16 Best Pit Bikes for Adults & Kids (2021): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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  • Why should an Adult Buy the a Pit Bike?
  • Why purchase a pit bike rather than a dirt bike?
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Best Pit Bikes

One of the hypes that continue to grow in the world of Motorcross includes the pit bikes. These bikes are smaller versions of the full-sized dirt bikes which are nothing new, yet their popularity and reputation have increased immensely as more riders are starting to realize that these are dirt bikes that cater to adults as well.

Now some of you might wonder what an adult can do with one of these pit bikes, we are here to tell you more in our comprehensive Pit Bike review. It may even convince some of you to go out an buy one for yourself to start enjoying some fun with your friends in your back yard.

These mini versions of the dirt bike were designed originally to get around the pits easily and this is where the name came from. These compact bikes are convenient and versatile and many people agree that they offer a lot of entertainment and fun. It is also worthwhile noting that even the top pit bike brands are not able to provide the speeds that a standard dirt bike will.

With this in mind, even if you own the very best pit bike available, the largest engine at 250cc still does not offer the torque that is matched up with the dirt bikes. Many of the engines on pit bike range from 50cc to 110cc with a few that reach 150cc. Regardless of these differences in engine capabilities, here is a list of the top-rated pit bikes for the adult pit bike fans in our review of these bikes found below.

In general, even the top pit bikes cannot be compared to a dirt bike, yet they are the ideal choice for beginners looking for the thrill offered by riding on a two-wheel, gas-powered machine. The pit bikes are easier when it comes to riding are more affordable and crashes are generally more manageable.

1. APOLLO 250cc – Editor’s Choice | Best Seller | Professional’s Choice

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The Agb-36 stands out when it comes to this overall review due to its engine. It features the largest engine you will find when it comes to pit bikes. This includes a 250cc engine which offers a 16 horsepower maximum output. This large motor provides this pit bike with performance potential that is superior, and it is able to overcome the trails that many of the pit bikes are unable to travel over. There are even reports that this bike can reach up to 70 MPH.

Yet the performance credentials of this particular pit bike extends much further than just its engine. It also comes with a full-size frame which is able to comfortably carry and accommodate a full-sized adult. It has a load capacity of 400 pounds, which is at this stage is the highest in this class. This bike offers disc brakes which are found in the rear and front which offers stopping capabilities that are superior, along with shock absorbers of a professional grade.

While some users have complained about the strange riding position, this Apollo model has still scored high due to its outstanding performance potential. With the very best performance in this class combined with high-quality parts, it is able to deliver in the way that very few of the other brands can. Don’t let the unassuming design trick you, this is a beast of a pit bike.

2. Apollo DB-X18 125cc – Runner Up

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The Apollo brand is well-known as a top industry leader in regards to producing pit bikes of the highest quality. This DB-X18 has continued with this tradition. It features a frame that is slightly larger with the 17/14 inch wheels and 36.5-inch height for the seat, this bike can accommodate a full-sized adult with ease which is more than we can say for many other pit bikes out there. This pit bike offers a number of excellent features which translates into superior performance over most terrains.

The DB-X18 is powered by a 125CC, air-cooled, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine which produces sufficient power to get this bike to a top speed of 55 MPH. This power is made possible through the 4-speed manual transmission. The stopping power is more than adequate which comes through the hydraulic disc brakes which are found in both the rear and the front. The bigger wheels assist with improved handling and traction.

It comes as no surprise that this pit bike has achieved some noteworthy reviews. The superior power and size are what assists this bike in accommodating adults easily, while the comprehensive performance features offer the bike with excellent braking, cornering abilities and speed. If you are in search of a pit bike that is classified as high-performance, this model will not disappoint you.

3. Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike 80CC 2.5HP with Suspension (MM-B80-BRS) – Best Value

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The outstanding 80CC valve-motor along with a programmed handle provides an easy way to ride this bike. The comfortable fit and spacious spring-loaded footrests, the super-hold tires, and the gas-and-gas design guarantee controlled and smooth riding even over rough terrain.

Built solidly with polypropylene, it also comes with no-mark bumpers and a reinforced steel-edge cylinder which adds to the durability you will need to overcome even the toughest of areas.

It features an engine-stop switch, warm fume-hood, and a chain-watch, this is one of the pit bikes that has your safety and well-being in mind. The rear clutch-brake is hand-worked which offers a reliable and protected braking system.

4. MotoTec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w

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The main reason the Moto Tech 24V Electric Dirt Bike is featured on this list has to do with that it was chosen as the better option for kids. This is the type of pit bike that is ideal for playground, driveway, and backyard riding. Riding at a higher speed over bumps and small rocks and stones is smooth, safe and comfortable.

