and bars are used instead of legs for providing campers with support. The bars are made of steel and are curvey so you can experience a supported and stable rest while out camping.

The cot features a low-slung design that has a definite form factor that is favorable in a majority of tents and the rounded bars will not damage the bottom of the tent or floor. It can support up to 225 pounds of weight.

In terms of size, this cot measures 74.8 x 30.3 x 6.7 inches, meaning that a majority of users who are less than six-foot-two can sleep comfortably on the cot.

When folded the cot shrinks down to a size of 32 x 7 inches, so it will easily fit in most storage areas and trunks.

The cot’s frame is made out of steel that is powder-coated in order to protect against damage from the elements and to prevent rust. 600-denier polyester is used to provide a robust sleeping area.

  • Lower design that fits in a majority of tents
  • Weighs under ten pounds
  • Have rounded bars instead of pointed legs
  • Easy to set up
  • A carry bag is included
  • Simplicity but less comfort
  • For some people, the cot might be a bit too low

9. BYER OF MAINE EasyCot, Ideal for Camping and Hunting, Indoor Guest Bed, Easy cot, Camp cot, Single/Twin Size – Best Camping Bed For Bad Back

Byer of Maine Easy Cot, Extra Large, 78L X 31W X 18, Heavy Duty, Holds 330 Pounds, Folding Cot, Cot for Sleeping, Comes...#ad
  • No more nights on the ground! Camp in comfort with our...
  • Looking for cots for adults or need an adult-sized folding...
  • This camping cot for adults is incredibly strong for its...
  • The set up is easy for these folding cots for camping and...

This cot has a very easy setup. Many camping sleeping cots are notorious for being very difficult to put together. However, this product unfolds and then folds back very easily. Although the frame is a little heavy it is engineered very well and combined with its 600 denier polyester, will support up to 325 pounds in weight.

As previously mentioned one complaint that many people have about this cot is it is very heavy. Therefore, it may not be too great when you are camping a long distance away and have to carry it from one place to the next. However, it is ideal for car campers. You can just unfold it and forget it. You may need some upper body strength to get it set up initially.

When it comes to value for your money, this is one of the more expensive cots. However, the comfort and all of the advantages of this cot make up the high cost. It is far superior to using an air mattress, and for most people will provide them with a great night’s sleep.

  • Great value for your money
  • Packaged very well to get to you in perfect condition
  • A carry bag is included for storage
  • Can be used instead of an air mattress
  • Very easy to set up
  • Very comfortable and there are no rails underneath that will dig into you
  • Not good for carrying for long distances
  • Fairly heavy

10. Texsport Deluxe Easy Set Up Folding Sleeping Camp Cot – Best Heavy Duty Cot

Texsport Deluxe Easy Set Up Folding Sleeping Camp Cot#ad
  • 75" x 26" x 16"
  • Sturdy aluminum frame with steel legs
  • Water resistant coated 600 denier polyester cover with Hook...
  • Weight limit of 250 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty carry/storage bag with shoulder strap and...

The Texsport Deluxe Folding Camping Cot is the next model we will be reviewing. It is a very convenient, simple, and affordable camping cot.

This camp cot features a rust-resistant sturdy aluminum frame and steel legs. These legs have plastic ends on them so you can safely place this cot in your camping tent or house without damaging the floors.

The cover of the cot is water-resistant and made out of 600D polyester. These are basically the toughest type that is available.

However, with this specific camping cot, some customers have complained about the durability of its covers. In some cases, it wears off after a few months or years of use.

We aren’t really sure what causes this issue. However, the number of reviews that mention the lower-than-expected durability of this cover is something that definitely got our attention.

The polyester cover and sturdy frame allow the camping cot to be able to support up to 250 pounds. This cot weighs 15 pounds. In terms of its dimensions, it measures 75 x 26 x 16 inches, which makes it suitable for people up to around 6 feet tall.

Although it is very easy to fold and unfold the camping tent, its initial setup might take some work. The process of setting the cover up on the frame isn’t very enjoyable.

Be aware that the cutouts that are in the fabric’s corners might be inconvenient if you need as much sleeping room as you can gt.

