Best Ozark Trail 8 Person Tents for Camping (2022): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

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Whether you plan to spend most of the summer at your favorite campgrounds, or you would like to take your family on a weekend camping adventure, not much can beat an Ozark Trail tent.

This is a tent style that provides outstanding value along with many excellent features, which makes them the ideal choice for every camping need.

Best Ozark Trail 8 Person Tent for Camping

  • Ozark Trail 8 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Porch (Best Overall)
  • Ozark Trail 8-Person Dome Tent (Budget Option)
  • Ozark Trail 8-Person Instant Hexagon Cabin Tent (Best Value)
  • Ozark Trail, 8 Person Yurt Camping Tent (Professional’s Choice)

1. Ozark Trail 8 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Porch | Best Overall

Ozark Trail 8-Person 7' Center Height Family Cabin Tent with Screen Porch WF-151284P#ad
  • Large screen porch for open-air living space,Sleeps 8,Family...
  • Gabled roof,Storage pockets and hanging corner shelf
  • Includes wheeled carrying bag for easy transport
  • Dimensions: 132"L x 144"W x 84"H
  • Weight: 45.86 lbs

This is among the easiest 8 person tents to set up. The color-coded poles make it very easy to assemble everything together. With a simple setup, and once your tent is secured properly in the ground, you can relax and enjoy your spacious tent. This is just the right tent for campers that want the easiest setup when it comes to larger tents.

The height of the tent is over 7-feet in the center, and the entry area is screened to keep bugs and insects out. The convenience and versatility of these tents make them hard to resist, especially when it comes to the price.

This large tent easily fits 8 sleeping bags or 2 queen-sized air mattresses. However, if you are more interested in space, we suggest 4 to 6 people, with additional space for all your gear when you use the porch area.

The front-screen porch area offers an easy way to enjoy a bug-free environment. The screened area doesn’t have a floor which is something you may want to keep in mind.

The cabin tents usually don’t perform as well when compared to dome tents when it comes to severe weather or high winds. These tents are recommended for car camping and family camping.


  • Item Weight: 45.86 Pounds
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Maximum Height: 84 Inches
  • Ample headroom
  • Big screen-porch for a protected outdoor living space
  • A wheeled carry bag offers a convenient way to transport the tent
  • No room dividers
  • The tent is a bit on the heavy side

2. Ozark Trail 8-Person Dome Tent | Budget Option

Ozark Trail 8-Person Dome Tent (Dome Tent)#ad
  • Sleeps 8,74" center height,115 sq ft
  • Fits 2 queen air mattresses
  • 2 rooms with separate doors provide easy access
  • 5 windows provide cross ventilation,Dimensions: 16' x 8' x...
  • 1-year limited warranty

This Ozark Trail 8 Person Tent features a 2-Room Modified Dome Tent along with a Roll-back Fly making it the ideal choice for camping with the family.

The room divider is removable and can be used to divide the spacious 115 sq. ft, into 2 rooms. Each of the rooms has its own exit and entry.

The mesh roof and 4 windows provide excellent cross ventilation and make night and day a comfortable stay inside the tent. These tents also come with a gear loft, media pocket, and several storage pockets to make sure the interior of the tent remains clutter-free.

This tent assembles in minutes, which makes it one of the best Ozark Trail 8-person tents with instant setup capabilities.


  • Shape Dome
  • Maximum Height 74 Inches
  • 2 rooms that have their own doors for added privacy
  • The 4-roll-down windows provide great ventilation
  • Roll-back flies with taped seams providing added weather protection
  • The tent fits easily back into the storage bag after an easy disassemble
  • Headroom may be an issue for taller adults

3. Ozark Trail 8-Person Instant Hexagon Cabin Tent | Best Value

This Hexagon Instant tent assembles in under 2 minutes since it features pre-attached poles that only need unfolding and extending to set the tent up.

This tent fits up to 2 queen-sized mattresses that make it incredibly spacious, along with 7 big windows for ample ventilation. This hexagon tent also provides a 6-feet center height.

The rainfly has taped seams and it also comes with a built-in e-port allowing for electrical cord access, which means you connect lighting or other accessories.

These tents are the ideal option for campers that prefer instant tent setups. It also folds down small for easy transport thanks to the convenient carry-bag provided.


  • Shape: Hexagonal
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Maximum Height: 80 Inches
  • Spacious
  • Carry-bag for easy transport and compact storage
  • Instant 2-minute setup
  • No room divider

4. Ozark Trail, 8 Person Yurt Camping Tent | Professional’s Choice

Ozark Trail, 8 Person Yurt Camping Tent#ad
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant...

