Best Lighted Tents for Camping (2022): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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It’s well known that there are plenty of tents available in the marketplace. That being said, not every tent is worth considering nor does every tent come with LED lighting.

LED lighting is a feature that can drastically improve your camping experience no matter what kind of camping you’re doing. After all, having a light source is a great way to make camp life easier.

Best Camping Tents with Lights

  • Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent (Editor’s Choice & Best Seller)
  • Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent (Professional’s Choice)
  • Coleman OneSource Rechargeable (Best for Backpacking)
  • Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent
  • Core 9 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tents

1. Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent | Editor’s Choice & Best Seller

Coleman Camping Tent | 8 Person Montana Cabin Tent with Hinged Door#ad
  • 16 ft. x 7 ft., fits eight people or three queen airbeds, 6...
  • Sets up in 15 minutes or less
  • LED tent light with 3 settings high, low, nightlight
  • Hinged door for easy entry and exit
  • 4 Pole modified dome design with color-coded pole sleeves...

This tent is one of the more popular options available in the marketplace. This is a tent that has been selling on the market for years. This tent has three different brightness levels that include low, high, and night light.

The tent has a hinged door that makes it incredibly easy and convenient to enter and exit it. There is no zipping to worry about nor rolling. All you need to do is open and close the tent’s door as you would your home.

While this tent is capable of holding up to 3 queen-sized mattresses, it’s not recommended. There is a lot of storage space with pockets covering the interior of the tent which makes it easy to store smaller things that you don’t want to misplace.

While the tent itself doesn’t have an instant setup, it does have easy-to-see colored-coded poles and sleeves which makes it easy to put up. Once you get used to it, you should be able to get set up time down to as little as 10 minutes. Likewise, the take-down process is just as easy to get the hang of.


  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Special Feature: Rainfly
  • Item Weight: 27.4 Pounds
  • Shape: Dome
  • Closure Type: Zipper

2. Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent | Professional’s Choice

Coleman tents are typically some of the more durable and reliable tents in the marketplace. Therefore, it’s not a surprise to see them being featured on this list.

The Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 person tent comes with a screen room, an LED lighting system that’s built-in, and even a WeatherTec system to keep everyone and everything inside of it completely dry.

Within the tent, you will find an LED overhead lighting system that is easily controlled through a switch on the wall. No matter if you want high or low brightness, you’ll be able to adjust the light to easily match your needs.

This lighted tent offers the waterproofing that you would want and need because it comes with Coleman’s industry-leading WeatherTec system. This is a system that has protection on the seams, a very strong frame for wind protection, zipper protection, and even waterproof flooring. Thus, it’s one of the more weather-resistant tents in the marketplace.

Inside the tent, you’ll find enough space to fit 2 queen-sized mattresses. It also has enough room for a screen room where you can store things. The rainfly on the tent can be removed to get full exposure to the mesh rooftop. This can help with ventilation or provide a good view for star gazing at night.


  • Size 6L x 9W ft. (Screened Area)
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Special Feature: Rainfly
  • Item Weight: 35.8 Pounds
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Pole Material Type: Steel

3. Coleman OneSource Rechargeable | Best for Backpacking

Coleman OneSource Rechargeable Camping System#ad
  • COLEMAN ONESOURCE: Power your outdoor gear and devices with...
  • AIRFLOW & LED LIGHTING SYSTEMS: Built-in fan pushes hot air...
  • EASY SETUP & WEATHER PROTECTION: Sets up in 10 minutes;...
  • ROOMY INTERIOR: 9 x 7 ft. with 4 ft. 11 in. center height;...
  • BATTERY RUNTIME: The fully charged 4800 mAh lithium-ion...

This is another excellent dome tent with LED lighting from the brand Coleman. This Coleman OneSource rechargeable campaign system is much more than a basic tent. It features a built-in interchangeable and rechargeable battery system that gives you sufficient power to deliver to all of your outdoor gear and devices.

This is one of the very best LED lighted tents in the market with its enhanced airflow. It comes with a built-in fan that is capable of pushing out hot air as much as 6 times per hour to give the entire tent proper ventilation. This lighted tent offers overhead lighting that is diffused which can be turned on or off easily with the push of a button.

Camping with any tent, you want to ensure that you are ready for the unexpected. Unpredictable weather is something you should anticipate while camping. With OneSource, you won’t have to worry. It comes with welded corners and fully inverted seams which means you can keep water from creeping into your tent. It also has a fully detachable rainfly to give your tent even more water protection. The frame is also sturdily built as it’s capable of withstanding as much as 35 miles per hour windows and the tent is very easy to set up.