The cot comes with a 1-year warranty and a carry storage bag.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble
  • Plastic-coated leg ends
  • Waterproof 600D polyester cover
  • Tough aluminum frame
  • Simple design
  • A bit narrow for some people
  • Cover has durability issues

More Products (Our Rating: 4 Stars)

11. VIVO Camping Cot, Portable Fold up Bed, Military Style Cot, Carrying Bag Included
VIVO Green Camping Cot, Fold up Bed, Carrying Bag COT-V01#ad
  • Material sturdy steel constructed frame and legs with...
  • Several Uses including but not limited to-- outings,...
  • Dimensions - Unfolded: 75” L, by 25” W and 16” off the...
  • Included are VIVO Green Cot, Sturdy Carrying Bag with...
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty - This desk comes with a...
12. TETON Sports Universal Camp Cot with Patented Pivot Arm
TETON Sports Universal Camp Cot; Folding Cot Great for Car Camping , Black#ad
  • PIVOT ARM REVOLUTION: Cot setup just became child’s play....
  • STRONG AND STURDY: Reinforced steel X-leg assembly...
  • GET OFF THE GROUND: Take the comfort of a bed to the...
  • SIZE DOES MATTER: Longer than a twin mattress and supports...
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product...
13. ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot
ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot, Green#ad
  • Steel frame is extremely durable and will be sure to provide...
  • Made of 600D Polyester fabric offering ultimate comfort and...
  • Carry bag is included for easy transport and storage
  • Our Lightweight Cot is perfect when you're sleeping...
  • Dimensions: 74" L x 30" W x 7. 5" H, Weight: 9 lbs. 5 oz. ,...
14. Tough Outdoors Camp Cot with Free Organizer & Storage Bag
Tough Outdoors Camp Cot [XL] with Free Organizer & Storage Bag - Military Style Folding Bed for Camping, Traveling,...#ad
  • Elevate Your Sleeping Game: There are two things that can...
  • Rugged & Sturdy: Few people get to know military cots for...
  • Best For Your Next Outdoor Activity: Car camping with the...
  • Easy Set Up & Collapsibility: Got a little extra elbow...
15. Magshion Portable Military Fold Up Camping Bed Cot + Free Storage Bag- 7 Colors | Best Kids Cots
Magshion Portable Military Fold Up Camping Bed Cot with Storage Bag, Red#ad
  • [VERSATILE COT BED] With smart folding design, cot can...
  • [PORTABLE DESIGN] -Folding and easy carrying cot make your...
  • [HEAVY DUTY]Flat Circle Tubes Frame Legs provide more...
  • [STABLE STRUCTURE]U-shaped legs distribute weight to...
  • [DURABLE MATERIAL] Lightweight with sturdy structure and...
16. Therm-a-Rest Ultralite Cot
Therm-a-Rest UltraLite Cot, Regular - 24 x 72 Inches#ad
  • Lightest outdoor cot on the market
  • Compact design fits easily in the included carry-bag
  • Stands up to heavy use
  • Standard and lightweight setup options
  • Fast and easy assembly - no tools required

What is a Camping Cot?

Also called a camping bed, folding cot, or camping cot, a sleeping cot is simply a small, portable bed that can be used for supplementing large bed. They are very lightweight, they usually have a metal frame or wooden frame and have a canvas, nylon, or polyester cover. Since they are lightweight to carry and easy t fold, they are frequently used for trips, camping, at home, and even in hotels. They are the ideal match for individuals who love the great outdoors.

Camping Cots Pros and Cons

Using camping cots have both their advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we will be considering the pros and cons of purchasing and seeping on camping cots.

Pros of Using a Camping Cot

They Are Available In Various Structures

Different brands design camping cots in their own unique ways so they are available in various structures that provide multiple designs for you to choose from. Invest in a well-suited camping cot that meets all of your camping needs perfectly. You can buy a comfortable sleeping cot from a local store or choose to buy one online and have it delivered to your house.

Are Very Comfortable

Camping cots provide a great feeling and give you the chance to enjoy the ultimate in comfort like you would when you are relaxing in your home. Camping cots have been designed to make you feel very comfortable as you sleeping outdoors. It is critical to give yourself a safe and comfortable place to sleep during the night when you are camping. You don’t want to sleep somewhere that causes you to toss and turn all night long. Whenever you have a good place to rest, you will be assured of getting your day started with a fresh feeling so you are prepared to explore your latest adventure.

Very durable

A camping cot is designed to use outdoors and to stand up against rugged conditions. They are usually water-resistant and are very sturdy, so they are excellent to sleep on in wet or rainy conditions.

Camping cots are for outdoor use and are often designed to stand up very well to rugged conditions. They’re very sturdy and often water-resistant, so they’re great to sleep on in rainy or wet conditions.

Easy To Get In And Out Of

There is some outdoor bedding that takes time to snuggle in and out of. However, usually, you can get in and out of a cot quickly.

They Don’t Take Up Much Space

For minimalist campers and backpackers camping cost are their top choice since they take up very little space and fit inside of a small tent. They collapse easily in a small area since they take up less floor space. Also, some camping cots have extra storage where your hiking boots, flashlight, keys, and gadgets can be stored.