The large-sized knobby pneumatic tires on this bike are designed to match up to dirt roads. The standout feature about this particular bike would have to be its impressive battery life. Many users have commented on how the battery lasts for a very long time.

In addition to this feature, the disc brakes can be adjusted, while the speed switch is also lockable. The front and rear suspension might be standard, yet the performance levels definitely suggest otherwise.

There are many features that make this bike extremely attractive, but one of its drawbacks includes the lower weight capacity. Yet this appeared to only be a concern when trying to ride the bike uphill.

5. Apollo Precision Tools AGB 37 125cc Big Size Dirt Bike with 17-Inch Tires

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The Precision Tools AGB 125CC Big Size produced by Apollo is classified as one of the top contenders when it comes to adult pit bikes with its rear and front shock-absorbing system. This feature also manages to add a lot more comfort to the overall ride. It also comes with a 124CC 4-stroke engine which is air-cooled. The horsepower maximum is 6 which is regarded as high when it comes to pit bikes.

The maximum torque on this pit bike reaches 9.0/5500 and can easily reach a speed of 55.89 MPH. One of the standout features is its capabilities to climb up steep dirt for those who plan to ride over challenging courses.

The start system for the engine is the usual kick start while the transmission is manual. This may be a bit tricky for the first-time bike riders. The carburetor is also branded which is why the enthusiasts are so excited about this bike. You can engage the braking system with both your feet and your hands, which makes the bike more flexible according to your braking preferences. The front tires measure 60/100-14, while the back tires measure 80/100-12.

When it comes to fuel capacity, this dirt bike uses up to 3.5 liters. The adult weight for the bike is around 180lbs which means it can easily be used for transporting. This bike is made for the larger riders and can hold a maximum weight of 220lbs.

6. 49cc 50cc Black 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike

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PCC Motor manufactured this pit bike, and other than its color, it is similar to the first bike in our list. It requires 2 strokes to operate, is air-cooled, and comes with a 49cc single cylinder. Its heavy coating makes it very sturdy and the bike can go up to 25 miles per hour. The bike comes with an expansion exhaust chamber and has a 100-pound maximum weight capacity.

This pit bike, unlike the previous one, is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to ride this type of bike. No shifting is necessary to operate it and the bike comes with an automatic transmission. The fuel required to operate the pit bike is 2 parts cycle oil and 1 gallon of gas. To noteworthy fact is that the manufacturer offers a 30-day warranty on parts. However, there is a strict policy of no returns allowed.

7. Apollo DB-007 125cc Dirt Bike Red

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When purchasing a pit bike, its height needs to be considered, don’t you? Well with this 125cc Dirt Bike you don’t need to consider it. Why is that? Because taller tires come with the adult pit bike. These are ideal for grownups.

An air-cooled engine comes with the bike, which provides convenience while riding. The bike’s most valuable features for enhancing its performance level are double disc brakes and powerful engine. This goes a very long way towards supporting your adventures.

The only thing that is slightly disappointing is its non-adjustable carburetor. That might cause some inconvenience and difficulties when trying to start this bike.

8. Tao Tao Dirt bike DB14

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This bike is the most recent innovation from Tao. You know that it has been designed for adults due to its higher seat and taller wheels. So it’s time for both teenagers and young adults to go crazy.

This pit bike has an air-cooled, 4-stroke engine that is very easy to maintain. The Tao Dirt Bike DB14 is an ideal option if you are just learning to ride. That is because it offers a very smooth experience. It is also lightweight, making it very easy to handle.

In terms of control, this aspect is also covered, due to its rock solid tires and double disc brakes. The only downside to this dirt bike is that it is suitable only for teenagers and young adults. So just choose another model unless you fall into one of those categories.

9. Dirt bike 125cc Semi Auto Clutch

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This Coolster pit bike has a 4-stroke, single cylinder, and compulsory air-cooled powered engine. It has a 125CC rated displacement with a 4.72/7500(kW/r/min) maximum horsepower. Also, it has a 7.82/5500(N.m/r/min) maximum torque. This adult pit pike goes up to 67km/h that makes it a good option for races help in your own backyard.

The ignition system comes with a CDI Starting feature that means it is easy to kick the pit bike. It isn’t a pit bike for adults who don’t have experience driving motorcycles. The manual transmission might take some getting used it. But after you get the hang of it, this bike could be your secret weapon in winning your backyard races.

There are other features that include a chain drive, rear force wheel brakes, and rear brake discs. The front tires on the pit bike measure 2.50 -14 /3.0-12. The fuel reserve is huge at 2.8L and it weighs 70kgs. That makes transport easy and is among the top pit bikes designed for adults.

