20 Best Sleeping Bag Liners for Backpacking and Camping (2021): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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  • Do You Need Sleeping Bag Liners? Are They Really Useful?
  • Why is a Sleeping Bag Liner an Important Product?
  • Can I Replace My Sleeping Bag for a Sleeping Bag Liner?
  • How Much Do Average Sleeping Bag Liners Weight?

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Best Sleeping Bag Liners

A sleeping bag liner keeps your sleeping bag clean by protecting it from body oils and other contaminants which means that the bag can be washed less frequently and last longer. It also increases the thermal efficiency of the bag that enhances the comfort of a minimalistic sleeping setup. It also protects you from bugs and mosquitoes during hot weather conditions. Another benefit of a sleeping bag liner is that it helps to reduce the degradation of the insulation inside the bag.

1. The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Liner – Editor’s Choice & Best Seller

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This sleeping bag liner features a synthetic polyester material with a silky texture that is machine washable on a gentle cycle. It can be dried in the dryer on low heat if you don’t have the time to air dry it. The material is soft and does not stick to the skin and it is light enough to be used during the summer. Although it will provide a few degrees of warmth on a chilly night during fall, this particular liner is not ideal for use in freezing temperatures.

The Friendly Swede Travel Camping and Sleeping liner come in dual colors which are a great option for those who prefer a darker or lighter color. The size is fairly spacious compared to other liners which mean it has a generous amount of space in which to stretch out without feeling constricted.

This sleeping bag can be used in many different ways and even features a pillow pocket. When traveling it can be difficult to pack a whole set of sheets and this bag is ideal to keep you protected from the questionable sheets used in hotels and hostels. When camping you can rest assured that your liner will keep your sleeping bag clean even if you accidentally drop it in the dust.

A lifetime warranty provides buyers with the peace of mind that their purchase is of high quality and durability.

  • Generous size for taller or bigger people
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Lightweight and suitable for use in warmer weather conditions
  • Polyester material that is easily machine washable
  • If you prefer natural fabrics the synthetic material of this liner will not be suitable for you.

2. Coleman Stratus Adult Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

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This sleeping bag liner is bulkier than most other liners but it will keep you perfectly warm. Even on its own, the Coleman Sartus Adult Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner is capable of providing the warmth of up to 7 degrees Celsius or 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

This sleeping bag liner features a patented 2-way ZipPlow system that keeps the fleece off the zipper for snag-free closure. An elastic storage strap helps to compress the bag before placing into the stuff sack provided.

  • Bulky enough to keep you warm in cold weather conditions
  • Easy storage
  • A patented ZipPlow system for easy closure
  • Can be too bulky and warm for some
  • The size is only suitable for people up to 5’ 11” tall

3. Sea to Summit – Reactor Extreme – Thermolite Mummy Liner – Professional’s Choice

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This sleeping bag liner is more expensive than most other liners on the market which some reviewers found was not worth the extra money. However, the large size of 210 cm x 90cm ensures that there is plenty of room to stretch out and even taller people will fit into it quite well.

Thermolite technology in the extremely lightweight material ensures that this liner provides incredible warmth that can add up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit of added warmth when used inside a sleeping bag. When we tested this product we did notice a significant change in temperature although it may not have been quite 14 degrees, which means it will definitely do the job of keeping you warm. If you are looking for a liner that is extremely lightweight but still provides a decent amount of warmth and packs down small, this option will be an ideal choice for you.

  • Thermolite technology that makes the liner extremely lightweight
  • Packs down very small
  • Stretchy material
  • Lacks a zip or Velcro openings

4. Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner and Camping Sheet – Silk Like Material for Travel – Has Full Length Zipper

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The Vumos Sleeping Liner and Camping Sheet is one of the more budget-friendly options available on our list. The value is found in its ease of care and flexibility of use in all different situations and conditions. It is fully machine washable and quick and easy to dry on a low temperature setting in the dryer.

One of the main features of this product is the design of the zipper that runs the full length of the liner and all around the bottom. This allows the bag to be opened up fully giving you the option of using it as a sheet or as a light covering in warmer weather conditions.

  • A full length zipper that opens the bag up completely into a sheet
  • Very easy to care for
  • Soft comfortable material
  • Storage bag for easy transport
  • The material is not breathable
  • Some customers had concerns about the durability of the zipper

5. Outry Travel and Camping Sheet, Sleeping Bag Liner/Inner, Lightweight Summer Sleeping Bag – Best Value

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The Outry Travel and Camping Sheet is available in 6 different colors and comes in 3 different sizes. The ability to choose makes it easy for you to decide which suits your preferences. One of the best features of this product is its 100% high-quality cotton feature and design. This feature will not only keep you comfortable but warm as well.

