How to Heat a Camping Tent without Electricity

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Camping in a tent is a great experience. However, not everyone enjoys camping outdoors. One of the major reasons is that people are afraid of the cold. Especially when you encounter unpredictable weather where the temperature may plummet.

You need to be prepared for keeping your tent warm. In this article, I’ll cover ways to keep your tent warm without using electric heat. These methods will allow you to spend your evenings outdoors warm and comfortable.

Do Light Exercise

Doing some simple exercises is the easiest way to warm up your body. Do a few push-ups or sit-ups and you’ll immediately feel a lot of heat coming from your body.

Use a sleeping bag

A sleeping bag can help you store your body heat. Before going to bed, with some light exercise, and then into your sleeping bag, body heat will be collected and kept with you. There are sleeping bags designed for different seasons. You need to find the right sleeping bag for you.

Use Mylar blankets

You know our body is a good heat source. Putting on a mylar blanket can make your body radiation reflect back to you. In addition, you can also put these blankets on the walls of your tent. It can reflect back the heat inside the tent thus reducing the heat loss.

Use foam pads

Unlike the principle of reflecting heat from Mylar blankets, foam pads can retain heat. Then you lie on the foam pad, which separates you from the floor where heat is easily transferred. This way the heat stays around your body.

Use a hot water bag

Fill a hot water bag with hot water and bring it into your sleeping bag. This way you will stay warm all night. This is also an easy way to do this. But you need to be careful not to touch the hot water bag directly for a long time. That could burn your skin.

Eat a high-calorie dinner

Our body is able to regulate its own temperature. But it needs enough fuel. High-calorie foods are your body’s fuel. Enjoy a rich, high-calorie meal before bed so you don’t have to shiver at night.

Wear a head covering

At bedtime. Although you can wrap your entire body. But your head must be exposed. Because breathing in a sleeping bag can cause it to become wet. Wearing a headcover to sleep will prevent heat from slipping away from your head.

Use hot stones

If you use a campfire, then you can place some rocks next to the campfire. After these rocks are heated, you can put them on a towel and transfer them to your tent. Then you can enjoy the warmth provided to you by the stones all night long.

It is important to note that you have to handle these stones carefully so as not to damage your tent.

Use candles

Candles can not only light your tent, but also provide heat to your tent. But if you use candles to heat your tent, you need to be extra careful to avoid a fire. Only use this method when you are staying awake.

Use a portable gas heater

In the absence of electricity, the most effective way to heat your tent is to use a good quality portable gas heater. However, I do not recommend that you use it throughout the night. This is because there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Use hand warmers

Hand warmers generate heat through the oxidation of iron. They usually last from 1 to 10 hours of heat. Of course there are also rechargeable hand warmers. Hold it in the palm of your hand, or put it in your sleeping bag, and they can keep giving you heat. And it’s not as hot as a hot water bag. Nevertheless, you should not use them for a long time. They may also cause burns.


Cuddling is a great way to keep warm. Share a large sleeping bag with your family and cuddle up together. This will provide warmth for each other.

Carry your pet

Just like hugging your family, hugging your pets can keep you warm. Their body is like a small heater.


In the same temperature situation, if the air humidity is higher, you will feel colder. Using a dehumidifier can reduce the humidity inside your tent.


Stay warm and enjoy the outdoors!


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