Avoid insects and dirt

You might be exposed to all kinds of dangers when sleeping on the ground when you use camping pads and mattresses. When you are camping, you don’t want to find dangerous animals when you wake up or creatures such as wild bugs, pests, or tiny insects crawling in your bed.

Allows the circulation of cool air

Since camping cots are up off of the ground, the air is able to circulate underneath the cot, which creates a cool effect that can critical on hot summer nights.

They Are Raised Up From The Ground

It can be very painful to sleep on weeds, rocks, and sticks. Therefore, you should invest in a comfortable sleeping cot. No matter what the outside weather is, you can enjoy a warmer and drier sleep quite easily when you sleep on a cot when camping. Also, they can help you avoid being uncomfortable since they help your body avoid the cold and uncomfortable ground.

They Are Portable

It is very easy to carry a sleeping cot around since they are so lightweight and you can fold them so they fit inside a backpack. Other types of travel beds are not as portable as camping cots are.

They provide additional storage space

It is practically impossible to stack up extra baggage on the top of a sleeping pad and get a good night’s sleep. However, with a camping cot, there is plenty of space under the bed for storing things. when you are camping you can never have enough storage space and this will increase that for you significantly.

Cons of Using a Camping Cot

Usually, they accommodate just one person

Most camping cots are designing for holding just one sleeper. Although they are sturdy enough for holding the weight of two individuals, its width and height make it impractical to be shared by two people.

For side sleepers can be uncomfortable

If you prefer sleeping on your side, you may experience some discomfort since cots have a tendency to get very taut after there is weight is applied to them, which causes pressure on your shoulder that is pressed into the material of the cot.

Not much space for freely moving around

For sleepers who tend to roll around while they are sleeping, you may end up rolling off of your cot onto the ground.

Some are heavy

Although a majority of camping cots are very lightweight, there some that are heavy and hard to carry around. If you buy a heavy camping cot, it will make it hard to go backpacking.

As you can see, there are both pros and cons to purchasing and owning camping cots. Keep all of this information in mind when you are planning your purchases.

Best Brands of Camping Cots

There are a number of different high-quality manufacturers that make camping cots. We have included all of them here:

  • Coleman – Probably the best-known camping equipment maker. Although their equipment is not always the best quality, it is always affordable.
  • Teton – This company is one of the best manufacturers of all kinds of outdoor equipment that is available today.
  • Byer of Maine – This small, family-owned company from Maine make high-quality hammocks and cots.
  • Kamp Rite – This small company makes a line of camping gear that includes tents cots, stoves, and the Kamp-Rite cot, of course.

Buying Guide: Tips On How To Choose The Best Camping Cot

1. Camping Cot Uses

Cots used for camping purposes are useful for a number of outdoor activities such as canoe camping, hiking, skiing, supported-bike trips, and even for car camping activities.

The sleeping cots become essential for the longer term camping scenarios such as base camps and research trips where it becomes well worth the effort to pack additional weight and bulk to achieve better comfort.

2. Materials

In most cases, the camping cots are made from nylon and polyester. There are even a few models made from cotton. We suggest you choose the type that is made from polyester or a nylon fabric. When you compare these fabrics to cotton, they are much easier to keep clean. In addition to being more difficult to clean, the cotton materials also take a lot longer to dry. If you plan your camping trips around humid and hot weather, look for mesh fabric cots as they are far cooler for warmer weather.

The typical camping cots are manufactured with aluminum frames. This material is lightweight and strong. If you prefer a heavy-duty model, look for the cots that feature steel frames. This is the frame types that can handle more weight. If you are worried about what type of weight the cot can handle check on the weight-rating from the manufacturers.

3. The Size

The camp cots come in various sizes, with a standard size of around 25 inches in width and 75 inches in length. The majority of adults fit comfortably on these sized cots. If you are tall in comparison to the average height of an adult, you should be looking for cots that offer a longer length. At the same time, if you weigh more than the average adult, there are also cots that measure up to 40-inches in width. The camping cots also come in shorter versions, if you are interested in camping cots for the kids.

These portable cots will usually fit easily into the tents made for 1 to 2 people and weigh around 3 pounds. The portable camping cots are typically designed for backpacker use. However, if you decide to purchase this type of cot, you need to understand that they are very minimalist. They are also not too high off the ground, and the lower weight-capacity means they are also not very durable.

To ensure you are investing in the right cot make sure you first measure the tent you plan to use the cot in before you place your order. Then use the cot measurements to determine how many can fit in your tent. If you find out that the cot does not match up to your tent, you may need to invest in a larger sized family tent.