It has been designed to enhance or create the best sleeping experience while on the go or camping. If you purchase this product and go camping in a tropical region, you have the option of using its liner due to warm conditions.

The product has been featured with an underneath pouch, which is used to cover the pillow. The Outry Travel and Camping Sheet is flexible to a point where it can be used to cover the sleeping bag and the pillow. That is because the front sheet can be folded back.

It can also be folded into a reasonably compact bag to add to your existing backpack to create more room for your stuff. This can be achieved by zipping one side and using the clips to attach it to your backpack. Cleaning is a breeze because it does not need a lot of effort. The liner is available in both single and double sizes.

  • Easy to Wash
  • Warm and soft, making it perfect for camping
  • Made using 100% high-quality cotton
  • Come with a pillow flap
  • Available in different sizes 
  • Suits both singles and couples
  • Its sheets do not add much warmth

6. TETON Sports XL Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner

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Teton Sports Sleeping Bag Liner comes in two options – cotton or polyester. The cotton option is more expensive. It comes in two different sizes one of which is a ‘mammoth’ option for a few dollars more that is suitable for bigger and taller people or those who want extra room to move around in.

The Teton Sports liner features Velcro side openings. We had mixed feelings when we tested this product as Velcro is not very comfortable to lie on. The opening of the bag was also not long enough to make getting into the bag easy, which means you have to wriggle your body to get inside.

This liner is made out of very thin material which makes it easy to stuff into the storage bag. Something to be aware of is that in the description it says that the bag can be machine washed while the label states that it can only be hand washed and machine washing will void the warranty it comes with.

  • Thin material makes it easy to pack down small
  • A choice of different materials and sizes available
  • Not machine washable
  • Side openings are not long enough to allow you to slip in easily.

7. ALPS Mountaineering Brushed Polyester Rectangle Sleeping Bag Liner

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The ALPS Mountaineering Brushed Polyester Rectangle Sleeping Bag Liner is not like other sleeping bags in our list; because it is made out of synthetic MicroFiber materials. However, you can still get this product made out of cotton.

For this reason, this product weighs a bit (311 grams or 11 ounces) compared to others. On the other hand, it is much more affordable compared to others. The use of microfiber is aimed at enhancing warmth and durability. This product is only available in one size (33” X 80”) and designed to be used together with a mummy sleeping bag.

This helps keep away dust, pests, bed bugs, and any other thing that may affect your sleeping experience. In other words, this design is aimed at maintaining a clean sleeping environment. The liner has been designed with a soft and durable brushed polyester material, which makes cleaning the liner easy and maintaining a high level of comfort.

It has been designed with 5 separate zippers, which makes zipping and unzipping fast and easy. It comes with a stuff sack, which is aimed at helping users to pack them with ease or adding additional bulk conveniently.

  • Will increase warmth
  • Quick-drying and moisture resistant
  • Usable on its own in tropical conditions or summer
  • By unzipping it completely, it can be used as a flat sheet
  • Made of synthetic MicroFiber material
  • Bulkier compared to others
  • The material is not as soft against the skin
  • A bit heavier compared to others

8. Sea to Summit Adaptor Coolmax Liner, Mummy

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Known for its high performing and super comfy liner, the Sea to Summit Adaptor CoolMax works well as a standalone cover during those hot summer nights or somewhere with tropical weather. Just like the Cocoon CoolMax, it features excellent moisture-wicking and breathability capabilities. It is also lighter and features a foot box for added room.

  • Machine washable
  • Weighs only 255g (9oz)
  • Packs down to 3” X 5”
  • Stretchy and comfortable material
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Foot box, which adds feet room
  • Very Expensive

9. ALPS Mountaineering Brushed Polyester Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner

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The ALPS Mummy sleeping bag liner is marketed as the best solution for keeping sleeping bags fresh and clean all the time. That is because this liner has been designed to repel moisture and dirt. After use, you can simply throw it into the washer to make it clean again.

  • It comes with 5 separate zippers which make things easier and organized
  • It features a high-quality microfiber fabric, which helps to maintain warmth and comfort
  • It comes with a standard stuff sack, which makes carrying it comfortable and customizable
  • Its best for cold nights even when mountaineering. That is because it maintains its warmth, even if it is thin.
  • It can be used as a sheet during summer when you do not need thick blankets
  • The fabric is not soft to the skin
  • Customer service is not helpful, which makes enjoying the product fully a challenge

10. Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Liner (Charcoal, Mummy/Micro Polyester)

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Everyone wants to get the best out of any product they purchase and enjoy its important qualities. This fact also applies to sleep bag liners. With this in mind, you get the promise of durability, a material that allows breathability, while maintaining its warmth. This makes Outdoor Vital Sleeping Bag Liner a product to consider. Its characteristics make it a must-buy for those who sweat at night. That is because it features a material that quickly dries.

