20 Best Deer Attractants (2021): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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Best Deer Attractants

Deer attractants have proven themselves to be the very best vibe lately in the industry. They can help you lure a deer out into the open, so you have a great chance to wind up shooting them like a pro. The market has also made a variety of attractants available to consumers.

However, if you go out shopping for them, it’s possible that you wouldn’t get the very best product until after quite a few hours of going through things, and along the way, you can get easily overwhelmed by how many varieties you’ll wind up encountering. If you don’t pick the best deer attractant from all these varieties, then your day out in the field is going to be a long one.

So, just how do you pick the best deer bait or attractant which corresponds to the kind of deer that you’d like to hunt or the specific deer season that you are hunting in? The right answer for this question unlocks the key to your successful deer hunting using these attractants.

If you have always wanted to eat a dish of savory venison each week, then the following deer attractants can make that a reality.

1. Conquest Scents EverCalm Deer Herd Scent Stick – Editor’s Choice & Best Seller

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This is possibly the oldest calming formula in the world which can really help you hunt down prey with ease. It’s a great choice if you get this scent for your deer hunting.

The stick can work really well in nearly all sorts of situations. Also, you can use it pretty easily. Until now, there hasn’t been anyone that’s discovered a leakage issue in terms of this stick. It isn’t going to easily spill or make a mess.

This product is basically a collection of many odors from the bedding areas of whitetail deer. The deer is then going to feel safe and comfortable in any area where you put this scent down.

That’s a reason why the deer is going to calm down and act quite politely once it smells this scent. This makes it easier to shoot the animal.

The scent won’t just calm deer but also attract quite a few other animals that are around you. The scent is great for use in nearly every season.

  • Eligible to be used in all kinds of weather.
  • The scent calms and attracts at the same time.
  • The deer are likely to come near to you without hesitation.
  • The odors of the bedding areas of deer are used in making the scent.
  • Can cover up human odors in all conditions.
  • It sometimes attracts other animals like bears and fox.
  • The scent isn’t going to last more than a few days if heavy rain is falling.

2. Buck Bomb Doe in Estrus Hunting Scents

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Do you wonder how to lure cruising bucks up to your stand? The Buck Bomb attractant makes it easy. It has 6.65 ounces of fresh and pure Doe Estrus Whitetail urine from deer that are in heat, coming in a convenient aerosol can. That’s crucial, because you can spray this formulation intermittently.

Also, you can lock it down to disperse the contents all on its own, making it quite user-friendly. On top of that, it’s especially designed for use in both a pre-rut and the actual rut so it’s able to attract the mature bucks.

Additionally, this particular attractant works almost like magic considering how the scent sticks to anything and everything that it comes into contact with, be it crops, eaves, logs or anything else, which means it leaves a really attractive scent trail that leads bucks right to you. However, there’s still more to this scent.

Naturally, it will put up a barrier between your game and you. This is why it’s likely the best deer attractant on this list. It’s got a great shelf life, as it can remain in good condition as long as 3 years. This can has been designed in a way where oxygen and UV lights aren’t able to penetrate the interior, which lowers the odds of degradation.

If that’s not all enough, then the custom nozzle atomizes a single drop of urine into 3,000 distinct particles, meaning that it is able to travel significant distances downwind towards the animal location.

  • Great shelf life.
  • Leaves along an attractive scent trail while it travels.
  • Puts up a barrier between your game and you.
  • Customized nozzle can be used in any direction.
  • Fast, easy operation.
  • Has to be used all at once, otherwise it will leak out slowly.

3. Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure – Best Value

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The scent is the biggest advantage behind this particular material. Pure natural ingredients get used for making this scent. The scent is made from pure natural doe estrous coming from whitetail does in their estrous cycle.

That’s why you’ll easily lure a buck. You can get a great result by using this product in either the pre-rut or the rut season. You need to soak the drags of this scent if you want to get the most impact.

You should know that there aren’t any harmful chemicals used in making this scent. So, you’re able to use this particular scent free of the worry of getting a disease or something.

Even though the manufacturer made this for luring bucks, it sometimes can be used for the luring of other animals as well. This scent can get stored for up to a year.

You won’t have to freeze it to maintain it. Just keep the scent at room temperature, and it’s capable of doing its best at any time.

  • The user is able to use this particular scent anytime they want.
  • It’s capable of attracting a lot of bucks even after a long time.
  • It’s also capable of luring in other animals of many other regions along with bucks.
  • Can be put into effect in a short span of time.
  • Lures in bucks from greater distances.
  • Users need to avoid touching the scent with their bare hands, as it has hazardous chemicals in the formula.

4. Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage – Professional’s Choice

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If you’re hunting during or near the conclusion of a fall season, then this one is a good choice. It’s one of the better ones out there in terms of putting off smells that come really close to acorns as possible short of using the genuine article.

The maker claims that this product releases over six times as much scent as other typical deer attractants. This is all due to the patented Airborne Technology which creates a long-ranging scent vapor trail that draws in deer from distances even weeks even after it gets placed out.

It comes in three different variants along with the original.

  • There’s no mixing necessary.
  • It is filled with rack-building nutrition.
  • Quite a strong scent is sometimes overwhelming if working in a big hunting spot.
  • Expensive.

5. Nationwide Scents Deer Attractant Scent Lure, Purest, Fresh UNFROZEN Natural Peak Estrus Whitetail Deer Pheromones Urine, Doe in Estrus Scent

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Nationwide Scents makes this one. It can put out its effect pretty quickly. Even many expert hunters are going to suggest that you use doe. It can lure bucks to you quicker than many other products.

In this one, estrus scent urine is what replicates does in heat. It’s proven that this particular scent can mask human scents so bucks won’t know you’re there.

Even a strong human odor won’t be detected over this scent. Bucks behave quite normally when they smell this. This scent doesn’t cause serious disease in anyone. As such, anyone hunting can use this.

The purest of deer urine lures in bucks so quickly that you’ll get a buck in no time. The scent is also strong enough that it should spread fast even across a long distance.

  • It’s capable of luring bucks faster than similar scents.
  • Won’t give human scents a chance to alert the animals.
  • Doe urine keeps up performance and quality.
  • Powerful enough to lure in bucks from even greater distances.
  • The scent doesn’t trigger disease.
  • The scent stays strong, although some users aren’t comfortable around the scent.

6. Evolved Habitat Deer Cane Block

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This top-rated liquid form deer attractant contains minerals in a liquefied form which will make deers go mad.

Made from nutritious, and highly active minerals, it works in the way of reacting with moisture in the soil and then discharges vapors which will attract any bucks close to the area.

As a result, the does and bucks in close vicinity will come to find the source. As soon as they find it they will gnaw and lick at this mineralized soil, giving you the perfect opportunity to trap them.

Locating a field that you would like to lure the animals to will involve some effort. To begin with, you will need to find a site that is reasonable to use this attractant. The second part of the process involves removing any vegetation that surrounds this area, at least a 4-feet diameter. The last step involves pouring the entire product into the soil.

This is a liquid deer attractant that is also used by a number of professional photographers. This is an effective method to lure deer which is made possible by attracting them to a food source that they crave. This offers photographers will more than enough opportunities to obtain a number of great photographs.

I myself have used this product for a number of years with outstanding success. In actual fact, the effects of this attractant in the soil have the ability to last for a number of years. I first poured the product in an area about 3 years back and I find that the bucks and does return year after year.

  • Benefits the overall health of these bucks
  • Cheap
  • Long-lasting effects
  • You won’t need to reapply the product
  • A great tool for photographers interested in observing deer
  • You will need to clear the site of any vegetation first

7. Tink’s #1 Doe-P Deer Lure

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If you are looking for a product that attracts both does and bucks, then Tink’s #1 Doe-P Deer Lure would be a worthwhile investment. Similar to all the other attractants from the Tink’s brand it offers a squirt top and an easy-to-carry bottle which provides an effortless application.

This product is recommended for post and pre-rut season, as it is made from doe urine which will make any deer curious. I watched many does visit the areas where I had applied the scent, and they all remained very calm the entire time. At such an attractive price point it really is worth a try.

  • Easy to apply and carry
  • Attracts both doe and buck
  • Made from doe urine
  • Very affordable
  • This product will sometimes not work during the month of spring
  • The bottle is small which means you cannot get multiple uses out of the product

8. Antler King Honey Hole Mix

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The Honey Hole Mix is a quick and fast food plot made up of 5 varieties of unique brassicas. This product works well for the winter and fall season and provides an irresistible food source for a nearby deer herd.

The standout feature about the Honey Hole Mix is that it can thrive with no or little tilling, which means just about anyone can easily establish a honey hole of their own. This product will easily thrive in just about any soil condition and is known for producing very healthy and heavy vegetation.

You also will not need any additional equipment or tools to establish your food plot. Honey Hole is very palatable over the cooler months after these plants are exposed to hard frost. This process causes the stored starch in the plants to convert into a sweet sugar. Honey Hole offers an irresistible energy source which deer require in order to survive.