4. Ease Of Assembly

Similar to tents, some of the camping cots will be a lot easier to assemble than others. Some models simply require unfolding, there are others that will require poles that need to be threaded or/and locking the frame pieces into place.

5. Storage

Camping equipment often takes up space, which is why it might be a good idea to look at the camping cots that are able to fold into a more compact size for the purposes of storage. The more minimalistic and lighter camping cots usually fold up a lot smaller when compared to the cots that feature padding which takes up a lot more space.

6. Weight

The camping cots with aluminum frames weigh around 18 pounds. However, you can also find camping cots that weigh as little as 3 pounds. These are the cots that are made for backpacking and hiking trips. The weight will depend on what materials were used in the manufacturing process.

Weight is usually not a concern when you go camping and you park your car right opposite your camping site. Yet when it comes to all the other items you will need to take with on your camping trip, some people still prefer the lightweight cots. The cots that feature aluminum frames are usually lighter when compared to a camping cot with a steel frame. If you are under the average height you might be able to get a shorter cot which will lower the overall weight.

7. Portability

Even when you are not taking your camp cot backpacking or hiking, keep in mind that you will still need to transport it to and from the campsite. Some of the camp cots have thought about portability in their designs. There are various brands that fold up into compact sizes which fit inside storage bags which makes them easier to transport.

8. Weight Accommodation

All the camping cots are made to hold a person up to a specific weight. Most can handle a maximum weight of 300 pounds, yet there are camping cots made to hold as much as 600 pounds. The cots that are wider are made to fit 2 people at the same time will have a higher weight limit, like the cots that feature steel frames.

9. Comfort

Regardless of whether you are side or back sleeper, a camping bed that is comfortable will always provide a much-needed upgrade when compared to camping pads or sleeping bags.

The camping cot frame should never interfere with the use of the cot. In addition, any other person that is sleeping close to the cot will not want to hear any squeaking or creaking noises when the user starts to move around. This has an overall effect on the comfort associated with the other campers.

10. Durability

Camping cots are not a cheap investment, especially for a product that is decent. You should, for this reason, expect that your purchase is durable and that it should last for a few years.

The overall durability of a camping cot has a lot to do with the materials that were chosen in the construction. The surfaces should be flat and taut, with silent springs and a strong, yet lightweight frame. The lightweight materials are usually made from aluminum, while the heavier materials are made from steel.

11. Cot Legs

There are different types of leg setups when it comes to camping cots which will differ from one brand to the next. Some of these provide more strength and stability, while others are more geared towards an easier setup. The choices range from the X-legs ( one X at each end of the cot), the C-legs ( 2 X curved bars which run from one side to the other), or the vertical legs ( 1 leg on every corner along with extra legs on each side of the camping cot).

12. Cot Feet

The camping cots with X legs or vertical legs have most of the weight distributed into the feet. Due to this, these cots could cause damages to the floor of the tent. If you choose vertical or X legs make sure the feet have been capped with rubber in order to provide protection to the floor.

13. Height

It is also important to think about the distance from the ground to the frame. This might not be something you are too concerned about, but for individuals with mobility or joint problems, the correct height becomes essential in order to stand up from one of these cots. If you suffer from joint issues, think about a height that suits you best.

14. Accessories

The latest camping cots come with various accessories and there are a few that are well worth it. Some of these include:

Side tables

This is definitely a useful feature where you are able to keep items like your glasses, a drink, and your phone.

Storage pockets

This is also a handy feature which provides a way to store reading materials or any other miscellaneous items that may get lost.

Carry case

This is more of a necessity than a feature. It is important that you have a way to store and carry your camping cot. It should also come with carry handles or a shoulder strap.

Foam mattress

If you need more comfort when you go camping, you may want to consider a camp cot that comes with a foam mattress. There are even models that come with spring-coil mattresses that provide ultimate comfort when you are away from home.

Rubber feet

Many of the cots feature rubber feet to stop the cot from scratching the floor or tearing up the tent.

Mosquito Netting

Some camping areas are known for infestations of mosquitoes, and by investing in netting you can be assured of a better nights sleep.

15. Return Policy And Warranty

Camping cots do cost a fair amount of money, with many that run into hundreds of dollars, and they should last for a number of years. For these reasons, you should be looking for the camping cots that come with a reliable return policy and great warranties.

Most of the camping cots will come with 1-year limited warranties, which means it covers any manufacturing defects, yet not general wear-and-tear caused by the normal use of the product. There are a few brands that provide lifetime warranties, yet this longer term usually doesn’t mean much if these terms are limited to just defects.