Another feature that makes this product one of the best is; its ability to transport gear selection. Also, because it only weighs 8 ounces, it defines the term portability. The moment you fold it down, it can fit into a smaller size bag, that comes with the product. This makes hiking easier.

Let’s not forget the fact that the product is highly durable and comes with amazing moisture-wicking abilities. Indeed, this product has everything that makes a hiking trip successful.

  • Comes in both mummy and rectangle shapes
  • Very light and can be packed into a small bag
  • Made from a highly durable material
  • The material has moisture-wicking properties
  • Dries quickly, which helps improve sweating while sleeping
  • The material is not soft to the skin, which means that it does not offer much comfort

More Products (Our Rating: 4 Stars)

11. ALPS Mountaineering Poly Cotton Rectangle Sleeping Bag Liner

No products found.

12. b.m.c Bundle Monster | Sleeping Bag Liner Travel Sheet Camping Sleep Sack | Lightweight, Compact, Zippered Microfiber Fleece | Add Up to 10F Extra for Cold Weather Climates |Soft, Warm & Cozy

No products found.

13. Osage River Microfiber Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

No products found.

14. Marycrafts Pure Mulberry Silk Single Sleeping Bag Liner Travel Sheet Sleepsack

No products found.

15. Fox Outdoor Products Poncho Liner

No products found.

16. Cocoon Silk MummyLiner

No products found.

17. DIMPLES EXCEL Sleeping Bag Liner with Luxurious Space

No products found.

18. Sea to Summit Premium Silk Travel Liner

No products found.

19. Brave Era Naturally Hypoallergenic Mulberry Silk Travel Sheet for Adventurous Travelers

No products found.

20. JagBag Deluxe Pure Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

No products found.

Sleeping Bag Liner – What Is It?

Literally, from its name, what it does is that it lines your sleeping bag. Usually made shaped like a cocoon and made with thin cloth materials, a sleeping bag liner functions as a barrier that stands in the middle between you and the sleeping bag. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing clothes or if you’re sleeping without one.

Do You Need Sleeping Bag Liners? Are They Really Useful?

Provides Warmth

Sleeping liners come in various thickness, and depending on how thick the liner is, these could provide you with additional heat during the cold weather by insulating heat inside the bag. For example, if you have a sleeping bag with a temperature rating of 30 degrees, you could easily turn it to 20 degrees by adding a liner with a 10-degree temperature rating.


They’re not just meant for the cold weather, but liners are also perfect even for the summer. Instead of bringing a bulky sleeping bag with you, you can bring just your liner for those outdoor trips. You don’t have to feel all sweaty and the liner is lightweight that it won’t take too much of your backpack space.


Washing a sleeping bag, while some are machine washable, can still be a difficult task. Bringing it to the dry cleaners will surely charge you a lot for it, and doing it yourself is time-consuming. Some dry cleaners aren’t even equipped with the proper washing methods and there’s a chance that they could eventually destroy your bag’s ability to insulate heat. On the other hand, sleeping liners are machine washable and can be easily done at home.

Protects Your Sleeping Bag

If you’re using a liner along with your sleeping bag, you’ll find yourself not having to clean the bedroll all the time because the liner itself helps in minimizing the amount of oil, dirt, and grime that would touch your sleeping bag. Most often, your skin will only touch the liner, and you’ll only have to wash and clean the liner regularly. Using a $50 liner to protect your $500 (or more) sleeping bag makes complete sense.


Most sleeping bags and backpacking clothing are made of synthetic materials, and if you’re a hiker or a frequent traveler, you’ll often find the soft and smooth feeling of cotton that touches your skin, and this is where your sleeping bag liner enters the scene. It’s like you’re cuddling your own home blanket.

Gets Rid of Bugs

Aside from ensuring that you’re comfortable, these liners also do an amazing job in keeping the bugs away. You’re not just going to have a comfortable sleep, but you can also sleep with the peace of mind that you’re safe from bug bites and infections. So if you’re going to be spending the night outside on a regular basis, investing in a sleeping bag liner is definitely worth it.