The tent comes with enough interior space to make room for a queen-sized mattress. It also has a lot of storage pockets along the walls to ensure you can keep all of your gear and devices organized and safe. If you are looking for a tent that offers comfort, good ventilation, and LED lighting, this is one of the best options available.


  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 25 x 6.5 x 10 inches
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

4. Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent

Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent, 9-Person , 84″ H x 120″ W x 168″ D.#ad
  • 9-person cabin tent makes you feel at home with built-in LED...
  • WeatherTec system and rainfly keep tent interior dry and...
  • Easy setup with snag-free poles and Insta-Clip suspension
  • Compatible with CPX 6; can be powered by 4 D batteries or a...
  • 14 x 10 feet interior accommodates up to 2 queen-sized...

This tent is another one that has a quick setup. It comes with handle pole sleeves which means you should be able to tell where they are supposed to go. The lighting system is very easy to install as you do it just like a normal lightbulb. The good thing about this system is that the light also works as a fan.

It operates on 4D batteries and it can run up to 20 hours while doing both simultaneously. With just lighting, you are going to get 195-hours of runtime. You can fully control everything from the included wall switch. The wall switch has its illumination so you always know where it is. There are 3 different lighting options you can choose from when it comes to picking the right intensity.

Much like you would find with other options within the Coleman brand, you are getting the WeatherTec system that is fully designed to keep everything completely dry inside. It has a removable fly cover that can offer even more shelter and you’ll get a sufficient number of mesh openings that will give you the air circulation you need. You can fit as many as 2 queen airbeds which makes it suitable for a comfortable sleep.


  • Size 84″ H x 120″ W x 168″ D.
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Special Feature: Rainfly
  • Item Weight: 1 Kilograms
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Closure Type: Zipper

5. Core 9 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tents

Core 6 Person / 9 Person / 10 Person / 12 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tents (9 Person)#ad
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHTING: A cutting-edge wall mount controls...
  • INSTANT 60-SECOND SETUP and COMFORTABLE: The poles are...
  • SPACIOUS: 14 ft x 9 ft floor plan with 78" center height...
  • WHAT'S IN THE BAG: Tent, battery compartment (batteries not...
  • 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: We strive for total satisfaction...

The Core Lighted Instant Cabin Tent is the largest tent that features built-in lighting in the marketplace. This makes it the best option for those that tend to camp with larger families or friends. It also makes for a good option for car camping trips.

This tent comes with three different brightness options that range from high to night light. The lights are controlled through a control panel that is wall-mounted and accessible both on the inside and outside. Therefore, you won’t need to look for the light switch in the dark.

The tent has sufficient space inside to fit 2 queen mattresses even if you are using the provided divider for privacy. It has a peak height of 7 feet which makes it a good choice for taller people. If you want a tent that is comfortable and spacious, this is a great option.


  • Special Feature: Tent Stakes, Rainfly
  • Item Weight: 16.44 Kilograms
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Maximum Height: 78 Inches

Why You Might Need Lights Built into a Tent?

There are many benefits from having a tent that already has an integrated lightbulb or some form of lighting.

These tents are usually bigger than your average tent and have bright lights and lighting controls, which can be attached to the tent itself or used remotely. Lighted tents will typically have a continuous lighting option. So long as battery power lasts. Furthermore, it is a lot harder to lose or misplace these lighting options.

This is an especially good option for families. Kiddos typically dislike sleeping in the complete blackness and lights are a source of comfort. This means the kiddos can head back to the tent for some needed shut eye while the grown-ups and bigger kids commune around the fire.

Tents with built-in tents make it possible for you to relax in the tent and read, write or engage in any other activity that would otherwise have to be done with the inconvenience of a torch, flashlight, or some other form of lighting that can be considered less than practical.

What is Lighted Tent?

As the name implies, a lighted tent is exactly that, a tent that features its own integrated lighting system. Basically, the tent has a lighting system built into the design. This includes a strategically mounted lighting source somewhere in the upper reaches of the tent and a switch to power the light in the walls or near the light.

Sometimes, this lighting system can be in the form of a light bulb or it can be an array of LED lights and attachments that will require a bit of manual work to install after the tent is set up and before they can be used. In this case, you will find the hooks and connections where the lighting system goes. Tents with integrated lighting are far easier to use. For example, this makes it much easier to get up and find your way around in the dark.