The 30-day return policies are standard when it comes to the majority of camping cots, yet there are a few brands that provide trial periods that are longer. Think about trying your camping cot out at home as soon as you have made the purchase.

16. Budget

It is important to decide on what you are prepared to spend on a camping cot that will match up to your requirements. If you are prepared to spend money on a camping cot we advise going for the well-known brands that offer great qualities. If you are on a limited budget make sure you still choose a product that is reliable and durable.


Getting to your camping destination only to realize that you have forgotten something important, such as specific tools that you can use to assemble your equipment is going to cause a lot of frustration for you. Most camping cots come equipped with small tools that you will need to use when you are assembling everything and getting ready to use the cots. It helps to know more about the steps you are going to need to take to properly assemble these cots before you get started on your trip.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Camping Cot

No matter what type of camping cot you decide to purchase, there are simple tips you should know about to get the most out of it.

Take It With You on Vacation

Although great for camping in general, you can benefit from taking your cot with you whenever you are going on any kind of vacation, even if you are planning to stay in a hotel. The cots are lightweight and easy enough to travel around with. A good camping cot is something you can use while you are on the beach or when you are hanging out poolside with family and friends.

Let Guests Use It

If you plan to have guests sleeping over your house at some point, you can let them sleep on your comfortable camping cot to ensure that they get as much rest as possible. These cots offer back support and comfort to those that sleep on them. Because they are portable, you can put them in any room where your guests will sleep, such as a spare bedroom, living room, or even in the basement of the home.


Aside from letting your guests use the camping cot when they spend the night, you can let your children use it when they have some friends over. You may host sleepover parties for your children and having a few spare cots means providing a comfortable place for the children to sleep.

Tips on Keeping Your Cot in Excellent Condition

If you are investing your money into a camping cot, you should know how to properly maintain it to keep it in excellent condition because then you can continue to use it for many years.

  • Avoid putting it in a spot where it will easily get dirty.
  • Make sure to clean the cot each time it gets used.
  • Put the unused cot in a bag when storing it away.
  • Be careful when you are unfolding the cot to use it.
  • Take a good look at the cot before using it to inspect it for any potential problems.
  • Have it repaired if you spot any issues, such as small holes.
  • Keep the cover to the cot clean.

If you happen to notice a problem with your cot, it helps to know how to properly handle the issue. If you are having a difficult time setting it up or if you feel that something is not working correctly, you will need to talk to the sellers to find out what you can do to fix it.


Is it possible to place camping cots next to one another to create more room for sleeping?

Although it is possible to place these cots next to one another to create a larger sleeping area, it is not recommended because you will not feel very comfortable. When trying to get rest, you will end up feeling the metal frames of the camping cot, which could easily cause some discomfort for you.

Can you put a mattress on top of the cot?

While you can place a mattress of the same size on top of the camping cot, it is not going to provide the maximum amount of comfort. In fact, the mattress could end up sagging down a bit while on top of the cot. If your mattress is quite heavy, it will make things even worse and it could even cause the cot to tip over. Overall, it is better to avoid putting anything other than your body on top of the cot.

What sheets are best to use when sleeping on one of these cots?

It is best to use water-resistant sheets, but you may use traditional sheets that you have at home. These sheets may be longer than the cot and could hang down to the ground, but you can always make adjustments by tucking the sheet underneath you.

Is it a good idea to sleep on a camping cot?

Sleeping on one of these cots is far better for you than sleeping directly on the ground. It will leave you feeling much more comfortable while preventing back pain and body aches that you might experience when lying directly on the ground.


Having a camping cot while camping or vacationing could mean the difference between feeling completely uncomfortable and feeling extremely comfortable. Because you want to feel good wherever you go, you should invest in one of these quality cots. You will not regret it when you are resting and feeling cozy while out on your camping adventure.


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Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot#ad
Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | Folding ComfortSmart Camp Cot with Mattress Pad#ad
Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, The Leader in Off-The-Ground Camping, Rainfly and Carry Bag Included, Holds 350lbs, Sets up...#ad
Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot#ad
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Editor’s Choice & Best Seller
Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | Folding ComfortSmart Camp Cot with Mattress Pad#ad
Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | Folding ComfortSmart Camp Cot with Mattress Pad#ad
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Professional's Choice
Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, The Leader in Off-The-Ground Camping, Rainfly and Carry Bag Included, Holds 350lbs, Sets up...#ad
Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, The Leader in Off-The-Ground Camping, Rainfly and Carry Bag Included, Holds 350lbs, Sets up...#ad
Price not available
Our Rating
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Best Value
Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot#ad
Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot#ad
Our Rating
Read Full Review
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