Different Types of Bag Liners

Just like any camping gear, sleeping bag liners also come in various kinds. These liners are most prominently classified based on the material that is used, as well as the insulation that they offer. Each kind is unique and depends on one’s needs, so here are the different classifications for your reference:

Silk Sleeping Bag Liners

Silk is considered as a natural fiber, thus, makes the perfect material in terms of keeping them with direct contact with your skin. Aside from being comfortable when used as a liner, silk material is also surprisingly easy to dry. So in the event that your camping day out gets a bit rainy and your liner becomes wet, you can expect that it’ll be the very first to dry. As compared to polyester liners, silk is also considered to be more hygienic. However, you have to remember that silk liners do not provide added warmth and insulation – so they’re not ideal when used during those cold, windy weathers. On one note, silk liners are considered to be the most lightweight of them all and packing them is super easy that you can fold them into a small size. While they’re not meant for cold weathers, these liners do a pretty amazing job from protecting your sleeping bag from dirt or sweat. A perfect choice if you’re traveling most often in summer.

Cotton Sleeping Bag Liners

Next on our list is cotton, another organic material and is being used in different fabric and textiles as they are breathable and comfortable. They are usually durable as well, so protecting your sleeping bag with it isn’t a problem. The downside of cotton sleeping bag liners is that white breathable, they’re not as lightweight and may be bulky to pack. These also take a bit of a time to dry.

Synthetic Sleeping Bag Liners

Sleeping bag liners made of synthetic material is probably one of the most preferred for campers and hikers alike because they feel amazing on the skin. They are also known for being sturdy and durable, as they can be reused over and over. When it comes to cleaning, they’re washable, however, they tend to feel heavy whenever it gets wet. The good thing though, however, is that they dry easily especially when the fabric is made of lightweight material.

Fleece Sleeping Bag Liners

As compared to insulated sleeping bag liners, fleece liners are lightweight, although they’re a bit difficult to pack when you have a small bag. In terms of comfort and breathability, they’re comfortable and can provide warmth. Fleece material has the capability to repel moisture, making it perfect for keeping sweat and even wetness away from your sleeping bag. Most fleece liners are easy and quick to dry as well, but oftentimes, the more insulating the liner is, the heavier and bulkier they get. This is a perfect option for those who don’t mind bringing in a bulky liner when traveling.

Expander Sleeping Bag Liners

These types of liners are popular because of their lightweight and stretchy materials. They are amazing in repelling bugs and other microbes whenever you’re camping outside. This is the go-to liner when you’re on a tight budget. These also come in different sizes.

Insulated Sleeping Bag Liners

If you’re looking for a liner that is versatile and can be used on all types of weathers, yet are lightweight as well, this is the perfect option for you. Insulated liners can even add to your bag’s temperature rating, so whether you’re looking for that added warmth, or unsure if your sleeping bag is enough to keep you warm, this is a go-to type for you. Some liners can give you warmth protection up to 25°F. While insulated liners are thin by nature, they don’t pack as small as the silk or synthetic sleeping bag liners – so you may have difficulties squishing this in if you have a small backpack. If you don’t mind it being a bit bulky, then this is the perfect option for you. If you’re traveling in colder places, you can bring one of these, given that carrying an added weight isn’t an issue.

Buying Guide

As you may have noticed already in my previous reviews, there are different factors which will influence which product is best for your needs. Here is a recap on which points are important to look at:


Liners come in various sizes, and if you are looking for the ultimate convenience and comfort, it is important that you choose the liner that fits correctly into your sleeping bag. It is also important to ensure this liner accommodates how short or tall you are.


The price of sleeping bag liners varies significantly due to a number of factors which includes the material. It is helpful if you have an idea in mind about what you are willing to spend in order to narrow down your options.


You will be carrying the liner along with the rest of your kit, which means it should be compact enough. All the products mentioned on our list are easy to fold into small packages, with most only measuring a couple of inches.


As with any product, it is important to invest in a liner made from the correct and high-quality materials according to what you plan to spend. This is important if you want a product that will last.

Where and When

This is a reference to places which you usually camp at along with when in the year do you usually camp out. Keeping in mind where you usually camp becomes important as every area is different. If you plan to spend a couple of nights camping out in areas that feature forests, your requirements are going to differ from a person that camps out in an area like a mountain.

There are a number of brands that include a special type of bug-repellant coating which is best for warm and humid climates, along with forest areas. The time in the year when you usually go camping is also important. For example, some regions might still experience comfortable weather even in the winter months, and others might experience really cold weather (for example, looking for a liner for an Alpine climb). A bit of preparation and research will really help you out when it comes to choosing the appropriate gear.