  • Easy to establish and grows fast
  • Tolerant to the cold
  • Continuously attracts deer and does
  • Eco-friendly
  • Produces a healthy and thick vegetation
  • You will need to wait a while for the plant to establish
  • Not all of the seeds are going to germinate even when you use a treatment of Antler Kings Ultra Coat Orange

9. Tink’s Rut Smokin Sticks

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One of the easiest attractants to use includes the incense sticks. Similar to the Red incense sticks that are used in the Asian Shrines, these sticks release volatile and fragrant chemicals when they burn, driving out the bad spirits and attracting people. When it comes to the Tink’s Smokin Sticks, this product works on attracting deer.

Does and deer have an outstanding sense of smell, and can easily pick up a scent from as far as 100 yards away. Before hunting, it is important not to use scented body soaps or deodorant as the deer will definitely pick up your scent and then avoid the area. It is also useful to bring along airtight Ziplock bags for storing items and clothing to stop the scents from escaping.

This product is an immediate deer trap. The Tink’s Smokin Sticks come in a pack of 6 pieces. This product is very cheap and 1 stick can burn up to 2 hours. If you have not managed to catch a deer in the 2-hour duration, don’t worry as the fragrance from the incense will linger for a long time, offering you with more opportunities to lure the deer into a trap.

The other added advantage of these incense sticks is that they mask human odors. They also fill up the area quickly where you are set up which will cover just about any other scent traces.

Tink’s Smokin Sticks is a powerful and effective tool to attract deer into the direction that you would like them to go. For this reason, it also works well for the wildlife photographers who would like to take close up shots in close proximity.

Unlike some of the attractants that only work in a specific season, this scent works for any season. This means you can use these incense sticks throughout the year.

  • Deer can smell this scent easily from far away
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Attracts bucks quickly
  • Can mask the odors of humans
  • Cheap
  • You can use this product for any season
  • Sweet smell
  • Only lasts for a day (this is not really a con if you only plan to attract deer on that day)

10. Evolved Habitat Stump Licker

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The Evolved Habitats Stump Licker is one of the best attractants you can use to attract deer for hunting season. It is made up of a mixture of molasses and minerals which is made to pour over logs and stumps which results in an effective mineral-packed site that will lure deer.

This mixture contains a number of beneficial nutrients which deer crave and it provides these bucks with a tasty treat that will keep them coming back for more.

If you have been looking for an eco-friendly method to get rid of stumps lying around your yard, then this deer attractant can definitely help, as the deer will gnaw on these soaked stumps until they are gone.

This is an attractant that works on reacting with moisture, which results in the release of a molasses and sweet aromas that does and bucks find irresistible. This is one of the best attractants to lure deer to a site of your choosing.

This product is available in a 1-gallon jug so you can use it for a number of repeat applications. You can also use this handy jug for storing other products once this product is finished.

  • Quick and easy
  • Powerful
  • Encourage deer habitat
  • Can be used throughout the year
  • Encourages the destruction of stumps or logs
  • The liquid is thin and could run into the soil
  • Attracts bugs and ants

More Products (Our Rating: 4 Stars)

11. Code Blue Actual Urine

No products found.

12. Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral/Vitamin Deer Mineral Supplement

No products found.

13. Evolved Habitat Buck Jam Ripe Apple

No products found.

14. Evolved Habitats Black Magic Liquid Deer Attractant

No products found.

15. Evolved Habitats Raisin Cane Deer Attractant

No products found.

16. Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage 5.5-Pounds Bag

No products found.

17. Buck Wheatz Advanced Deer Attractant

No products found.

18. Antler King 5EG Attractants, Blocks, Minerals, and Supplements, End Game Attractant

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19. WINA APL6 Apple Obsession Deer

No products found.

20. Mossy Oak BioLogic Addiction Chestnut Magic Whitetail Attractant

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Types of Deer Attractant

The deer attractants come in different formulations and varieties and they are also used very differently. Over the next section, we will give you more information on the different types. This will hopefully help you to decide which product will work best for your needs.

1. Deer Scent Attractants

The scents come in a spray form which is made up of real or imitation pheromones derived from deer. There are 2 ways to use these products. You could spray the product directly into the air and wait for the breeze to spread the scent further or you could apply the spray to foliage or a common food source that deer prefer eating.

2. Liquid Attractants

The liquids are like the spray products, yet the application of these forms is conducted with the assistance of a dedicated wick. The wick on one end is hooked up to a source, which you carry, while the other side will drag across the ground as you walk through a specific space or environment. This is a false scent that will attract the deer closer to you. The way these products are designed to work is that you are getting the deer to come closer to you instead of trying to track them down on your own.

3. Food Plot Attractants

Food sources are one of the popular alternatives that are used nowadays. With this option, you can either plant seeds or buy ready-to-eat food sources. Regardless of which option you choose, this food source will need to be used at your hunting site.

