Best 10 Person Tents for Family Camping (2022): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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Going camping with the family is the ideal way to create timeless memories and a lasting family bond with people that you care about the most.

But to make sure you have an excellent time on your camping adventures, it is important to make sure you focus on comfort and this is when finding the top-rated 10 person tent applies.

Best 10 Person Tents for Family Camping

  • Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup in 60 Seconds (Best Overall & Best Blackout Tent)
  • Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent(Best Premium 10 Person Tent)
  • UNP Camping Tent 10-Person-Family Tents (Best Value)
  • Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent
  • NTK Arizona GT 9-10 Person Camping Tent (Best Waterproof 10 Person Tent)

1. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup in 60 Seconds | Best Overall & Best Blackout Tent

Coleman 2000032730 Camping Tent | 10 Person Dark Room Cabin Tent with Instant Setup, Green/Black/Teal#ad
  • Dark room technology: Blocks 90% of sunlight (vs. a...
  • Reduces heat: For a more comfortable rest anytime of day
  • Weatherproof: Welded corners and inverted seams keep water...
  • Visibility at night: Reflective guy lines are easier to spot...
  • Room divider: For added privacy

Dark Room technology makes these tents ideal for camping over the warmer months. The manufacturer states that this model can block up to 90% of sunlight from entering the tent. With this impressive feature, you can enjoy sleeping in on a much-deserved break.

Since this Coleman tent is efficient at blocking daylight, Dark Room technology will also keep the interior of the tent cool. This also means you won’t be waking up in a pool of sweat once the sun comes up.

This roomy tent easily fits 10 sleeping bags or 4 queen-air mattresses. The 6.7″ center height, means that most adults can stand up comfortably once inside the tent.

These tents also include room dividers, providing some privacy when getting changed.

The most impressive feature about the Coleman Instant Cabin 10 Person Tent, is that it takes under a minute to assemble. The pre-attached poles, make it a breeze to simply pop your tent open.


  • Material: Blend
  • Special Feature: Rainfly
  • Item Weight: 42 Pounds
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Room divider
  • Fast setup
  • Dark Room technology
  • These tents may leak during heavy rainstorms

2. Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent | Best Premium 10 Person Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent , Brown#ad
  • Cabin-like 10-person tent has enough room for 3 queen size...
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted...
  • Hinged front door for easy entry and room divider for extra...
  • Sets up easily in 20 minutes
  • Measures 17 x 9 feet with 6-foot 8-inch center height

If you want to ensure that everyone has enough space to store their gear, choose the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent.

The walls are almost vertical, making it easy to move around and stand up comfortably. These tents are large enough to accommodate 3 queen-size air mattresses, measuring 17 X 9 X 6.8 feet.

The Weathertec technology ensures that your tent will remain dry in all types of weather, while the patented welded floors and inverted seams, will keep any water or moisture out of the tent. It comes with a rainfly and a zipper cuff for even more protection from outdoor elements.

Even though this tent is relatively large, you should be able to assemble your tent in under 20 minutes with a bit of assistance from your fellow campers.

It also comes with a nifty hinged door for quick entry while the room dividers offer a level of privacy, especially when you are sharing the tent with a group of people. You can also use a room divider for separating your camping gear from your sleeping area when fewer people are sleeping inside the tent.

The windows are also angled which promotes airflow and more light when it starts to rain outside without allowing the rain to come in. These tents also come with mesh storage pockets built into the walls, offering an easy way to store your necessities.

Given the size of these tents, they are reasonably lightweight and well priced. They come with 11-millimeter fiberglass poles and weigh in at just 31 pounds. The fast setup assembly method along with easy-to-follow color-coding makes this job a lot easier when you are putting everything together.


  • Material: Fiberglass, Steel
  • Item Weight: 30.86 Pounds
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Pole Material Type: Steel
  • Maximum Height: 80 Inches
  • Color-coded fiberglass poles promote an easy and fast setup
  • Lightweight
  • Angled windows, allows more air in, and keeps the rain out
  • Weathetec technology that keeps your tent dry
  • The entry door is slightly small

3. UNP Camping Tent 10-Person-Family Tents | Best Value

UNP Camping Tent 10-Person-Family Tents, Parties, Music Festival Tent, Big, Easy Up, 5 Large Mesh Windows, Double Layer,...#ad
  • 100-percent-polyester
  • 【Spacious for 10 Person】Unique 18ft x 9ft x78in, well...
  • 【Easy up Tent】Attach FRP poles onto the cabinet tent...
  • 【Good Ventilation, Large View】Top Large Mesh Roof makes...
  • 【2 Room Tents, Outdoor Cinema】Hang one Privacy Divider...

