How to Stake a Tent in the Sand

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If you are planning to go beach or desert camping, you both need to know how to set up your tent in a loose sandy campsite so that your tent won’t be blown away by the wind. In this article, I will give you some tips.

Using Tent Stakes

You can buy Tent Stakes at outdoor stores. they are lightweight and strong. the Y shape works better in gravelly sand or denser soil.

Use rock piles

Look for some large and flat rocks around your campsite. If you can find rocks that look like cow pies or thick pancakes that’s even better. They can be used to hold your tent poles in place. Don’t think that stacking them on top of your tent poles is enough. You have to put the tether on these rocks and then push the tent pole into the ground. Then pile the other rocks on top of the roped rocks.

Deadman anchors

If you do not find available rocks nearby, then you can use deadman anchors. dig a 12-inch deep hole. Then tie the rope to a stick or stake. Put them in the hole and bury them. This method is less secure than rock piling. But you can use a combination of the method using Deadman anchors and the method using rock piles. Then it will be safer than any single method. Just stack the rocks on deadman anchors.


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