Buying Guide

Tent Shape, Size, & Capacity

Tents come in all shapes and sizes and designs, and this includes the nifty new tents with an integrated lighting system. So when you are going to choose the right tent for you there are some things to consider. You will need to consider how many people are going on the trip, how long the trip will be, and how much gear each person will be taking with them.

You should note that when a tent says it is for 3 or 4 persons, this means that 3 or 4 persons can technically fit across the floor space at any one time. This doesn’t include things like personal boundaries, sleeping equipment, gear, or any measure of comfort. It is far better to use a 6-person tent if you will be camping with 3 to four people, for example.

It takes some getting used to and you will find your capacity to recognize a suitable tent improves after you have been camping a couple of times. The best tent will allow you and your clan to sleep comfortably and accommodate their items as well.

Luminosity Levels

Bright lights can be annoying and dazzling, especially if you flip on the lights to make your way out of the tent in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping. By the same measure, it can be just as irritating to be stumbling over those sleeping campers because the lights are not bright enough to illuminate your way out of the tent. This is why being able to select the brightness that is perfect for your needs is the way to go.

Most of the tents you will find in our list have adjustable lighting levels available at three settings, low, medium, and high. This allows you to set the perfect lighting conditions for the needs of the moment. You can use the highest settings for detailed activities like reading and writing, medium settings are typically enough for playing board games, cards, etc. While the low settings are suitable for sleep and mood lighting.

Best of all, the low and medium light setting will not disturb the wildlife around you. After all, if you will be camping in the great outdoors, you should remember that you are on their turf now.

Easy Set-Up

You should always look for an option that provides you with the most simplistic set up possible. The less you have to do when you arrive at your campsite tired from the day’s adventures and ready to begin relaxing, the better. The lighted tents that we recommend are those with the lighting integrated in the tent itself. If the process takes you longer than two or three minutes to properly set up your lights, that’s too much hassle.

Some of the easiest setup options include:

  • Screwing a bulb into a socket.
  • Stringing LEDs on poles or through pockets.
  • The most common is placing batteries into the power source
  • Simple Controls

Just as in the comfort of your own home, you don’t want to light your home-away-from-home to be any harder than it has to be. Typically, the lighting is controlled by the most simplistic on-off switch. We recommend you look for a simple integrated switchboard like what you would find at home. Some of the higher-end options will even include a remote switch for easy access.

This is the most convenient way to turn the lights on and off while you are in the darkness of your tent in the wild. You will not have any added stress by having to fumble around in the dark to get the lighting up and running.


Naturally, you will want to purchase a tent that will last for the foreseeable future and that can be used for many happy outings over the years. Durability is by far the most important consideration to keep in mind when you are choosing a tent and the functions thereof. Choose a tent that is properly waterproofed as well.

It is impossible to predict the weather with any degree of accuracy, despite what the weather report says. The best tents will be ready for anything and keep you safe from wind and rain that catch you with your pants down. But at least you will have a safe and warm place to dry off while your pants dry.

Extra Features

Modern technology makes it possible to turn camping into a luxurious experience! Tents can have a number of additional and truly functional features that add to the feeling of glamping such as room dividers, a roof vent and E-port, and a screen room. These add-ons create a fun and wholesome outdoorsy feel.

What Batteries and Accessories Do I Need?

Many tents now feature useful LED lighting options that can make illuminating campgrounds a breeze! Before investing in a tent next time, make sure you consider the accessories required to make your tent lighting functional.

Some lights function solely on AAA batteries while others require USB charging regularly. Bear in mind that lights that run on batteries may prove cumbersome as the batteries run out quickly.

Many tents available on the market today will come with instructions and recommendations on how to run the installed lighting. For example, the Coleman OneSource tent runs on lithium-ion batteries, in which case purchasing extra batteries is a good idea in case yours run out prematurely.

In any case, make sure to have backup batteries as no one can predict how long batteries last!

What Are Other Ways to Illuminate Your Tent?

Whether you’re strapped for cash or just not looking to acquire a new tent, you may need to look into other lighting options as not all tents have them.

Lighting is an essential part of camping and you really can’t make do without it. Fortunately, there are a couple of other options you can choose to consider to bring in cozy and functional lighting.

Head torches, torches, and LED camping lanterns are some of the most affordable ways to add light to your tent. These are all great options that provide adequate illumination, and most importantly they are moveable and multi-purpose unlike existing lights built into tents.


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