How to Fix a Camping Tent Zipper

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Tent zippers can be damaged or deteriorated after a long period of tent use, which can bring bad effects to your camping.

Damaged zippers can lead to you can not completely close your tent, mosquitoes and other insects will be able to easily enter your tent, which may lead to you can not sleep all night. In addition, if you encounter rainy days, rainwater can enter your tent through these gaps in the tent.

Perhaps your tent is in perfect condition except for the broken zipper, so you don’t need to replace it with a new one. Using the tips provided in this article, you can easily fix your tent zippers.

Types of zippers

  • Curly zippers – They are currently a mainstream lightweight zipper. They have teeth made of nylon or polyester and are suitable for use in tents with curved tape.
  • Molded plastic zippers – They are zippers with the teeth molded directly onto the zipper tape. They are relatively inexpensive. However, if one of the teeth breaks, the entire zipper is unusable and must be replaced.
  • Metal zippers – These types of zippers are the most durable because they have metal teeth sandwiched between them. However, they are not very flexible.

How to fix a tent zipper

Tent zippers that do not work can be classified as separated, broken, or jammed. The problem is usually the slider. First, check if there is dirt inside the slider and if there is enough lubrication.

Fixing a stuck zipper

When you have debris or dirt in your zipper, then your zipper may be stuck. In this case, do not pull your zipper recklessly or you may damage the teeth of the zipper.

  • Use mild soapy water to wash off the dirt or debris. Try pulling the slider back and forth. If the teeth are bent, you can use pliers to straighten them out.

Repairing a broken zipper

After a zipper gets stuck on you, you may pull hard on the slider. This may cause the zipper teeth to separate.

  • If dirt is causing you to break your zipper, you can use mild soapy water to clean your zipper and slider and rinse them off with water.
  • Pull the slider to the bottom. Cut the separated part of the zipper. Take a needle and a piece of thread and sew the separated part of the zipper together. Try pulling the slider back and forth.

Repairing a separated zipper

Sometimes when you pull the zipper up, some parts of the zipper will still come loose. This is because there is too much gap in the slider.

  • You need to take a pair of pliers and gently press the bottom of the slider to compress the space in the slider. Then put the slider back on the zipper and test it to see if it works properly.
  • If the problem persists, repeat the process.

Some additional tips

  • Take a zipper tie or paper clip to camp, this can temporarily save a tent zipper that is damaged while camping.
  • If the slider is stuck, do not force it. Check for dirt in the slider or teeth first.
  • Regular application of lubricant can extend the life of your tent zipper.

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