10. TAO Dirt Bike DB10

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The TAO Dirt Bike DB10 is another one of the best adult pit bikes. It is powered by an air-cooled 110CC engine. It also is a 1 cylinder, 4-stroke pit bike. One really cool feature that this pit bike has is that it operates an automatic transmission. That means you don’t have to worry about clutching and shifting and simply enjoy backyard races with all of your friends.

With its 1-gallon fuel capacity, it makes your enjoyment last even longer since you won’t have to refuel as often. The pit bike features a hydraulic disc system on its brakes and that is a very modern cool feature. This adds up to riders’ safety. Its rear brakes are the old-school style drum systems that complement its front ones. We believe it has been done in order to keep things as cheap as possible. None of us want our backyard hobbies to be really expensive, after all. The only catch with the pit bike is it’s too short. Get another bike if you happen to have long legs.

More Products (Our Rating: 4 Stars)

11. SAY YEAH Gas Scooter 49cc 2 Stroke Mini Dirt Pit Bike for Kids,Non California Compliant

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12. Taotao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike

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14. Toxozers Dirt Bike 49cc 2 Stroke Mini Gas Scooters

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15. 49cc 50cc Blue 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike

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16. GBmoto Pit Bike Dirt Off Road Motorcycle

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What is a Pit Bike?

We should first discuss what a pit bike actually is. Basically, a pit bike is an off-road or small on-road motorcycle. Usually, you see it ridden around the staging area or pits of motocross races. Since 2000, the sport, which is viewed as being quite similar to motocross, has been quite popular in the U.S. They are smaller versions of a full-sized dirt bike.

Pit bikes are not only for children. They can also be used by adults for recreational purposes. Pit bike racing may be a fun activity that can be enjoyed with neighbors and friends. After you have read this article, you might even be convinced to get one for your own personal use. They are really convenient since they are designed to move around the pits very easily. They are very versatile as well and may be used for recreation in addition to professional sports purposes.

However, it needs to be noted that even the very best pit bike cannot offer similar speeds that standard dirt bikes can. Engines are only able to accommodate from 50cc up to 110cc, and 250cc is the maximum. In general, you cannot compare pit bikes with dirt bikes due to certain specifications. You may find that a pit bike is easier to use if you are a beginner in search of a thrilling ride.

Why should the Best Pit Bike be purchased by adults? Why purchase a pit bike rather than a dirt bike?

Not only is riding a pit bike enjoyable for kids but also adults. It is easy to hop on one and have a great time. The best thing about it is the pit bikes are ideal for people with backyards. That is where the small size comes into play.

Bike enthusiasts really have a knack to build a collection. If you are like me at all, you will know what I mean. Collecting pit bikes is a more affordable option compared to dirt bikes.

When it comes to pit bikes, you can purchase up to 6 to 10 and possibly even more without having to spend a lot of money. That means you can purchase one if you are wanting to train yourself to be a professional dirt bike racer.

In addition, today’s pit bikes have a very versatile nature. They can be used for racing to satisfy your motocross cravings.

I think this is a good entry-level motorcycle for anybody to get started. Another thing to mention is that you don’t need to take the time to load up and make it over to the Motocross track that is closest to you or if your home track does not have convenient riding hours that fit in with your schedule. With a pit bike, it is possible to literally go out the front door of your house and ride around in your backyard. This type of bike is so versatile in terms of where it can be ridden. If you don’t have enough time for a bigger bike or time to make it out to the rack, then a pit bike might be the ideal bike to have just as much fun with.

The Pit Bikes Are Regarded As The Stepping Stone To Becoming A Professional Dirt Bike Racer

Riding your pit bike every day or even only on weekends in your own backyard will help you along your journey to becoming an experienced motorcycle driver. In fact, the majority of the professionals started their own journeys on pit bikes which later evolved into dirt bikes.

Once you have learned about how to control your speed while riding on your pit bike, it starts becoming easier to ride on the standard versions of the dirt bikes. Learning how to master tight turns is also another valuable lesson you can learn with a pit bike.

The pit bikes basically revolve around learning about the fundamentals. The aim is learning to handle the high speeds of your pit bike. As soon as you can master these speeds, you are ready to upgrade to one of the dirt bikes.

The Differences Between Dirt Bikes and Pit Bikes

Most people are interested in finding out the difference between dirt bikes and pit bikes. This may come as surprise, but the differences are actually minimal between these motorcycle types. From the mechanical side, the dirt and pit bikes are very similar. For argument sake, it is accurate to say that these bikes are just about the same, while their sizes are the primary difference.

The pit bikes can realistically be described as smaller versions of the dirt bikes. They are also designed mainly to ride around pits, which is why they are called pit bikes. These bikes have increased in popularity as an option for riders looking for superior versatility and entertainment. The pit bikes might be smaller when compared to the dirt bikes, yet this does not make them any less capable or fun. Many people who ride a pit bike for the first time are surprised at how fun these compact bikes can be.