4. Mineral Attractants

The solids are another popular deer attractant to use. Ruminants which include deer, sheep, goats, and cows are attracted to licking mineral salts. This deer attractant comes in blocks that you can buy. They are very easy to use and all you need to do is position them in your yard or along your hunting trail to get the deer where you want them to go.

5. Powder Attractants

The powders are generally combined with a food source such as corn or any other food source that deer enjoy eating. These attractants also contain mineral salts. To use this product you can either sprinkle the powder directly over the soil or you can dig a hole of about 2 feet and then mix the powder into the soil. Since bucks are attracted to these smells, they will paw at the ground to try and get to the source.

How Do Deer Attractants Work?

The deer attractants are commonly used for luring deer into wandering into an open space which gives the hunter the upper hand when it comes to hunting a buck. The attractant works on tempting these animals with the aromas from the food that they love. Yet these attractants also work on promoting the health of these animals by giving them beneficial minerals and vitamins they require to thrive.

Since these attractants also add a health benefit for the deer, it is best to use a deer attractant a few months before hunting season. By allowing the deer to consume these attractants, this will result in stronger and healthier bucks for you to hunt, which in turn results in far better meat.

Buying Guide: Important Things To Consider Prior To Buying Deer Attractant

Obviously, not all deer attractants are going to work to lure deer into your yard during hunting season. Thus, you’ll need to fully understand how deer attractant works and make the best possible decision prior to your purchase in order to make the right choice. There are many determining factors that you’ll want to consider prior to your purchase. The more you understand the different factors the higher your success rate will be.

Types of Deer

Not all deer are the same, thus, not all deer are going to have the same behavior. Deer come in different sizes and there are different regions in North America’s that have different types of deer. Some regions will have a preference for one attractant over another. What works well in one region may not work at all in another region. Different regions have different food sources and deer may have a specific preference. Many products that are advertised will be advertised as the ideal option for specific types of deer in specific regions. It’s important to understand which attractant will work the best in your specific region. You’ll want to ask questions and read labels carefully before you buy. Choosing something that will work well in a southern region may not work at all in a northern region. Take great care in determining the exact region and attractant to use.

Hunting Season

During the fall “rut” season deer are mating and working on increasing the herds. There are three specific phases to rut. The first phase is called “pre-rut” then, there is the “Peak of rut”, and finally, “Post-rut”. Pre-rut usually happens during late summer as breeding will happen in the fall. Post-rut comes as winter approaches. Each phase has different behaviors in the deer. Understanding these different behaviors can also help hunters to choose the right attractant for the season.

During Pre-rut, the bucks are going to be spending a lot of time in the meadows and fields. They’ll be eating together and trying to store up their energy for the rut. This is the time to choose a powder form or a food attractant for your needs. Deer are saving up their energy so they are going to want to eat without exerting any extra energy. Make it easy for them. Choose food that they need to save their energy.

During the breeding phase, the bucks are seeking does in a relentless manner. They will work hard at this all day long. Thus, you’ll want to select a strong scent that will draw them in. These scents come in liquids and sprays and offer up amazing results. Many are so strong that you’ll think that they stink, however, the deer will love them.

Post-rut is due to decreased activity of the whitetail. These animals will be moving around less and trying to conserve what energy they have left. You’ll want to go back to a food attractant in order to find these guys. Powders and solids work very well. They’re not going to have the energy left to go hunting so put it right out for them. Powders and solids should draw them right to the food source and right to your target site.

Understanding that the different attractants work differently in different seasons will go far to help you in your hunting endeavors.


It’s vital to have the proper information regarding the region that you’re hunting in. This can help you to select the right attractant for the region. You’ll want the proper food that these particular regions have in order to draw your target in.

If there is an abundance of food you may need to go elsewhere, they’re not going to be interested in what you have if they already have an abundant food source. In such situations, you may have to resort to mineral blocks and scents to draw them in. Powders may also work well for this type of situation. You’ll want to give them something that isn’t in abundance that they really enjoy to distract them enough to bring them in.


First and foremost, you don’t want to go against the laws of the region that you’re hunting in. Regardless of whether you’re out hunting for sport or food, it’s wise to ensure that you’re not breaking any of the laws in the region wherein you’re hunting. Deer baiting isn’t allowed in some states yet in others you’re allowed to set out bait.

There are also regions where you can feed the deer legally, but, you can’t feed them in an effort to hunt them. There are states where you can only bait them on private property or you aren’t allowed to use sweet potatoes to bait them (Louisana). Always make sure that you’ve done your homework and understand all of the legalities before you plan out your hunting trip. Check the legislation for the local area that you’re planning to hunt.