This 10-Person Tent is ideal for family camping trips, allowing you to bring all the gear you could possibly need for your next adventure.

The UNP measures 18ft X 9ft X 78-inches, which means this tent is best termed a 10 to 12-person tent. It easily fits 3 queen-sized air mattresses or 10 sleeping bags, while it is also incredibly lightweight (23.1 lbs) for a fast and easy setup.

Made from premium-quality Polyester 185T PU1000mm fabric, this tent provides enough waterproof abilities to handle light rain. It also comes with a large rainfly to improve water resistance. The UNP also comes with big mesh windows and double doors for superior ventilation and access.

These tents also feature room dividers for added privacy, light fiberglass poles, and a fast setup. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to pitch your tent with 2 or more people.


  • Material: Fabric
  • Special Feature: Water-Resistant, Windproof, Waterproof, Rainfly
  • Item Weight: 23.1 Pounds
  • Shape: Dome
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Waterproof
  • 162-square feet of ground or floor space
  • Lightweight
  • 78-inch peak height
  • No vestibule

4. Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent (Orange)#ad
  • Sleeps 10 people; Fits two queen air mattresses; Center...
  • CORE H20 Block Technology and adjustable ground vents
  • Included room divider creates a two room tent; Features...
  • Gear loft with lantern hook and pockets keep items organized...
  • Includes tent, tent poles, rain fly, gear loft, room...

These tents provide a safe and comfortable environment. The straight walls add an impressive “sense of space” once you are inside. This feature also ensures that it will be a lot easier and comfortable to stand up and walk around.

Manufactured from polyester combined with H2O Technology along with sealed seams, the Core 10 Family Cabin Tent is durable, and the best option for rainy or windy weather conditions. The setup may be slightly tricky and can take a bit of time, but with a bit of practice, it becomes easier each time you use the tent.

Once the tent is assembled you will instantly notice how roomy it is inside. You can use the divider to separate the tent into 2 rooms, and each has its own entrance. This is an excellent feature giving you privacy and space.

These tents also come with electrical ports to connect to your own power source, and a gear-loft to store all your camping gear. This offers a way to charge your equipment and run a source of lighting from the lantern hooks.


  • Special Feature: Tent Stakes, Rainfly
  • Item Weight: 12.9 Kilograms
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Maximum Height: 86 Inches
  • Straight walls that provide extra space and make it easy to move around in
  • Comfortable, spacious, and excellent in wind and rain
  • A fully closable electrical port when you are not using it
  • The zippers may catch, so take care when you use them

5. NTK Arizona GT 9-10 Person Camping Tent | Best Waterproof 10 Person Tent

NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person 17.4 by 8 Foot Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm Tent#ad
  • FRAME: 100% virgin NANO-FLEX shock corded fiber glass rods...
  • MESH: Inner tent fully breathable with generous Ultra-thin...
  • FLOOR MATERIAL AND DESIGN: Heavy duty seamless polyethylene...

The NTK Arizona GT is a mixture between a tunnel tent and a dome tent.

The high ceiling ensures comfort for adults, while it is also color-coded which makes assembling the tent much easier.

It comes with 3 windows, 2 doors, and 2 rooms. The main sleeping area or room is located underneath the dome structure and comes with vestibules on each side, along with another room to one side.

This double-layer tent also comes with a full-layer rainfly that covers the tent completely, making it waterproof during rainy weather conditions. The NTK Arizona GT is the ideal family camping tent suitable for all types of weather conditions.


  • Material: Polyester, Fiberglass, Fabric
  • Special Feature: Waterproof, UVProtection, Rainfly
  • Item Weight: 26.45 Pounds
  • Shape: Dome
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Pole Material Type: Fiberglass
  • Durable materials
  • Color-coded poles and an easy setup
  • Great airflow
  • Waterproof
  • The window flaps can only be accessed from the outside

Buying Guide


The most common design options for a 10-person tent include the following: tunnel tents, dome tents, cabin tents, and multi-room tents. Each of these has their own personal list of advantages and disadvantages that you should know about.

Dome – this type of tent features a rounded shape that allows them to throw off rainwater easily and this also provides them with stability in regions with strong winds. For the most part, this type of tent is easy to set up and lighter than the other options. The downside to dome tents is that their rounded roof means that headroom is minimized the further from the center you are.

Cabin – with a square or rectangular shape, the cabin-style tent has a more uniform height all across the tent. Even though they are considerably more spacious, the fact that they have vertical walls means they lose stability in strong winds. They can also be harder to set up than other styles of tents.

Tunnel – the most popular style of tent for a family is the tunnel tent that features a half-pipe design and this adds support and stability in strong winds and rain. They also have plenty of headroom and are the halfway point between a cabin and a dome-style tent.