This tent is ideal for camping in a group and for festivals. The Yurt Tent also provides ample headspace (even for the tallest adults). It can also easily accommodate 2 queen-sized air mattresses inside.

One of the key features of these tents is the center built-in table. This camping table is very handy to store food and drinks, play a game, and safely store items away from the ground, providing even more floor space.

The seam-taped rainfly provides added water-resistance along with an awning across the big mesh windows and the A-shaped door. The large windows provide ample ventilation, allowing you to roll the windows up when you need to and to keep those pesky insects at bay. The detachable fly allows you to enjoy those beautiful night skies.

The storage hangings around the center table, help you to keep everything organized along with 4 section-storage pockets around the tent. The E-port allows you to run electricity into your tent to power your lighting and devices.

This is definitely among the top-rated Ozark Trail Yurt Tents on the market.


  • Material: Polyester, Fiberglass, Steel
  • Item Weight: 22.66 Pounds
  • Pole Material Type: Fiberglass, Steel
  • Portable and lightweight version of the traditional Yurt tents
  • Unique built-in camping table
  • Spacious
  • Easy setup and break down
  • The entrance can be tricky for taller people

Buying Guide


From the reviews above, you can see that the Ozark Trail tents are accompanied by many expectations. The low-priced brand guarantees an affordable price and great-quality tents.

This brand also offers tents with loads of space, easy assembly, ample ventilation, and loads of storage options. However, you should also try not to set expectations that are too high when it comes to these tents.

Ozark Trail is one of the budget brands, so if you go camping frequently or you plan to camp in extreme weather and rough terrain, then you should rather choose from one of the higher-end options.

Many of the Ozark Trail tents only suit certain seasons of the year, and only a select few can handle winter use.

However, Ozark Trail is the best option if you plan to go on a short camping trip over the warmer months, or you are new to camping, and you are not yet ready to invest in expensive equipment. If this is the case, then the Ozark Trail tents are one of the best options due to their quality and affordability.


Ozark Trail tents range from small solo options to “mini-mansions”. In addition to floor space, there are other ways to make your tent feel roomier. This can include vertical walls, and a tall center or a vestibule to store your gear, or a porch. Can you divide the tent into two separate spaces? These are all considerations to keep in mind before you choose a tent.


The design type that you have chosen for a tent largely impacts the versatility and durability of your tent over the long term.

In general, multi-room cabin-style tents are usually more flexible for larger families, but they do not hold up well when it comes to extreme weather.

The dome-style and smaller tunnel tents are much better for severe weather conditions, but you will feel more cramped when 2 or more people are inside the tent.

But if you plan to camp in milder weather conditions, the cabin-style Ozark Trail tent is the best option. If you love to go backpacking, we suggest staying with one of the tunnel-style or smaller dome tents instead.


From these price points, you cannot expect a tent that is going to last for many years. Yet at the same time, most campers are taken by surprise when it comes to the durability and quality of the Ozark Trail tents.

Polyester is the common material used since it is reliable and usually withstands tugging and wind. The rainfly that usually comes with these tents is also waterproof making sure you stay dry when it starts to rain.

However, your tent will not last forever. Some buyers have complained that the stakes break and that the poles are not that durable.


Just about every Ozark Trail tent comes with a rainfly, which you can remove when you don’t need it. These tents also include sealed seams that provide even more protection.

The Ozark Trail tents are mainly suggested for 3-season camping (summer, spring, and fall), but there are a couple of models that are suggested for winter use as well.


When it comes to a family camping trip, comfort is usually one of the most important features. This means having enough space for your gear and to sleep in, along with easy-to-access doors and tall ceilings. Other important features that enhance comfort include proper ventilation, sectioned rooms, and windows that provide privacy for adults and older children.


Storage is another method to make sure your tent remains clutter-free, especially when you decide to camp in a larger group.

The gear lofts offer a safe way to store things away from young children, while pockets along the tent walls also offer a convenient way to store your gear.

If you plan to hike in the mud, you should also look for tents with a vestibule or porch, to keep your sleeping zone mud-free.


The Ozark Trail tents are very easy and convenient to assemble. Most of these tents provide “instant” set-up options, meaning the tent comes with pre-attached poles. This allows you to unfold and extend the tent with ease.

Others may require more traditional methods to pitch the tent, which means it comes down to personal preferences.

Extra Features

E-ports have also become much more common, along with media pockets that can make a difference to a camping trip when you are stuck indoors due to bad weather. Lantern hooks are another useful feature while Dark Rooms and LED lights are also a common feature in many models.


Fortunately, Ozark Trail produces high-quality, affordable tents, packed with many useful features, helping you to save a lot of money. However, the larger options that come with lots of features, will cost more than the basic and smaller versions.


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