How to Fold a Camping Tent

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Camping is a fun outdoor activity. You and your family and friends can enjoy nature at the campground. However, folding a tent may make you feel frustrated. Although you are able to set up your tent easily, some people will feel that folding a tent is even more difficult than setting it up. In this article, we will give you some tips on folding your tent.

Dome tents

Setting up and taking down a dome tent is relatively easy. But putting it back in its original bag may be a little difficult. By following the measures below, you can fold your dome tent more easily.

  • Before you dismantle your tent, clean it. Dust and dirt can damage your tent’s coating. Cleaning your tent can extend the life of your tent.
  • After cleaning your tent, you need to make sure to dry it out. Wet tents tend to grow mold and mildew.
  • Take off the tent pegs and put them in a special bag.
  • Remove the fly poles and fold them up and put them in a special bag.
  • Open all tent doors and lay the tent on the ground.
  • Take out the remaining tent poles and fold them into the special bag.
  • Flatten your tent.
  • Fold the vestibule or rear vestibule so that it lies flat on the tent body.
  • Place the bag for storing your tent poles on one end of the tent and roll up your tent.
  • Tighten your tent and finally put it in the bag.

Cabin tents

If you plan to live outdoors for a longer period of time, or if you are camping with a large group of people, then a hut tent may be ideal for you. They usually have multiple rooms for your use. The spaciousness and higher top allow you to stay inside comfortably. However, packing this type of tent can be a bit tricky. Check out the following tips to better fold your cabin tent.

  • Clean the tent and let it dry.
  • Take out all the ground stakes.
  • Remove the tent poles.
  • Lay the tent flat on the ground.
  • Flatten your tent.
  • Fold your tent in half once and flatten it. Then fold it again and flatten it.
  • If you think the tent still looks too wide, then you can fold it in half again.
  • Divide the long section of the tent into three equal parts.
  • Put the tent poles on one end of the tent and roll up your tent. At the same time, you need to make sure that there is not too much air in it. Use your weight to help you compress the tent.
  • Tighten your tent and finally put it in your bag.

Pop-up tents

Pop-up tents are the easiest type of tent to set up. Take it out of the bag and they pop up and are already set up. This type of tent is very popular. You won’t have the hassle of setting up your tent. However, folding them back into your bag is not so simple. Because they always like to keep the pop-up state. The following suggestions may help you fold your pop-up tent.

  • Clean the tent and keep it dry.
  • Stand next to the tent and grab the two poles at the top
  • Pull the poles and bring the two poles together. After folding the top two poles, the bottom two poles will stick out.
  • Then fold one of the bottom poles up and over the top pole.
  • Repeat the same for the other bottom pole.
  • Hold the tent upright, holding the four poles with one hand and reaching for the top of the tent with the other hand. Put that part of the tent together.
  • Lay the tent on the ground and flatten it.
  • Flip one circle over to the top of the other circle.
  • Place the tent in the bag and secure it.

Final Words

Folding your tent may feel frustrating, but you can make sure it’s perfect by practicing many times at home. Once you get the hang of it, the tent is easy to fold and you will be more enthusiastic about the camping life.


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