This point directly relates to the where and when that we discussed above and is one of the deciding factors on which of the sleeping liners is best for you.

Male or Female

Every liner on this list is made to accommodate both women and men, with size being the only consideration to keep in mind.


It is obvious that one of the 25-degree thermal liners is going to be heavier than a 5-degree sheet. Think about how important thermal properties will be to you before deciding on one of the heavier liners. However, even the really thick liners should still weight less than a pound.

How Do They Pack

This will depend on the amount of space you have in your luggage to accommodate your liner, which becomes very important when you are camping or you prefer to travel light. The silk liners are known for packing small and they take up a lot less space in your luggage. The fleece and insulated liners will require more space.

Heat Rating

Many of the manufacturers will usually provide some form of a temperature rating in the description of the product. This is a number that indicates only the added warmth that it is able to provide. The warmest of the backpacking liners rate between 15 to 25 degrees.


The liners made for sleeping bags come in different sizes and shape to match up to the requirements of different types of outdoor enthusiasts.


These are the rectangular-shaped liners that provide more space for your feet when compared to the mummy liners.


The same as the standard liners but are designed for taller people.


The liners are narrower towards the feet areas and wider towards the shoulder area. This is a very snug type of liner and provides an enhanced fit for the mummy-style sleeping bags. Most models feature a hood which gives that cocoon-like feel.

Double-Width Version

These liners are designed to accommodate two people sleeping inside one sleeping bag. Or for people that feel claustrophobic with the liners that are tight and compact.


These liners usually come in rectangular shapes and are slightly longer in comparison to a standard liner. They also come with built-in pillow extensions if you plan to stay in a hostel, bothy, hut, or a hotel when you are concerned about the hygiene standards.

Bug Protection

If you enjoy sleeping under the stars, many bugs all around you while you are trying to sleep could become an issue. Some of the liners feature an insect-resistant coating built-into the fabric which helps to deter these creepy crawlies.


A sleeping bag can become steamy, so you should be looking for the liners which assist with wicking moisture away. Not vital, but look out for the liners that come with the “CoolMax” trademark feature if you know that you are going to sweat.


This has to do with whether the liner is machine washable or not. While the silk liners are usually the best options when it comes to packability and quality if you would like to keep them in a good condition you will need to hand wash them. Microfiber and polycotton liners are easy to wash in a machine along with all your other camping gear.

Width and Length

This factor has to do with how you prefer to sleep and your size. Certain users like a snug fit, while others prefer a wider and longer liner.


This is associated with the compactness of the liner, which means you should be able to store it as small as you can when you are not using it.

Sleeping Bag Liner Care

Perhaps among the best benefits about sleeping bag liners has to do with that they require very little maintenance. You won’t need to wash the liner after every use, and many of the liners are machine washable when they do need a bit of a clean. If you use a top-loader make sure you put your liner into a pillowcase which will prevent you drawcord from becoming tangled inside the impeller. You should air dry your liner and avoid using a dryer.


Why is a Sleeping Bag Liner an Important Product?

The liners for sleeping bags is an undervalued product when it comes to camping, yet really important when you need added warmth and to keep all those flying and crawling bugs away. This item is easy and lightweight to pack when you are hiking or camping. They are also important to prevent you from getting dirty when you sleep on the ground, instantly providing a barrier between the sleeping bag and your body.

Can I Replace My Sleeping Bag for a Sleeping Bag Liner?

You can if you plan to travel to places or countries where the weather conditions are hot and humid. You can also use your sleeping bag liner as a replacement for an outdoor bed sheet. The fabrics are softer on your skin and can help you to stay clean when sleeping on a mattress that you are unsure about.

How Much Do Average Sleeping Bag Liners Weight?

Below is a table that represents the temperature and weight associated with the different materials that the liners are made from. The average weight is generally between 250 to 400g.


Trying to make sure things are comfortable and clean when you are backpacking between different hostels or spending your time in forests or the wild can be a bit difficult. For under-prepared and unsuspecting adventurers in some cases, there are noxious or nasty surprises that they will soon discover. This includes stinky sleeping bags and sheets, sweaty nights trying to sleep in the summer, or temperature ratings of the sleeping bag that turns out to be really hot. If you would like to come more prepared for your next outdoor adventure, make sure you invest in a liner. We are confident that one of the liners we have mentioned on this list will work well for you while helping to keep your sleeping bag odorless and more hygienic or adding more warmth in freezing temperatures, or even to keep bugs away while your sleep.


Best Sleeping Bag Liners ( Top 3 Picks )

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