Brand of Attractant

There are many different brands of attractant and you won’t have to worry so much about the brand as the reviews. Read the reviews of peers and find out what worked well for them and where before you invest in an attractant. Read the forums and find out what they liked, why they liked it and read their advice, it just may save you from a poor investment.

The Ultimate Guide To Deer Food Plots

If you’re going to design a plot to attract deer to your personal property or another specific area, make sure that you’ve planned it out far in advance.

Well planned out plots are going to help you to keep them coming back on a daily basis.

These steps will go far in helping you to plan out a good deer food plot:

1. Know the laws in the region where you’re planning a deer food plot

Certain states won’t allow you to use a food plot during specific times as they don’t want the deer to become a nuisance to people residing there.

2. Choose your location carefully

Make sure that it’s in a strategic place where you can easily lure the deer in and be friendly to them. When considering the ideal plot you’ll want to make sure that the area is far away from roads.

Make sure that the area is away from gardens and areas that are prone to erosion as well as flooding. Consider any potential damages should erosion or flooding occur.

Test the pH of the soil in the area where you want to put your plot to ensure that it will match the crop requirements for your plot.

If you’ve managed to make it this far, prepare the area for planting. Remove any bushes, trees, weeds, etc. Use the proper equipment to prepare the soil and then continue to the next step.

3. Planting is your next step

Consider your plant options and what will work best for your area. Be wise. You want to bring the deer in. Don’t give them what they already have. Read over a list of what they enjoy and consider what isn’t readily available in your area before you plant. Good ideas include proteins such as alfalfa, turnips, soybeans, peas, acorns, oats, wheat, or something similar that they will enjoy. This way, they’ll overlook their current food sources in favor of yours.

Write down several options and head to your nearest feed store and choose a few. Read over the instructions and talk to the locals before you buy. Don’t forget that you’re going to require fertilizer as well.

4. Extra tips

You’re nearly done but these extra tips will go far in helping you to make the best choices and decisions on your new Deer Food Plot.

  • Make sure that there is a water source at or near your plot. Deer get thirsty too. They’ll visit more frequently if you have a water tank, pond, watering hole or some other source of water.
  • Keep your pets away from the area. The moment a deer detects the scent of pets they will leave, for good.
  • Deer love tall grass as well. Plant some grass for them so that they’ll have nice comfortable beds to rest in.
  • Add some extra scents such as scent sticks, scent wicks, apple flavors, a salt block and other things that they enjoy.
  • Remove any fencing that may keep them out.

Most people don’t know these secret tips and will fail at a few of them. The more tips utilized the higher the success rate.

Tips for Using Deer Attractants

Read the tips and tricks online and in the store before you buy an attractant. The more you know and understand the more likely you are to be successful.

  • Use attractants that have a slightly different scent in your plot. The more customized the deer are to a specific attractant the less interested they are going to be over the course of time.
  • Use the right attractant for your specific needs. Don’t choose one just because you think it will work, make sure that you’re choosing the one that will attract the exact kind of deer that you’re seeking.
  • Make sure that you’re attracting the deer with the right attractant for the particular season. Many formulas are designed for specific seasons. Otherwise, it may not work as you’re planning.
  • Use a combination of methods to ensure your success.
  • Pay attention to the direction of the wind and how the deer move in a particular area to ensure your success. Keep in mind that you’ll want to choose your attractant according to the specific season as well as the specific region.
  • Important! Never use the attractant directly on your person! You will be vulnerable to being attacked by a deer if you do this and you may risk serious injury or even death if you do so. You may also become sick if you apply the attractant to your person.

The more of these tips that you follow the more likely it is you’ll be successful. Do your homework. Make sure that you’ve read everything you can find on the specific region that you’ll be hunting in and that you fully understand what season it is before you purchase your attractant. Attractants are easy to use when you fully understand how to use them. Read the directions. Follow the directions.


Make notes on what worked and what didn’t when you’re purchasing products. Last years notes can be very helpful for you in determining what products to choose. Spread the product out smoothly and evenly and follow the directions on the label. Store the attractants in a safe and cool dry place to retain freshness. Lock them up to prevent accidental poisonings.

Proper use of attractants is vital to the success of a hunting trip. Always apply such products cautiously in order to prevent any spills on person, clothing, or clumping it. The more care taken to use it properly the safer the person using it will be.

Avoid overusing attractant. Remember, a little goes a long way. If you’re seeking that trophy buck following these tips will go far in helping you to come back with that trophy.


Best Deer Attractants ( Top 3 Picks )

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