The pit bike generally comes fitted with equipment that is smaller to match up to their smaller size. This means that the body frame is smaller and so it is the engine, running gear and wheels. The engines usually range from a 50 to 150cc range. They also come fitted with the equipment required for off-road riding like heavy-duty suspension and dirt tires.

The dirt and pit bike also has differences when it comes to their capabilities. The dirt bike comes with higher power and improved ground clearance which is suited better for terrain that is more extreme. The pit bike features a superior weight-to-power ratio along with far better maneuverability which matches up to moving accurately through tighter spaces. When comparing better performances it will generally depend on what you plan to use the bike for.

Whether you choose a dirt or a pit bike you are almost guaranteed that you will have loads of fun. However, investing in one of the pit bikes does come with its own set of unique benefits. These bikes are more affordable which makes them ideal choice as a beginner’s motorcycle. These bikes are also great for mastering the fundamentals involved in motorcycle riding. Riding these bikes also has a unique appeal when it comes to all ages of riders.

Pit Bike Types

You may be wondering what pit bike type will match up to your preferences and needs? This should assist you greatly if you are still unsure whether you should buy one. This information should help you to arrive at a more informed choice.

1. Japanese Children’s Mini Cycles

Some of the bike enthusiasts prefer to invest in one of the stock Japanese mini-cycles which are designed for younger children’s use. This is the pit bike type that can be upgraded according to the preferences of the rider. The one drawback about these upgrades is that it will cost a lot of money and is often a time-consuming task.

2. Production Pit Bikes

These are the bikes made by the major brands which include Thumpstar from Australia and SDG Speed Mini from the US. These come with bigger displacement engines, stronger suspension, and taller handlebars. Some of the latest popular brands are inclusive of SSR Motorsports, Kurz, and Pitster Pro.

3. Pit Bikes For Racing

There are also pit bikes that are designed specifically for racing purposes. This is one of the sports which can be compared to motocross. Since these bikes are cheaper and smaller, the young enthusiasts opt for the pit bikes over the motocross versions.

Buying Guide: Considerations To Keep In Mind Before You Choose A Pit Bike

Now that you have a comparison of 5 different pit bikes, there are a few tips to consider before you actually buy one.


This is perhaps the top priority as these bikes can become extremely expensive. We recommend that you only look at the options that you are able to afford.


The pit bikes might be small, but some models are extremely powerful and can reach speeds of up to 70 MPH. You should look at the options that match up to your specific requirements.


Choose one of the models which provide an easy assembling process, and this is even more important if you are just a beginner. Certain bikes will come with a handy guide while some may not.


Pit bikes are made to endure extreme wear-and-tear. For this reason, you need to make sure you have chosen a durable model. Look for the bikes that feature a chassis that is solid and steel rims, which can offer you with the reassurance that the bike will last for a long time.


Some of the important features on a pit bike include the transmission, the seat’s height, and shape, the tire sizes and more. These can have a significant effect on the overall experience.


You also need to ensure you are choosing a bike which will be safe for riding. This means it needs a reliable braking mechanism. The bike shouldn’t be too heavy or light for you. In addition to these safety features, you also need to make sure the bike can easily handle how much you weigh.


The engine is another important factor that will determine how powerful the bike is. Keep in mind that the higher the CC, the more fuel the bike will use.

What Are The Requirements To Run A Pit Bike?

The pit bikes are often a popular choice due to their affordability along with the fact that they are frequently used as training mediums before the rider moves onto a full-size motorcycle. Yet there are essential requirements that need to be adhered to to ensure you remain in the legal boundaries.

The legalities associated with using these bikes will differ from one region to the next. There are a few states and countries that require that the rider needs to hold a license in order to operate these bikes. Other restrictions include that you are only allowed to ride this type of motorcycle on specific trails or roads. Before you buy one of these bikes, you need to find out from a transportation office in your local area about the requirements of using these types of bikes.

In conclusion, wherever and whenever you ride your pit bike, there is one golden rule to always remember: Safety Comes First. Whether the law requires it or not, make sure you are wearing the appropriate safety equipment. This includes good quality riding boots, a motorcycle suit, a helmet, along with adequate body protection.

Final Thoughts

This is the conclusion to our guide on buying a pit bike. Use our tips when it comes to investing in a pit bike that matches up to your needs. You can also use this handy guide as your reference when you start looking for a pit bike.

If you have any opinions or tips that you would like to share, feel free to use the comments section below. I also recommend that you share our guide with any of your friends. This may help them to save money and time when it comes to finding the ideal pit bike.


Best Pit Bikes ( Top 3 Picks )

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