Multi-Room – as you can guess from the name, multi-room tents have several different sleeping compartments and a central room. There can be as many as two to four different rooms in a multi-room tent.


A 10-person tent will need a floor space plan of 150 to 200 square feet.

Of course, when you see a tent marketed as a 10-person tent (or a two-person tent) this means that 10 people can lie in the tent shoulder to shoulder with zero room for baggage, gear, or anything else.

Realistically, about 6 people or may 8 small people will be able to fit in a 10-person tent comfortably with all their gear.

10-person tents are also generally quite tall and this allows you to stand up and walk around inside. The peak height is usually about 6 to 7 feet.

Packed Size

A 10-person tent is not designed to be packed and carried over great distances. Because of this, you will never have to worry about packing up your tent and hauling it all the way to a remote campsite.

But you will still need to check the dimensions of your tent before you buy, this is especially true if you will be pressed for cargo space in your choice of transport.

Easy Assembly

Many of the newer variety of tents will allow you to set up the tent easily and have the entire shelter ready for use within about 10 minutes by a single person.

On the other hand, the more complex 10-person tents can be set up and ready for use in 10 minutes, but take two people to set up — so long as they are working together in harmony.


Naturally, a 10-person tent will be considerably heavier than most other tent designs. Tents made from top-quality materials are also a bit heavier than those made of low-quality materials and this is something to consider.


The vast majority of 10-person tents will be constructed of Nylon, canvas, or polyester.

Canvas tents are the heavier variety but can be expected to last for a long time. In short, if you take good care of your tent, you can leave it to your grandchildren to use. But you won’t be able to use it until it has been properly “seasoned”, once it has been properly seasoned it will withstand the toughest rainstorm.

Nylon tents are much lighter than a canvas option and this makes them better suited to backpacking adventures over long distances. The biggest downside to these tents is that they are not as breathable as their canvas counterparts.

Polyester tents are a lot like their nylon neighbors in most aspects. They weigh a little more than nylon, but they are slightly more resistant as well.

Tent Poles

Poles that support your fabric shelter play an important role in the overall experience you will get from your tent. Tent poles can be made from fiberglass, aluminum, or steel. All of these are great options but they have their slight differences.

Fiberglass is strong and lightweight, but it can lack the rigidity that adds stability. Aluminum is lighter than steel and fiberglass, but can be more delicate. Steel is the strongest option, but it may add considerable weight.

Weather-Resistance and Season Rating

Because of their larger dimensions, 10-person tents are not designed for rough weather because their larger surface area makes them more likely to buckle under the pressure from the wind outside. Rainflies can add a measure of weatherproofing to your tent but are often too small to make a big difference in strong weather.

The waterproof rating, also called the hydrostatic rating, refers to how much water can contact the tent before moisture begins to seep in from the outside to the insides. To give you an idea, a rainfly with a rating of 500mm is moderately water-resistant and a rating of 1500 is capable of withstanding the assaults of heavy rain. The higher the rating the better the waterproofing.

If you want to be extra safe, look for tents with bathtub flooring, these floors are designed and constructed to keep water from entering even if the water is flooding a few inches outside. This will prevent the water from making it to the inside.

Doors and windows

It will be equally important to consider the doors and windows. It is a good idea to choose a 10-person tent with more than one door. If you will be accommodating more than a few people, several doors and windows add for easier accessibility. This ensures that no one will have to crawl over the sleeping bodies of other campers on their way out of the tent in the middle of the night. The best orientation is a tent with front and back access.

Windows are an equally important consideration. Some tents have larger pullout windows covered with mesh fabrics that add considerable breathability to the interior of the tent. If you will be camping in hotter weather, you will need a tent with plenty of windows on all sides to allow breathability and heat exchange.

But there will probably be times when the weather changes and you will need to make sure that all of these windows are properly weatherproofed to prevent any of the water from entering the tent in the middle of the night. Of course, the type of windows in your tent and the size of these windows may not be the most important decision when making a choice of tent, but it is important to consider when thinking of the comfort of your family.


Room dividers – most 10-person tents will have the capacity to separate the main room into smaller rooms. This is a good thing but remember that they only provide a small measure of visual privacy, every breath can be heard through the thin fabric walls.

Dark Rest Technology – dark rest technology allows the interior of the tent to remain darker and cooler even in the heat of a summer afternoon.

Storage pockets – more space to store stuff is always a good thing. Consider getting yourself a tent that has plenty of storage pockets spread out over the tent so that all the occupants have a convenient spot to store their essential items.

Screen Room – Some tents have a screen room to provide a shaded area. It can also be used to place your muddy shoes and wet clothes.


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